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My Online Wii - Wii Friends Made Easy.
Share Wii Codes, SSBB, Mario Kart Wii, MOH:H2, Mario Strikers, Loads more! We have friend codes for Mario Strikers, Endless Ocean, EA Online, SSBB, Mario Kart, and more! My Online Wii brings Wii News every week!
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A place to hang out, play some games, listen to music, and talk about anime. Come on down and have some Eucalyptus.
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53 Wii Gaming Community for all!
gaming forum,help news and updates JOIN NOW!
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A friendly discussion forum, just over a year old with over 6000 members. Member's can talk about anything Nintendo related.
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Top Wii Games
Best Wii games, news and information about Nintendo's Wii system, hardware and software hacks, gaming news, hidden features.
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56 Wii Portal
All about your Wii. Wii info, Wii updates, Wii Software, Wii Store.
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57 Wii Want It
Join the gaming revolution and change the future of gaming, earn wii cash per post, exchange wii cash for real gaming products!
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58 My Wii News
A fresh new look for a Wii News Site. Check it out, you won't be disapointed.
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59 enables your Wii to take full advantage of the e-mail features it supports. It extends it's capabilities with an easy to use interface. Start receiving e-mail on your Wii, the way you're used to receive e-mail. Mail your Wii the easy way
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Wii Extreme Gamers Discussion Forum.
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Free Dedicated Chat for use on your Wii. Instantly Find Online Gamers using the Wii's Onscreen or USB Keyboard.
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62 - Wii news,wii games, old nintendo platforms support on wii, full gamelist gamecube and wii
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63 Wii Station
Your No1 stop shop for all your Wii Entertainment... Games, Movies, Music, Cheats and a whole lot More!!!
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64 Free Nintendo Wii CheatCodes
Your source for free Nintendo Wii Cheat Codes.
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65 Wii Store
Wii Store the cheapest online store in Us
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66 Watch Wii
Wii trailers, topsites, link collection and banner collection.
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67 Mario Kart Wii Race Kings Clan
An amazing clan for people who want people to race with freinds or foes.It will have tornaments for leader bored,training,and you will even get a rank!You must be a member of egm to join first ok?peace
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68 No Fuss Reviews
No Fuss Reviews can tell you how good a next-gen game is in an instant.
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69 Pro-Gamers
Clan created by Pro-Gamers for Pro-Gamers
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70 Nintendo Wii Game Central
Your source for Wii cheats, reviews, previews, news, videos and more.
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71 Mii Army
do got to beat us or join us we play wii games and computer games and much more JOIN TODAY
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72 iFreebies- Free Wii & more
iFreebies is the number one guide packed with exclusive tips to get a Free Nintendo Wii.
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73 Smash Network
Welcome to Smash Network Forums! This place is mainly about Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Come and meet new friends, battle good brawlers, and just hang out and have fun!
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74 Brawl Community
Many active members, a chat room, great discussions, friendly people, and lots of fun =]
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75 Super Mario Bros
Has the Wii also all the latest games& consoles including the classics, just like a regular community, has potential for more members has a chat for us and you can ask or suggest anything else to feel at home
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76 Nintendo Network
Best nintendo wii fan site ever made! You can match find any wifi games using Nintendo Network chatroom! There will be tournments and compare who is the best! You can discuss about almost anything! Please sign up today!
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77 Nintendo Generation
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78 Wii Review
Read our Reviews and meet new Wii Friends. Even Become a Reviwer!
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79 Alex's wii site
this is my site about the nintendo wii
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Welcome to your online community for discussing all the latest and newest Nintendo games! Feel free to sign up and join us now!
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81 Nintendo Discussion
A New forum to come and discuss all things Nintendo! From the Wii to the NES. With monthly competitions and yearly prize draws.
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82 Nintendo Wii Video Games
Online source for Nintendo Wii games - reviews, cheats, videos, guides, videos & more.
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83 Wiiz Clan [WZ]
The new Clan for Wii Wi-Fi Matches
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84 The Dark Knights Smash
We only accept good brawlers in super smash bros brawl and members that are also good in the ds games we have in our forums.
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85 ???? ??? Nintendo Wii ? ????
????? ??? ?? Wii, ??????? Wii, WiiWare, ??????? ? ????????????
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welcomt to hero brawlers kingdom were new so pllz join hbk today
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87 fated rivals
welcome join us were new
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88 Hero Brawlers 2
Come join hero brawles HB2 clan we play ssbb mkwii
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89 Mario Kart Community
This growing community soon will be big, and quite popular. Talk to experts like me, or other players.
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90 Wii Cafe
A great and new community and great for making friends! Also, your great source for latest Nintendo news and rumors.
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91 Nintendo District
Dedicated to bringing you the fun and Excitement of Nintendo and all it has to offer. Whether you want to exchange Friend Codes or look up Reviews on the New Wii Game next month, it's all here.
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92 Korlash
As the title says, Korlash is SSBB clan to be reckoned with. With no allied clans, we are striving to be the strongest and most feared SSBB clan there is. We plan to accomplish this by entering numerous clan matches and dominate them.
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93 Free Games - Game2po
Play free games online at game2po. Free fun games for everyone
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94 Angel Of Darkness
JOin a awsome brawl clan today full of fun
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95 Uchiha Clan
Come join the awsomest clan ever building too be the best of the best always accepting new members
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96 Gamers World
An Active Gaming Forum
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97 TurboKart Clan
Italian Clan Mario Kart Wii
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98 Crescent Sea Corsairs
We are an up and coming new Brawl clan. Actively recruiting, planning tournaments, and warring. Why not check us out sometime?
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99 Nintendo Realm - Nintendo Wii, DS, and 3DS Wi-Fi Friend Codes Forum
Nintendo gaming website with a active forum community for trading Nintendo Wii, DS, and 3DS Wi-Fi friend codes!
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