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Daimonin MMORPG
SUPREME FREE MMORPG - Full Community Driven - Script & Map Editor, Free Source - Create your Own World! Join the Dev Team! | Friendly Staff | PvP, Clans, Instances, Quests, Events, much more | Stable Dedicated Server | Many New Features | Join Now!
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CnCMaps.com : Command and Conquer 3 Maps
Command and Conquer map editing and publishing based fansite community.CnC3 Tiberium Wars : Generals Zerohour Maps : Over 300 Maps!!! Since 2003 : Check out the Cncmaps Map Downloader Interface ;)
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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl
Scorpion Team?s fan page about S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and all over him... The best czech and slovak S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fan page...
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Canada Kicks Ass Clan
All Canadian war gaming clan! Canada in Action and Kicking Ass!
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Ag3nts, a Spy Themed RPG Game
Ag3nts is a spy themed online RPG game, text based, that allows you to be a secret agent and compete against other secret agents for the best position possible. Destroy your enemies and win prizes every 8 weeks in the rumble competitions!
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106 US Lineage 1 private server
2003 lineage version, No Darkelf, No Cash Item
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107 BiatConquer Online
[Version 5095][Sınce2018][Online 24/7][DuelZone][Change Name][New Garments][Flag Fight][ElitePk][Drop 50 Cps][Ninja Fully Working][Max +12][50+ Online Player][NEW SERVER][ Join Us Now]
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108 Sitesadd
Add a website to all the world\'s search engines, the best web catalogs, business directories, etc. Publish your news and articles on websites of similar topics. Site add get quality backlinks and targeted visitors. You will quickly outrun your compe
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109 Lineage1- LHK
●LineageLHK (US-Server- Low rate) ●Server#2 is OPENING @ 2017/8/20 ●English Client Download: http://lineagelhk.freeforums.net/thread/12/client-download
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110 Best Eleven
Can you prove that you have the Best Eleven?\\r\\n\\r\\nTake control of a small football club and guide your players to success.\\r\\n\\r\\nBest11.org is an online football manager game where you compete against users from around the world.\\r\\n\\r\
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111 Infamous Wars
The Year is 2046, The computer age has taken over. The Police spend all there time trying to catch the Hackers, but the Hackers are fighting back, This is where the fun begins. Hacker or Police?
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112 Goleada
Browser based free football manager game. Create your own team, train your players, plan your strategy and tactics, make substitutes during the live 3D game. And win! Leagues, International Tournaments, National Teams. Be the best manager!
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113 Dragon Swords
The game that's so easy to play, even your grandma could do it.
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114 L2pulse.com - C4 PvP x200
L2pulse.com Lineage ][ C4 PvP Server x200. - C4 with protection against dupes, hacks, cheats. - perfect geodata. - item and buff shops - events, tournaments - Adena x1200, XP CP x200
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115 MakeLemonsNotWarcraft
Blizz-Like. 1x XP Rates. No GM Abuse. Private Server, though currently open to public. Wrath of the Lich King patch 3.3.5 based on Trinity's Core using AC-Webs repack v.7. This server will exist for a long time. Updates will comes as Trinity is updat
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116 L2 no isi! - HISPANO x1000 Interlude
+65525 enchant! Instant 47Lv Comunidad Hispana! Rates x1000 +++ +++PRE-APERTURA++ ++Open 9-17-16!++++ 0 LAG 0nly enter pro player PLS!
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117 JustLineage | Free Server
Don't get fooled by other so called Dev's. Resurrection and KoD are both Pay to Win Server. We are different. We are JustLineage.
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118 Nuke-wow
Hello and welcome everybody, we hope you enjoy playing here. Here at Nuke-WoW we will strive to be one of the highest quality game servers you have ever tried. Although new, we are a dedicated team, and will only deliver customer service at the highe
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119 Metin2 Aeon - Ascend to greatness by your own hand!
The spanish server more complete without exaggerations.\\r\\nJoin Warriors Aeon and begin the ascent to power!
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120 The Grail Lords
The Grail Lords The Grail Lords is a free text-based browser game with medieval setting. Your character profile lets you to be aware of basic information like score, tokens, popularity, honour, level etc.
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121 Atelon x100
Multi-Craft PvP x100
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122 Bolintin.Zapto.Org - Server Cs 1.6
Enter and join to us on bolintin.zapto.org. Server cs 1.6 Non-Stop Playing!
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123 StrongMuOnline
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124 mulatinoamerica
FILES HOSTEADOS EN EE.UU 24|7 Full Soporte Tecnico, Con la mejor de las Conexiones, Con un CPU\r\nEXCELENTE para la version para que puedas divertirte sin ningun tipo de molestias (LAG).\r\24|7 Full Actualizada 0LAG Version MU
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125 Lineage ONE Custom Server
Veteran Lineage 1 server admins team together to bring you the ultimate Lineage 1 experience. Custom High-Rate PVP Server. Join the beta now!
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126 Lineage 1 custom server
L1C Server is for plays who miss L1. provide reliable service.
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127 lineagena
Live server concept with English patch, Proudly good balance and dedicated server for all lineage 1 fans.
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128 epicRO
Start 27.02.2015|German Server GMT+1|5x 5x 3x 1x Q Exp|Max Lv:99/70|Pre-Renewall Episode 13.2|farmable Donation\'s!|Achivements|@request-Support-System|Daily selectable Events|+80 Monster KillQuests|20Lv ShareRange Join Now!
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129 Erica
Server Information -=Rates=- Exp: x5000 Sp: x5000 Adena: x1 -=Enchant Rates=- Safe: +7 Max: +25 Normal Scroll: 85% Blessed Scroll: 95% Crystal Scroll: 100% Rates are same for Weapons, Armors & Jewels. -=Augmentatio
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130 League of Angels - AMZGame
League of angels is a Browser Based Role Playing MMO Game launched by AMZGame.com. Start your journey with your angel, Battle the forces of evil. The game is free to play.
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131 SuperiorMU Online Ex702
[Semi-Hard Rate][Exp: x500, PPL: 5/6/7][ML Exp: x100 PPL:1 Max lvl: 350][Drop: 30%][No Reset][CS Everyday][Socket System][Build your own stats][Balance Classes][Boss Event][Weekend Drop Boost][Bugless Ex702 Files][Premium MU Guard] Register Now!
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132 [Bi-Yer.Com][Bi-Yer.Net] Pvp Forum Sitesi
[Bi-Yer.Com][Bi-Yer.Net] Dьnyanэn En Эyi ve Gьncel Haber Paylaюэm Forum Sitesi 1299 1960 19xx 18xx indir download bedava full client db
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133 WoW Only 3.3.5a, 4.3.4, 5.4.8, 6.0.3
Уникальный проэкт основан на трех разных версиях. Ледяная Цитадель (3.3.5а)х25 PVE -реализовано Бг, Арены, Подземелья, Эвенты Огненный Водоворот(4.3.4)х25 PVE -реализованы БГ, Арены, Подземелья,Эвенты Дренор(6.0.3) х25 PVE -Работоспособность (бета
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134 Lineage II Sport
Welcome to Lineage II Sport Interlude X5000
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135 Lonage.ru
We welcome everyone to our project. Lonage - a new project from an experienced administration. Dear players and guests of our project! Want to be in the center of what is happening ?! Be with us! We are opening a fully balanced design x100. Opening
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136 YuruWoW 81 Funserver 3.3.5
Instant 81, Custom items, Custom Instances, Custom zones, Custom patches, Custom World bosses, Custom Quests, Custom teleporter, even Custom Mini Teleporter, Custom events, High dmg, High hp, and more... Come join us today.
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137 Kingdoms of Deception
Lineage1 Private Server,99% up-time and ran on a dedicated server, low rates, new items and npc's, great community, owners are very experienced in gameplay and coding, come try us out.
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138 Hai pe MetinBsi10 Romania
NeW Armuri DRACO /Exp 1500% Drop yang 500% Item Drop 500% Fierar 100% / PvP / lvl maxim 250 / King si Posedata la shop / BETA / Skiluri P / aveti voie cu swichboot / fara buguri,lag si moduri / 13 evolutii arme si armuri noi / sistem Puncte Realizare
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139 Street Racerz
It's after midnight and the streets are quiet. Time to put the pedal to the metal.Drive your car to victory in the world of illegal street racing ! Street Racerz is a Free texted based browser game where you buy cars, upgrade them and race against
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140 Blue-Shadow [3.3.5a]
Blue-Shadow [3.3.5a P-Server]\\r\\n\\r\\nBlue-Shadow ist ein Privat Server projekt mit 2 Realm\\\'s. Hier mцchten wir euch einmal unsere Realm vorstellen.\\r\\n\\r\\nNether-Storm\\r\\nRealm Typ: Fun-Realm\\r\\nMax Level: 250\\r\\nXP Rates: x20\\r\\nC
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141 La Cosa Nostra
La Cosa Nostra is the most realistic mafia game on the internet.
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142 Brightness Of The Sun - Classic Server
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143 Oyun Oyna
Oyun Oyna, Bedava Oyun Oyna, Bedava Oyunlar
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144 l2people.com
Lineage 2 interlude low rate server with custom features.\r\nGrand opening 1.3.2014\r\nRate\r\nxp: 5 | sp: 5 | adena: 4 | party exp: 1,5 | spoil: 7 | drop: 6\r\nCustom features\r\nNo custom items\r\nVote reward shop you can buy class 1 and 2 class tr
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145 Slim-wow All GM 3.3.5
All GAMEMASTER 3.3.5, All commands. Start with full wrathful. T10 hc. MAX CASH. NEED HEAD ADMINS. .gm fly on .cheat
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146 Aion Mystery
Aion P Server 4.3 NA Version, viele Events, rates: EXP x5, AP x3, drop x5, Super Community
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147 Gilas Ragnarok Online
Gilas Ragnarok Online
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148 l2bixi
L2 Mid rate server Go Play
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149 Stalker Zone World
Fan-portal for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - new mods, good forum, very interesting forum role game, encyclopedia for game, news about S.T.A.L.K.E.R., GSC Game World and Survarium.\r\nФан-сайт игры S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - новые моды, развитый форум, интересная и уникаль
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150 Lands Of Aden Lineage 1 Private Server
A High rate base private server, EXP: 4000x Growing population, Friendly GameMasters, Custom Bosses and Hunting Areas, PVP.
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