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A massive gaming and role-playing site!
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2 Wii Reviews
Nintendo Wii Reviews, Cheats, News, and Media.
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3 NinFrigginTendo
A site dedicated the latest news from the big 'N'

"Nintendo News We Should All Friggin Know About!"
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Nintendo news, reviews, previews and features with a European slant. With regular free-to-enter competitions and a great boards community.
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5 - Play DS for prizes!
Check out for the best Nintendo DS Tournaments for fun and prizes!
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6 Firefox95 / Wii Section
FireFOX95 is a website started in July 2006 with a large Wii Section, a PlayStation3 Section, a X-Box 360 Section, and much much more including reccomandations, best games, and polls!
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7 Wiitendo
Everything Wii, news, games, videos, reviews, and more!
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8 Wii Watch
Wii Watch is dedicated to bringing you all the new Wii stories on games, gear, and everything else.
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9 Clan Wii: Adolescentes
En esta web podr?s unirte al clan,ver los miembros,enviar mensajes en el libro de visitas... y ver los correos electronicos de los miembros para despu?s,hablar con ellos.?nete y pasa a ser un adolescente m?s del clan.
In this web you w
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10 Nintendo-Gamer
This is a fun site to meet new people and exchange friend codes
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11 Friendcodes Source
Great place to exchange friendcodes for the wii or the ds. If your looking for a place to just chat, have fun, and play with others who have wii's then this is the place for YOU!!!
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12 - Nintendo Forum Friend Code
Find Wii Friend Codes and get Wii console numbers. Smash Brothers Brawl, Pokemon and Mario Kart Wii Friend Codes. Nintendo Forum for Wii and DS Friend Codes.
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Saznanajte sve novosti vezane uz Wii u Hrvatskoj i svijetu. Najnovije igre, recenzije, Virtual Console, testovi dodatne opreme i modanje konzole.
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14 Centro Wii
Todo lo relacionado al wii en un solo lugar
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15 WiiFriends
This is the website where you can share your console code with your friends, register and invite friends or accept your friends invite
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16 Wii Center
A great place to catch up on the latest news, games, and more for the Nintendo Wii.
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17 - Wii Game Reviews & Cheats
All the latest Wii game reviews & cheats.
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18 Nintendo-Arena v3.0
Latest Nintendo, Wii, DS and Gaming resource. Downloads, RPG games and reviews. What more could you want? FREE VIP ACCOUNTS RIGHT NOW!! RRP $3.00 PER MONTH ONLY 100 SLOTS AVAILABLE
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19 WiiBlack - Underground Board
Das deutschsprachige Nintendo Wii Undergroundforum - Homebrews, Cheats, Hacks und vieles mehr...
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20 Death Quake
We are a well known clan, community, and general friend code site. Everyone is active and friendly so chances are if you visit, you'll want to stay!
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21 Wii Cheats -
We have a large selection of Wii Cheats in our cheats database, we also have cheats from other platforms such as PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.
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22 Wiicheat
Cheats en hints voor alle Nintendo Wii Games
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23 EuroNintendo
Your guide to the Nintendo world with 100% European Nintendo news 24/7! Featuring all the latest news, previews and reviews, and a great community, EuroNintendo is the place to be if you are a Nintendo fan!
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24 Wii For Sale, Nintendo Wii In Stock, Wii
The Number One Resource For Wii For Sale.
New And Used Consoles Now Available. Nintendo Wii's In Stock
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25 BaT Codes
A site for friend codes, Nintendo news, wii videos, and much more!
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26 Wii Topia
Wii fan site wi games, videos, forums, contest, and more
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27 Mii Wii Games
Free Wii games that can be played online through your Nintendo Wii game console, using your Wii controller.
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28 Game Influence
A Gaming Blog
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29 WiifaMiily
We now offer free web hosting, free e-mail hosting, with free image hosting to come soon. Videos coming soon as well. Stop by, and join the faMiily!
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30 Nintendo Wii Modchips
A great resource if you're buying a wii modchip including wiikey, wiinja, cyclowiz and more. They've also got a modchip comparison chart to help you pick out the best wii modchip for you.
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31 Nintendo Galaxy
The latest news, reviews, and everything else Nintendo!
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32 FNmii
SSSB Tournament with prize
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33 Wii Game
Wii Game is a forum dedicated to the Nintendo gaming console known as the Nintendo Wii. You can talk about your Nintendo Wii, even if you don't have one! Share cheats and hints about games, show everyone a picture of your Wii, discuss the remote, or
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34 No Access
Nintendo Wii news, websites, polls, bonus content, and more!
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35 busting 4 wii
Suprising and addictive information and hints about the Wii, Download Wii Games Hacks, Cracks, Mods, Utilities And Much More..
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36 Korlash Clan
No Allies. No Mercy. Will you be skilled enough to be called elite in the strongest Super Smash Bros Brawl Clan? Come join today and see if your an Elite on April 10th.
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37 Wii-Records
Wii-Records: World Records and Rankings for Nintendo Wii games!
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38 - Wii Fans Community
Wii Forums for Wii Fans , join us today ! One of the greatest community`s on the net !
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The most complete Wii site on the net!
News, reviews, screenshots, cheats, walkthroughs, forums...and more!
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40 WiiNintendo
Everything Nintendo and Wii
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41 Wii Hacks Community
Nintendo Wii Hacks and Mods Community
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42 Nintendo Wii - O Que ? Wii?
O Wii ? um Console de Videogame com um controle revolucion?rio, desenvolvido pela Nintendo com sensibilidades a movimentos ?nico.
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20000+ Members! The World's Largest Wii Number Directory. Find Online Wii Game Friend Codes Too for Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, Mario Strikers, Pokemon Battle Revolution and more!
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44 Wii Network
Comprehensive Wii coverage. News updated daily along with previews and reviews. Your only Wii source.
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45 Nintendo Wii For Sale, Buy Nintendo Wii
Nintendo wii for sale. stop searching for a wii. we have found them for you. come see and buy your wii today
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46 Nintendo Wii Community Message Board
Welcome to our Nintendo Wii Forum where active gamers come to chat, exchange help & ideas about every aspect of the Wii!
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Would you like to lose weight? Do you enjoy playing the Nintendo Wii? If you've answered "yes" to both of those questions, is the website you've been looking for!
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48 Wii Users
Offers that latest topics and wii community.
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49 WiiGames42
Features Wii game reviews, Users are allowed to submit a game to be reviewed, and may also review any game
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50 WiiMigo
Exchange Wii Codes and make new Wii Friends!!!
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