Top 6 Maplestory Private Servers

Playing on high populated servers is what every gamer wants. Whenever an online gamer wants to join a new server, they will look for unique characteristics such as the best economy and probably the highest population possible.
I may not know much about gaming, but one thing I know is that a high population realm will have more people for you to interact with, more active contenders and definitely fast leveling. If you want to grow your gaming skill, party playing is a more sure thing that will help you up your level.
Here is a list of six best MapleStory private servers and probably the most populated. Have a look!

Maple Royals

Maple Royals is one of the largest private servers. With its old version of original MapleStory, you with experience a nostalgic feeling at first sight. Not only do they add unprecedented contents to increase your longing, but they are also constantly improving gameplay and fixing bugs.
Maple Royals have a friendly community who welcomes new players from all over the world with both hands. Join the community, and you will see an unprecedented expansion of hairstyles, faces, NX objects and quests to mention but a few.
Players don’t have to win plays to get NX. By just voting, you get to win NX objects.

Maple Saga

You will find every gamer describing it as simply the best private server they played on. Sure enough Maple sage is nothing short of the best. If you are tired of the tiresome x2 or x3 EXP grip, maple saga is your solace escape.
Although it is an old school private server, it brings so much fond memories of the past. It comes with a twisted version of rebalanced skills, monster carnivals PQ and HD quality images. You will love the numerous hair cuts, the adventurous quest, and daily events that will keep you all busy and nostalgic.
Join this private server and experience balanced rates, good economy and a vintage GM system.

Lucky story

Let’s say you are just lucky to have found this server. Right at its launching date, it started with competitive rates. The server boasts of a working PQ, Ninja castles, Ulu city, and a working Neo City.
With gamers from all over the world, Lucky story strives to maintain professionalism in every key aspect of their feature. They are always updating Nx objects, hairstyles, eyes and introducing new items.
Additionally, You will experience an increased HP gain, skill balancing, have a chance to customize your crafting and guild systems. Join Lucky story maple private server for an opportunity to fight monsters and perform quests with guidance and alliance.

Maple Destiny

Maple Destiny is a version of the former DestinyMS. It is re-created with an intent to remind you of the good memories and offer you a whole world of new experience while at the same time keeping the game interesting.
It offers a community that no other server can possibly offer with multi-connected players from all over the world to help with your adventure. The moderators are constantly improving your gaming experience with different ways such as the GMS boss, party quest, and training.


Croosade is a newly launched private server with experienced and highly educated moderators. It was launched in the year 2017 December with an intent to provide challenging but fair gameplay.
It is most suited to gamers with an eye to keeping up-to-date details. It brings you a wide range of daily events and a 24/7 online play. Most importantly, Croosade rewards daily in gamers, therefore, attracting many gamers from all over the world.
It also features a professional anti-heat system giving you the best experience to enjoy quests, parties, job, and skills.

Slimetales Server

Slimtales is a server from KMS Servers for MapleStory. It features all the attributes of the original Maplestory game with all the feature exactly as they were. Except for resemblance, slimtales brings a nostalgic feeling of good memories.
It connects players from all over the world with an able platform that provide players contact information. The multi-lingual friendly moderators will help you air any query regardless of your language.


Good servers are hard to find. I would also recommend using private servers for MapleStory as they are more fun and quite frank. They also lets you try classes you have never had before. However, private servers should be used with moderation.