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The Darkside Shard (TDS)
14+ Years Running All new file package available, tons of new content. To much to list, Check out our website for more details.
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- ShadowRealm -
Almost RUNUO but of course it isnt. Come join and see what you are missing with what we have to offer. You may not be harmed by players until you are ready. Just type .pvp and you will be able to do so.
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Sosaria Online Network
Multi-Network, UO:R OSI clones(Siege & Regular) Based on the game play of 2000\'. Sosaria Online is the most accurate emulation of the UO expansions online today, 7 years of development. Professional Staff. PvP/RP/PvM Friendly.
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new pvp server, sphere 0.51a, tournaments, full skill cap, old abyss pvp, no lag, 24/7 uptime. Come join us!
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Forgotten Lands : PvP/PvM : Craft : Free
51a spherestyle PvP/PvM (RunUO emu), pre AOS, Full Felucca rules, Advanced Craft, No skillcap, smart staff.
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6 Zuluhotel
Perfected over the years PvP system will not allow to relax even incorrigible villain with lot of experience, exciting quests, regular tournaments and interesting PvM distract you from everyday routine. All this creates for you a team of professiona
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7 delete me
Please Delete this entry
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8 Arcade Games
The newest site where you can play many interesting free online games.
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9 UO51a
51a Debugged & protected from hacks, Best PvP, OSI PvM, Tons Crafting, 500 player max hardware/pipe, Up 24/7, Opening fully early August. New Player Promos! Auto Acct!
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10 R.I.P.
51a Sphere PVP! Debugged, Protected by fallout, Dedicated Server w T1, Max Stats 300 upon login, XUO PVP Casting (timing & damage). Auto Acct!
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11 Khaeros
A fully customised hardcore roleplaying shard, low fantasy, gritty world, a classless feat tree system and fully custom combat system, map and artwork. Come see what UO roleplay can be at its best, with a fair staff and collaborative playerbase.
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12 Ethereal Realms, Events, Fun Staff
Custom Shard with Massive Monsters, Fun Players, Skill Bonus Clothing, Spellcrafting, Monster Hunters, Auctions, Vendor Mall PaintBall Events, No total Skill cap, Champ Spawns, Crafting, and more!
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13 UO Gamers: Divinity
Come back to Ultima Online when it was fun: The Second Age! Visit us and our forums for more information!
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14 PvP Arena
Ultima Online Free Shard Renaissance. PvP Arena. 4 classes. Starts 2/4 level. New abilities for every classes. At server works auto quests,tournaments.
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15 Nebula UO Shard
Nebula sunucusundan selamlar... Nebula Türkiye'nin ilk Ultima Online sunucusudur, 8 y?ld?r hizmet veren nebula 2000 y?l?nda kurulmu?tur. Kendine özgü sistemleri ve kaliteli hizmetiyle Türkiye'de ciddi oyuncu kitlesine sahip olan nebula yapt??? yenil
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16 Ignescent Aegis
This is a UO Gateway project that we are currently working on. UO Gateway was created by Mr Fixit and all credit goes to him for it, we are just trying to bring this wondrous program back to life a little.
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17 Gwydion PvP+RP
Free 7xSkill // Free Artifact // Free Minor Artifact // Free Runic&Barbed // Pincode // Ally System // DUEL System // Poll System // FULL TIME ACTION
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Are you searching for a shard which includes PvP and PvM? You would like to be a craftmen or salesman? The world of RUO is waiting for you!
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19 TLEA: The Life Ever After
Imagine RP on a shard, where your character’s worst enemy, is your best friend. Where your actions influence the world around you, and the very future itself. Imagine amazing storylines, and friendly OOC community. A new age has come who will you be?
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20 Last Abyss World
LEVEL SYSTEM- All vendors zone- New items system.- Ticket system.- Trash Bag .- Converting Deed.- New pets.- Chaos Order weapon & armor.- Kill Remover.- Ice,Fire,Energy,Poison Dye's.- Piyanga System.- Newbies Items.
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21 Imperium Uo
Comunidad Argentina de Ultima Online - SkillCap 850 // StatCap 235 - Sphere56b - MultiClient y Macreo Inasistido permitidos Hosteado Por Imperium Games.
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22 www.munewbr.com
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23 Requiem Shard
A one of a kind survival horror experience, with strictly enforced mature role-playing. Recently re-opened with new maps, art, sound effects, a custom soundtrack, and a plethora of custom scripts and mechanics. Auto trial account creation! Join now..
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24 UnrealUO
Classic pre-UO:R shard with most of the features of 1999 era Ultima Online accurately recreated.
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25 MU sabog
we find sabog players
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26 Hybrid Insanitry
Hybrid style shard with Felucca and Ilshenar only. Start with a 5x skill ball and 300 stat ball, 1000 skill cap, Fast gains! Fun Events!
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27 MyUORealm 2009
A new age , fantastic game play. New tactics , new PvP , new PvM , new spells , new artifacts , new skill functions , new items , new craftings and balanced world.
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28 Mythik II
the story continues.... starting roleplay shard with a tiny PVP area, based in The Netherlands. Dutch/English staff.
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29 Adjournment To Antiquity
Patch Human/Gargoyle/Elv/Custom Races/5 faucets/Fel Custom Map/ RP/PVP By Consent only/SVN/Dedicated 24/7 Uptime/8+ Years/ Player Rewards/ EVENTS/Tokens/ Highly Custom** 4 account per ip/DBL Plot Homes/2 Homes Per Char/Very Friendly
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30 Online Games 4 free.com Play Free Games Online
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31 Relic Rights
Relic Rights is a server dedicated to keeping the player intrested. out server contains no overpowered items or monsters. nor does it contain an unbalanced system. everything has been added to be a balanced, fun and social server. Welcome and enjoy!!
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32 Mytharria, Free RP Server
Awesome Free rp server! The most fun i have had on a free server!
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33 the Nine Hells
Storyline, 800SkillCap, Fast Skill Gain, 250StatCap(Stat Ball), Evo(Pets,Weps,Arms), Token System, Spellcraft, Chat System, Begginer Items are available to buy untill next month.. Client version is recommended. Server Adress : baator.serveg
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34 Zezenia Online BR
Zezenia Online é um mundo medieval, onde os jogadores se encontram e se comunicam entre si, caçar vários monstros, resolver charadas e buscas para encontrar novos itens, evoluir seu personagem e muito mais. O melhor de tudo, tudo é totalmente gratuit
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35 UO: Antiquity - The Best Ultima Online Server, Period.
Pre-Ren, T2A era. Fast-paced PvP with balanced PvM, RP and quests. Weekly tournaments and events. 3 Months alpha testing finised. Now Open to the Public!
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36 UO: Retribution
Pre-Ren/T2A, Fast paced PvP, Daily Rares, and More! Come check out UO as it should have been.
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37 Absogeno
Stygian Abyss, Mondains Legacy, Samurai Empire, PVP&RPG allowed, fast growing community, Pet-Level -, Yard -, Item Sockets- , Costums System, Skillcap 800/900!
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38 Helios PvP Ultima Online shard
Helios PvP Web Page
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39 OwnagePKscape 508
here goes a beif sumary of everything on the sever!!!!!! -has d claws all spirit sheilds d pl8 body vetsa long full void d bow full zuriels full statius full vesta full morrigans workin knifes full elite full dagon hai dungeonin cape and armour s
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40 The UO World
Draws from every era & aspect of UO. Custom map, artwork, monsters systems, items offer a diverse environment that supports all play styles & better PvM experience. Custom cities and races allows for a wide range of open role play with a Felucca ru
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41 Unreal Legends
Based on Zuluhotel: Canada; classes, unique drops, pvp battle systems and much much more!
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42 13th Dimension
13th Dimension: New Ultima Online server with more that 8 years of history and balanced gameplay. Server has been reconstructed and launched only a month ago, only we have a unique PvM system, various Auto events, massive PvP and very high online.
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43 Sosaria Reborn
A completely custom UO shard, maps, scripts, crafting, monsters. All built from the ground up.
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44 Destiny Shard
Friendly players & great staff with more than 15 years experience. On a dedicated server with awesome bandwidth. PvP & PvM • AOL, SE, ML, SA • 720 skill cap & 225 stat cap Welcome to your new World, welcome to UO Destiny!
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45 Olmer UO
Old style PvP • New world • over9000 new items • Race wars
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46 Project UO
Dedicated server with a 1000mbs connection. Balanced PvP/PvM shard with no skill cap, fast gains and running on the latest client with the Stygian Abyss expansion.
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47 Exodus Online
Custom Server with Breeding, Mercenaries,Balanced artifacts and Mobs. Over 3000 custom Scripts. Must have client 250 Stat Cap, Fast gains, New Champs, thousands!!! of custom monsters and Items, New Spells Townhouses, Animal Breeding,
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48 UO Morellotir
all skills 100 | 300 statball | custom pets | new peerlesses | petbreeding | petbods | SA bosses | full termur | imbuing | runecrafting | spellcrafting | HS bosses | dueling system | CTF | 2 houses per account | come join the fun! http://morellotir.
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49 Ulmaria : A Realm Of Myth And Magic
Ulmaria features a beautiful custom map that provides an extremely strong role playing environment A level system, an enhancement system and we boast a sandbox approach to the game Come play with us and you will have a wonderful time.
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50 Online Ultimate
UOR Custom housing.... Come Get ahead make a chr now before the skill gains slow to osi stlye gains.. this will be one of the hardest free shards... where skills mean somthing and not everyone is a clone..
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