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whats up everyone glad to be here
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Bigturk Muonline (En) | Version Seaons 3 | Exp : 250x | Drop: %80 | | 7/24 ONLNE
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War in Space
sped server
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Dead-WoW Gaming Ultimate Instant 80 Funserver 3.3.5
Server Features\\r\\n\\r\\nMake money for bringing in new players to the server, also cuts the price of donation coins/items by 65% of total price.\\r\\n\\r\\nServer Details\\r\\n\\r\\nThe server is a 3.3.5 Instant 80 Funserver\\r\\n\\r\\n85% of bugs
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[Patch 5555][Monk 100 Ninja 100][Lv140 Max][Pure Skills ][New Lvl 121-140 Gears][Arena Qualifier][SoulSystem][Drop cps][Nobility Rank][Guild War][Class Pk, Super War,Monthly PkWar][Elite PkAwar][Flower System][Sub Class][Clan][Guild Arsenal]more even
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206 Call To Arms 3.3.5a Level 80 PVP Server
Welcome to Call To Arms 3.3.5a Level 80 Server PURE PVP\\r\\n\\r\\nCustom Spells\\r\\nCustom Tier Sets For Classes\\r\\nIncluding -\\r\\n\\r\\nPirate\\r\\nBattlemage\\r\\nNecromancer\\r\\n+ Much more being made Weekly\\r\\n\\r\\nPVP is fully working
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207 L2Invasion Interlude PvP
Server Info\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nServer Rates:\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n* Experience: 5000\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n* Spexperience: 5000\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n* Party Experience: 5000\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n* Party Spexperience: 1000\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n* Adena: 500
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208 Vizze.net - KelThuzad Realm
Join KelThuzad Realm today! The best blizzlike phase by phase raiding server available. Check out our Black Market and Arena Tournament realm today!
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209 Classic Urban Arena Season 2 FULL
Exp 9999%, Drop 80%, Good spots, 3 HIGH SPOTS - REST SPOTS, First spot is in DEVIAS, Second spot is in KANTRU, Third spot is in LOSTTOWER, Wings Drop
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210 Virginscape
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211 Speeed
New Speeed Ogame with classical gameplay
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212 Crimes-WoW 2.4.3 Fun Server
Miss the old days of TBC but can\'t find a good server? Join us! We have malls, starting gear, a fully working PvP system, PvE raids, teleporters, we have everything you had ever wanted! Join Crimes-WoW, the true super-fun server.
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213 Battle Dawn
The ultimate flash strategy MMO on the net! Compete against thousands on world domination. 27 units, spies, satellites, missiles...
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214 OversoulRO
DOWNLOAD NOW THE NEW INSTALLER OF OVERSOUL RO THANKS\\r\\n\\r\\nAre you looking a thrilling server? where your power comes from your efforts not from \\\\\\\"Corrupt Game Moderators\\\\\\\" OverSoulRO is the one you are looking for.\\r\\n\\r\\nNote:
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215 Lin]e[age 2 Avengers Interlude PvP x5000
Server Interlude PvP x5000 - Custom Items - Custom Zones - TvT cade 1 hora - Raib Boss - Olympiadas 100% retail - hero cada 1 mes
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216 Xaos WoW - WOTLK 3.3.5
XaosWoW is a no nonsense blizzlike realm in its New Server with Blizzlike rate, always on a powerful dedicated server. The staff is fair, fun, and professional; the community is tight-knit. We look forward to seeing you ingame.
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217 WoW Qx - Blizzlike Server
Rates Altos y Equipo de leveo gratis de promocion 24h On Estable Sin LAG Sin caidas Sin rollbacks Bug-Tracker 3.3.5a ICC Nada Custom! GM Profesionales Anti-Hackers PvP|PvE Balanceado nete AHORA!
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218 4GamerS WoW Private Server
* WOTLK 3.3.5a *24/7 Uptime *ICC raid and dungeons, fully scripted *DF fully working, all Vanilla and Burning Crusade instances and Raids fully working, * All quest should be working fine! *All classes working 100% and tested! *Join Us Now!
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219 Golfus hispanicus
Contamos con casi todas las Instancias y raids funcionando (incluido ICC 90%, Toc), Bgs y arenas. Mazmorras aleatorias funcionando. y muchas cosas mas. Y mas que seguiremos actualizando. Gms atentos y presentes. Ahora mismo contamos con una migraci
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220 Tambayan Ran Online - Full Gunner Edition
FREE skills for ALL - Upgraded Sever No-Lag \\r\\n- FULL GUNNER - Active [ADMIN] [GMs] [GA\\\\\\\'s]\\r\\n Game Advisors - tranonline86@yahoo.com\\r\\n Mobile: 09105857465 What are you waiting for? \\r\\nCome and Join Tambayan Ran Online - Full Gunne
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Nuevo servidor de wow, estamos dando promocion de level 80 set insable y muchas otras cosas mas, que esperar para uniternos?
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222 Lineage 2 Extra
High Five Stable&High Secured PvP Server 100x,Drop 1x,NO Donation,No lag,No Downtime,GMshop,NpcBuffer(limited),Global GK,Skill Certif,TvT Events,Custom Events,Custom armors. Open June 2012
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223 Evolution Ragnarok Online
More Custom Items, Pvp Balanced, Server Balanced, Donation Balanced, Friendly GM Staff Quest Items. eRO provides a balance donation items and some can also be obtained through Quest.\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nWe give starting items for NEW p
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224 Britanai | Public Server [UK/LT] UK HOST
UK host, for Lithuanian and English server, We have also got a Clan match server + Ventrilo. JOIN US! :)\\r\\n\\r\\nServer IP:
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225 ShadowLite- STAFF NEEDED
ShadowLite is a new server that has just been created!\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\nClient download:\\r\\nhttp://www.mediafire.com/?dy9mx2d8pkepg6a\\r\\n\\r\\nhttp://up.ht/KDCv5a\\r\\n\\r\\nForums Link:\\r\\nhttp://shadowlite.createaforum.com/\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\nW
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226 http://penalty.bz:81/Dev/
RPPVP Server, Has one realm and 2 new homes! One alliance home and one new Horde home. The realm is called Whisperwind. The Alliance Town is called LightBringer. The Horde Town is called Darkwood. 4/6 Battle grounds work. You start at
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227 L2 .::DRAGONHEART::.
Nuevo Server Del Lineage 2 Interlude Free PvP
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228 Freeland muonline
Server Information: Season 4 Episode 6 Experience: 120x Item Dro Per: 40% Zen Drop Per: 1x
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[Season 6][99999999x][65k][Shops: Box+1+2+3+4+5, Wings, Pets, Jewels][Advanced Anti-Cheat][Easy FO, Vote Reward][Balanced Classes][Unique Events][Sockets on all Items][Long Term Play][1gbs No Lag][Since 2006 Never Wipe] Try it and feel the difference
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230 Wowcabinps
Play world of warcraft 4.0.6 - 4.3.0 for free with our ultra high server power to deliver the best lag-free gaming.Enjoy the new website interfaces like armory in normail and 3D mode with stats, buy gold and so much more.3x XP ratesblizlike fun but c
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231 L2Turambar
New Server Interlude 2000x Dedicado Server Join Now
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232 Latmu.biz
Grand opening 1.April || EXP - 45x || DROP - 30% || Grand reset = 1 +all item || Vote reward system! || YOIN NOW!
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233 Mafia Kill
Come and join a brand new mafia game which launched 27 March 2012.
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234 L2 Sma Interlude
Server lineage 2 Interlude. L2 Sma Interlude
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235 Quarantine KO ! Join us now !
[Quarantine KO][Panel: quarantine.dyndns.org][Launched May 27th][Pure Knight-Empire][Level Cap: 73][Rates: 10x][
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236 Ragnarok IceRo
Hallo Leute, viele denken lol ro kennt jeder aber nicht der server der hat eine Unterwelt ihr kennt das normale ro? okay stellt euch vor die welt noch mal aber anders? das ist die unterwelt sehr viele costums monster drin gtter die welt wird oft
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237 Turmoilpkz
24/7 ,Customs ,Working New items, webclient, website, Great staff\\r\\n\\r\\nForums: http://turmoilpkz.org\\r\\nClient DL : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/54703668/Turmoilpkz%20V4.rar\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\nREVISION:\\r\\n667 Loading 704!\\r\\n\\r\\nFeatures:\\r\
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238 Capped Online Private Server
The only silkroad private server with advancing level caps! Exp rates are balanced for each cap. No item mall here, items can be bought with gold! Finally a real free to play server! CTF, BA, & Fortress Wars! Join us today!
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239 Exodus Online
Custom Server with Breeding, Mercenaries,Balanced artifacts and Mobs. Over 3000 custom Scripts. Must have client 250 Stat Cap, Fast gains, New Champs, thousands!!! of custom monsters and Items, New Spells Townhouses, Animal Breeding,
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240 Mu Online Beast
Server MuBeast Experience: 10x. Drop: 50%. Welcome to MuBeast Season 4.6 What\'s new? New stones: Jewel of luck, Jewel of Excellent, Jewel of skill, Jewel of Divinity, Jewel of Assembly. MarrySystem (System weddings) Multi Ware: on our server, you wi
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241 RuneNexus : Nex : Torva : No lag
Welcome to RuneNexus\\r\\n\\r\\nWebclient: Currently Updating...\\r\\nDownload Client: http://www.runenexus.net/forumdisplay.php?f=7\\r\\nForums: http://www.runenexus.net/\\r\\n\\r\\nScreenshots\\r\\n[img]http://i42.tinypic.com/34hfbk3.png[/img]\\r\\
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242 UnderWorldMu
Season 3 Episode 1 Exp:300X Drop:80% HappyHour Event,MaxLvL:400,MaxStats:65k
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243 WoWCoHoLiCoS
Si juegas a siduo podras disfrutar de nuestro nuevo server de razas custom, solo para jugones\\r\\n\\r\\nSaludos
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244 Mu Raditz Online!
El Nuevo servidor de Argentina y de latinoamerica , 300X exp, 40% Drop, 65K Max Stats, Nuevos Items, Nuevo Personaje, Nuevos Mapas, Nuevos Monstruos, Nuevos Eventos, Unete y te sorprender.
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245 DarKnighT WoW
c World of Warcraft. 3.3.5a. wow.\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n
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MURAI MuOnline Season 6 episode 2
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247 BloodyWolfMu
Mu Online Season 3\\r\\nExp:45\\r\\nDrop:80%\\r\\n+Goldparty\\r\\n24/24
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248 Lineage 2 Lost x1000 Interlude
Новый захватывающий interlude пвп сервер с рейта
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249 Lineage 2 Lost x1000 Interlude
Новый захватывающий interlude пвп сервер с рейта
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250 Mafia Outlaw
Free MMORPG browser based mafia game! No download easy to play from work or school!
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