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Mafia Outlaw
Free MMORPG browser based mafia game! No download easy to play from work or school!
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-New Commands : /post,/add,/pkclear,/reset,/grandreset,/exit,/buy,/sell,/online,/clearinventory,/evo,/questinfo\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n-Marry Comand: /accept;/divorce;/marrystatus;/tracemarry;/getmarry\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nNew Events: Happyhour,Party event,BcB
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WOTLK. Powerfull core! Strong uptime! Regular events! Did a game only with us!
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- 100 200 ; - Ancient-, EXE-( F
- 100 200 ; \\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n- Ancient-, EXE-( FO)+ PvP-; \\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n- Ancient glowes,helm,armor,boots,pants,wings,sword; \\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n-
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JOIN US! Free 500 credits starter
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256 RestMU Season 6 LESS BUGS
RestMU Season 6 LESS BUGS
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257 God-Specing RSPS
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?9stiv2s36fgztlm Webclient: http://www.rspscoding.org/play.php?server=God-Specing20PI Forums: http://god-specing.co.nr/ All around 600+ interface on a 317 PIrnrnrn24-7 Dedi Pking/Skiller/Eco Server. Imagine RuneScap
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258 The Lost Empire
Server Lineage H5 Sub Acumulativas base +3
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259 L2 Earth
Exp x80 Drop and Spoil x8 Adena x40 Interlude Same Race Stack-Sub Main+1 (Passives dont Stack) Herb System Vote Rewards No Custom Wearables Full Geo-Data L2Walker Protection Buffs Last 1hour
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260 L2Oracle low rates
L2 Oracle low rates x7 server! Start 2012 February 5th!
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261 ReconstructedWoW Instant 80 PvP/PvE
[Instant 80 PvP/PvE Server] [24/7 Uptime (Dedicated Server Means NO LAG)][StartZone: Neutral Mall With Start Quests To Find Out Everything Easy][Custom Places With Custom Quests][StairEvents,Mazes,WarZone (Attack and Defend)][The Most Important One P
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262 IyakinzMU Season6 Episode1 24/7 2500x exp
Medium rate server character balanced friendly community join us now!
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263 Forest Ran Online
Ang Pagbabalik
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264 The New Mafia
Free text mafia rpg come check us out lots of features to do
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265 mafia warz
free mafia text base game lots of fun
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266 Paradise WoW
Hello everyone. Welcome to the new wow private server called (Paradise wow) Its 25x. All instances scripted, all bugs fixed. Feel free to join us. The gold rate is also 25. Good luck, and see you in game!!!
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267 Call To Arms 3.3.5a Level 60 PVP Server
Welcome to Call To Arms 3.3.5a Level 60 Server, this server is level capped at level 60 with tons of custom content\\r\\n\\r\\nPVP is fully working and since there are new custom spells/armor for new classes it makes PVP so much more fun.
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268 mafiawarz
text base mafia game
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269 Holographic WoW 3.3.5a
Welcome to Holographic WoW! We are a Brand new server! We currently have a realm 6x Blizzlike! No more Custom Donor gear or Custom Vote Gear that imbalances the game, This is the way WoW is meant to be played, with a boost! Join our server and Enjoy
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270 Eternal Lineage (Open Beta)
Lineage Eternal is a original L1J-EN Code-base that has been updated to the latest Korean Client UI5. 30+ NEW Spells PLUS Spells NCSoft never made to Lineage Live, NEW Diablo/WoW Drop System. Server currently in Open Beta and live soon!
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271 WarQuest
WarQuest is a Free Multiplayer Online Game featuring a war zone with thousands of real players. WarQuest takes you to the year 2020. The world is at war. The goal of the game is to defend your country and conquer other countries. Buy weapons and prod
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272 L2Ownage
- 500 EXP Rates - Custom Solidus Based Economy - Custom EXP Zones (Power Zones) - Fame System (Castle/Fort Sieges) - PvP Points during Sieges! - Custom Global Gatekeeper - NPC Buffer - Full GM Shop - Special MP System! - Automated TvT/DM/L
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273 l2europa new lineage PvP server on 02-07
l2europa new lineage PvP server on 02-07
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274 L2 Lord Dragon
Um dos melhores e mais novo server de L2 Freya.
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275 L2-Return
Server Features:\\r\\nExp - 2000x/ Sp - 2000x/ Aden - 1000x/ Drop - 10x/ Spoil - 10x/ Quest - 10x. Enchant reitai: paprasti scrollai: 85%/ Blessed: 90%/ Safe +4/ Max +30/Donate +30.\\r\\nCustom PvP
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276 Forgotten Tales wow
Servidor Blizz like dedicado pve y pvp, con capacidad para cientos de jugadores.Ver 3.3.5a // Rates : Exp x10 y Oro x4, //Arenas, Bgs y buscador de mazmorras funcionando 100% // Traducido 100% // Dks full // Personal agradable y amigable
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277 NEW ! FlameMu Season 4 Unique !
FlameMu [Exp : Max][Drop : Max][BIGGEST MU COMMUNITY][IN SHOP - Box12345,Wings123,All Jewel,Pets,Quest Items,Exe Items For All Class +13][DAILY GM EVENTS][ADVENCED ANTY CHEAT][LongTerm] , Come And Play !
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278 GTA V
All about GTA 5 - Grand Theft Auto V. Cheats, Release Date, Trailers, Guides, Walktroughs, City Map, Online and Multiplayer Game etc.
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279 Kill4Frags.eu - Dla nas liczy si tylko frag!
Zapraszamy na now Sie serwerw.
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280 Kingdoms of Power
Battle monsters, slay powerful beasts, take over kingdoms and manage them. The world is yours to explore and conquer. No download required!
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281 DarkmyerScape
0% Lag || 100% Working Skills || All Specials 100% || All GWD Bosses || Chaotics || Point Systems || FunPk || Fully Working Torva & Primal || Hide-n-Seek Game || 63 Waves of Jad || 100% Minigames || Custom Items eg. Dragon Pickaxe, Staff of Light etc
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282 Light And Darkness
Exp 15x - Party 2x - Spoil 10x (BlueSpoil activated) All characters can learn jobs to obtain items. Npc Buffer. Buff time: 60min (general buffs + dances + songs). Subclasses: Without quest, max 5 subclasses. Npc class change...
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283 Gamers Central
We are a brand new forum. We want to get as many members as we can. But, we need the help of you guys in order to do that! SHOUTBOX IS AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE!! JOIN NOW!
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284 l2 Zion
nuevo servidor de l2 freya
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285 MuMagicbit
MuOnline Season4 Ep5, EXP: 1000x, Drop: 40%, PPL:5/5/7, Grand opening 10.12.2011, web open 5.12.2011
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286 deadliestgame
In this browser game you will walk in the footsteps of a Mafia member. By showing your strength, earning respect, and rising in rank, you will slowly become renowned and feared in the world of the Mafia. Outsmart your fellow players and become the mo
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287 Hard Mu Online - PAINMU.NET
Long Term, Exp: 45x Drop 20% Season 3 Episode 2
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288 HardTime
Youve lived hard and fast and done your time on the streets. Youve had your fun during short stints in city jails. Unfortunately, it all caught up with you and youve ended up here. You are now doing HARD TIME.
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289 Lineage II Ruthless x35 High Five
Its time to tell your brothers, your sisters, your family, and friends about this new epic event. Now what is this epic event I speak of? The RELEASE of Lineage II Ruthless. This will be a server that the world has never seen before.
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290 l2medz
New l2 High Five server rates 5000 no donations
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291 DarkVengenace
DarkVengeance 100% PureBlizzlike/No Customs/No Lag/24/7 online :) come see
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292 Nether Crusade WoW Server
BlizzLik 3.3.5a RATES X8 | GM Amistosos |Mazmorras Full | ICC | BGs ALEATORIAS | Arenas | MIGRACIONES | Entra y repetiras.Promocion de apertura: Un Pj Lvl 80, Set Gladiador Mortal o T8 + Armas y 8k de Oro para la crisis.
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293 Naujas Lietuviskas Serveris Mu Faster
Serverio versija: 97x+s2 Patirtis: 9999x Daiktų kritimas: 100% Chaos Machine Rate +10: 100% Chaos Machine Rate +11: 100% Maksimalus resetai: 165 Maksimalus atgimimai: 10 Maksimalus lygis: 350 Lygio takai u lygi: 10/14 Serveris veikia:
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294 L2Caverna
Lineage II L2 Caverna Server - Global GK Com todas Areas - GK facilitadora - NPC Augment - NPC Quest/Skill de clan - NPC Buff em SERVER TOTALMENTE SEM DONATE ALL FREE
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295 WXG Top Private Server 3.3.5a
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296 OmniWoW Instant 80 PvP/PvE Server 3.3.5a
Instant 80 PvP/PvE WOTLK (3.3.5a) All Race-Class Combinations Brand new server Active GMS & Players Events Constantly Fast growing community NOT to op donations Beastmasters/Teleporters just a FEW bugs Anticheat system Custom killstreak sc
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297 Vanity- VPS | UniqueIdeas | SomethingNew
Active Economy Addicting Pking Vote System Nice Switching 24.7 VPS no lagg. Uptime 100% Satisfaction
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298 Shadow Knights
Estacias 100% Escriptadas, Archavon, ICC, ToC, Ulduar y mas. Todas las BG\'s On, Arenas On, Wintergrasp ON, experiencia en BG\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s, premios al matar players en BG.
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299 L2 Dust
Server Info exp x200 sp x300 adena x600 enchant normal rate 60% enchant blessed rate 75% enchant cristal rate 100% safe 3 max 18 Hero Weapons (equipables sin ser hero)
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300 pro-mu.net
97z++ medium rates server
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