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Отличный сайт про различные игры для pc,такие как L4D PS css cs NFS и другие,а так же у нас на сайте есть всё для юкоз,фильмы,миллиона разного софта.Заходите не пожелеете!
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Lineage 2 freya pvp server!
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Mu Zone Of War - Season 4
Mu Zone Of War - Season 4\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\nExp: 80x\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
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cs-nothing War3ft
Best server in Latvia
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New server full freya rates x10
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456 L][DaStyle
200x Rates\\r\\n+3 Safe Enchant\\r\\n+15 Max Enchant\\r\\nProgressive Enchant Rates\\r\\nNPC Buffers & GM Shops\\r\\nALL Buffs except 3rd class\\r\\n12 Song&Dance Slots\\r\\nRare Events\\r\\nHero Every 2 Weeks\\r\\nOlympiad\\r\\n* Custom Economy.\\r\
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457 -FuckIT Mu- Season 4.6(100%Bugless)
[EXP:200x][DROP:50%] [P.P.L. 5/7/7] Max stats 65 535 , New Events, new yewels , Working duel system with reward and more!
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458 Официальный сайт клана -=Sydabovka-Team=-
официальный сайт клана -=Sydabovka-Team=-
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459 Всё для CS 1.6
Всё для CS 1.6
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460 L2 Nuke
INTERLUDE! PvP Server Rates: 100x Adena Rates: 1000x GMshop Great Adena and Ancient Adena economy and Buy system! free 1, 2 and third class upgrade! Global Gatekeeper Npc Buffer Npc scheme buffer All buffs = 2 hours min Max buff slots:
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461 Onyxia
Come join my new server! [1000exp 500x 10x] [Custom Npc] [Custom Fm] [Free Gm Hat] [1 free MSI Weapon] [All In One] [1 Meos scroll Shop] [Friendly Gm\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s] Still looking for GM\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s aswell so please come join hamachi ID: Onyx
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462 Fanatic GamerS
For Playing & Development Games Forum!\\r\\nRegister & Give Support..\\r\\nShare Yours Knowledge!
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463 ChAoZ-Network -=Neu=-
jetzt sind wir da! Wir bieten 2 WoW Server an Fun/Instand 80 patche 3.3.5a und einen Css Server. Es erwarten euch Events, SpaЯ und ein nettes Team. 24/7 Online. Wir freuen uns auf euch!
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464 OldCentury 1.12.1 Blizz -3.3.5 Fun
Wir haben einen 1.12.1 Blizz -und einen 3.3.5 Fun besucht uns mal!
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465 http://l2android.es.tl/
Server freya Habla Espaсol Rates: Exp. x5000 SP. x5000 Adena x5000 Drop x1 Enchant max.: 20 Enchant Safe: 10 Server Info: Automatic accounts PVP Server Custom Items SubClass Lvl max. 85 SubClass max. 5 Custom Npc\\\'s Un Server De Calidad
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466 Venom-X
awesome server needs staff!!
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467 L2 DarkLegend:Reborn x1000
Lineage2 Interlude PvP based,High rates 1000xp server International and friendly community, experienced administrators, Auto Events (DM/CTF/TVT) which take place every hour, Special-Custom Designed zones, well balanced class system and much more..
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468 L2 Android
Rates:\\r\\nEXP--------- x5000\\r\\nSP---------- x5000\\r\\nDrop-------- x1\\r\\nenchant max- +20\\r\\nenchant safe +10\\r\\nCustom Items\\r\\nCustom NPC\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s
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469 Sky-squad
All for Counter Strike
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470 El Bananero-WoW Server
Servidor dedicado profesional. Blizzlike 3.3.5a; RATES normales: x1. Arenas \\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nfuncionando, BGs funcionando, MIGRACIONES DISPONIBLES, heroicas y estancias \\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nfuncionando, incluyendo IC
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471 L][ Infected 75x
Interlude Server Mid-Rate 75x, Join Now Have fun! For more info at website.
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472 Шаблоны Скрипты для uCoz - Всё для uCoz
Шаблоны Скрипты для uCoz - Всё для uCoz
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473 X-Infinity
nConfirm that you will love it after playing it! Balanced Custom and Equip. Kind and helpful Admin and GMs. Lots of fun events that will keep you accompanied
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474 Counter-Strike 1.6
Спрайты, скрипты, взрывы, кс 1.6, пулевые отверстия, видео кс 1.6, статтьи кс 1.6, состав клана,кровь, карти, звуки, программы, модели оружыя, модели игроков, прицелы, радары, значки...
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475 Red-Devil !
Hallo Leute ihr wolt zocken da seit ihr hir richtig wir sind ein deutscher fun und blizlicke server und laufen auf 3.3.5\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nwir sind neu in dem spiel und warten auf euch also leute schaut rein.
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476 Macastre Server
Server Counter Strike 1.6
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477 Trade-mu
This is a new mu-online server with a fun and friendly administrator, server info: Exp 400 Drop 70 Server is working 24 / 7 Join us
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478 GoodTimes RO
GoodTimesRO is a brand new server with a growing community, custom NPC\'s, Third Job Classes, and a kind workforce.
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479 Lineage 2 Legend
XP 20x SP 20x Party XP 2x Party SP 2x Drop 15x Adena 15x Spoil 15x Quest Drop 10x Quest Reward XP 10x Quest Reward SP 10x Quest Reward 5x potion , 3x scroll , 1x recipe , 10x material Raid Drop Items 15x (RB jewels drop 2x)
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480 Galactic WoW Blizzlike 3.3.5
Server Version 3.3.5a\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nPvE Realm\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nWork Arenas 99%\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nWork Bettleground 99%\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nWork Spell,Talent 99%\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nWorking All Instances\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nAll Word Bosses Are Scripted\\\\\\
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481 The Last Legion
Servidor Freya rates 5000 - Safe+4 Max 25 - Normal 75% blessed 100%
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482 Lineage2 Freya Server x35
* BASIC INFO * XP:35x | SP: 35x | Drop & Spoil: 8x | Quest rate for S80 and higher grades x1, for S grade - x3 * GMSHOP: Up to b grade! * Donate list can be seen HERE * NPC BUFFER: All standard + 3rd buffs including song + d
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483 Mafiosoonline.com
Browser based free online game. Now one can choose from 8 languages to play. Join now !
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484 Muflorida
.: MU FLORIDA :.\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nWeb : www.muflorida.tk \\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nVersion: 1..04H+seasonsIII\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nBug bless: Off\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nExperiencia: 2000\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nDrops: 80
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485 New World 3.3.5a
Rates x6 | 24/7 Online | Teamspeak 3 | Startitems | Teleportmaster | netter Support | Dungeon- und Schlachtzugsbrowser
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486 Российская команда по CS-1.6 Nark0.tm
Российская команда по CS-1.6 Nark0.tm
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487 MuStaff
exp/500 drop/100 webamarket on webshop on =3D camera Season4 Episode2
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488 L2-Eternity
Server Info\\r\\nRATES:\\r\\n\\r\\nExperience: 2000x\\r\\nSkill Points: 2000x\\r\\nAdena drop: 2000x\\r\\nManor: 10x\\r\\nDrop Spoil: 15x\\r\\nItems drop: 10x\\r\\nRaid boss Jewels: 200x\\r\\n
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489 Season 4 exp 999999x drop 100%
New mu has opened. Season 4 exp 999999x drop 100% Points per level 50/60/70 Box +1+2+3+4+5, all wings, Exellent items +13 in shop.
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490 L2][Amazing x65
Craft Grade A and S with the Dwarves RATES: Experience: 65x Skill Points: 65x Adena drop: 200x Quest Drop: 20x Items Drop: 25x Drop Spoil: 45x Boss Drop: 20x ENCHANT RATES: Normal scroll: 65% Blessed scroll: 75% Crystal scroll: 10
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491 sawrpg
Congratulations. You are still alive. Most people are so ungrateful to be alive. But not you. Not anymore
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492 aNonimus MuOnline
Server name: AGZ-Mu Experience: 99999x Drop: 80% Points per level: 5/7 Version: Season3 Episode2+Customs Maps: Standart + News Reset Level: 400 Max resets: 99 and Rewards Max stats: 32767 Castle Siege ON Kanturu Event ON Blood C
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493 Lineage2 Bloody wings
Lineage 2 freya pvp server, Rates: 6000x custom npc, custom zones and more.
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494 Шаблоны Иконки Скрипты для uCoz - Всё для uCoz
Шаблоны Иконки Скрипты для uCoz - Всё для uCoz
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495 L2-Undiscovered[Kuriamas]
Client version - Interlude (C6) Server rates - No rates x2000 x2500 x4000 x10 Enchant rates - (93%) Enchant safe - +4, FullBody +4, Maximum +20 Subclass - No Quest Noblesse - No Quest Hero - Changes every 2 weeks on Friday Skills - Working int
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496 DisconnectMu
Join to see
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497 L2prideInterlude
L2Pride is a server of lineage 2 interlude, class, pvp, tvt, ctf balance. custom farm zone, custom weapons and armor
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498 Mcc MuOnline
Exp 5 Drop5 Max.lvl 400\\r\\nVersion 1.00\\r\\nServer Online 24/24\\r\\nOfficial Server in Moldova
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499 Все для ксс!!
Все для ксс!!
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500 Letsgo-WoW (PvP)
°Verschiedene Ptґs\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n°Online\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n°Nette Gmґs\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n°Viele tolle Eventґs
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