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301 MU Online
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mu-adana 5000x exp %100dropped season3 wing 1.0L version 7/24online BB:on good friends good GM's Good ADMİN= Lee server join now
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Nome do Server: MuEthernal

Vers?o do Server: 1.02N+S2

Ip e Porta: No Launcher

Xp e Drop: 3000x 100%

Resete Free= 360 Ganha 400 Pontos

Reset Vip= 350 Ganha 800 Pontos

Hor?rio Do server: CONNECTADO DAS 9:00 AS
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304 MuBeast Forum
Forum najlepszej polskiej gildi MU
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Mu-Mafias 1.02n full
1.02N Season2 full
EXP:300X DROP70%
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306 MuSJP
On 24 horas Versao 97d+99i

xp 1500

Entre E Joge !!!
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307 MuCameloT
Exp 2000x|Drop 35%|Reset 400(350ptos)|24/7
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308 MuDrog
Version 1.02N +season 2 + 3D Camera | Experience 2500 X | Drops 90 %| Nu Bugs | No-Lag | Romania | JOIN US & PLAY 4 FUN !!! |
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SERVER NON-STOP , GOOD GM,BOX +4 on SHOP ,GooD shop , good spot wath you wait go and play
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310 MuEra Server
MuEra o servidor q veio para revolucionar o mundo de MuOnline server 24/7 XP 7.500 breve server Hard
Entre e confira
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311 Maniacos MU
Server Vers?o 99z skis de Asas LVL 3 Exp: 4000x Resets Normal lvl 350 Vip 300 pts free=400 Vip=600 Bug Bless ON UpLink 2MB Dedicado 24 Horas Online!
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312 Mu-Crash
Mu-Crash Vers:97c+ Exp:220x Drop:60% Ppl:5/7 More Info In Web
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313 MuWar
.:[Version::1.02n] [EXP::100%] [Drop::80%] [Point:: 5/7] [BB::OFF]:.
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314 MU Clubradio
Exp: 400 Drop: 70% BB:off Points: 5/7/7 Version 1.04d+Season3 All work! Wings 3! No lags Up time 24/7!
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315 Fyber-MU
| Fyber-MU Full Season2 +season3 skins+3d camera| Longterm | BB ON | Keep Stats | Exp 99999x | Drop 80% | BoK+1+2+3+4+5 all wings season3+13 all jwls in shop dungeon | Play ON| by varcush
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316 Mu-HIGH.LV
|Version 97H | exp 20% | drop 50% | Online 24/7 |Bless Bug : Off | Reset : 320 | Frendly Admin.|
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317 Reals Mu Online
Reals Mu Online | Xp: 2000 | Drop : 80 | Vers: 97d 99i | nice spot | Nice Admin | nice Shop | Come all and Join Server.
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319 Mu outlaw on-line
Very good mu and its lovely!
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320 Angel-Mu
Good Server
In:0 Out:91
321 Minimal
like muzik
In:0 Out:95
322 Mu Angel
Muito Legal Entren q nao vao se Arrepender FLW Abra?o By ADM Muangel
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323 MU-Extasy 1.04D+ 3Season
AL events Works
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324 Golden-Mu
99d+99i , 2000x exp , bb on , good gm
In:0 Out:94
325 Zanga Mu Philippines
Exp:500x Drop:25% Full Season I+Season 2 Event:BC,CC,CS,DS,Invasion!!! Admin Good Gm No Reset Play For Long Term None,bug,lagg Online.8am-1am Philippines Time!!!
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326 MU
In:0 Out:97
xp 2500x
dяσρ 80%
vєяรασ : 1.02и รєαรσи 2
ρlαyєя'ร viρร тєм diяєiт&
In:0 Out:95
328 .???`?-> Mu RenaScenZ <-???`?.
|Free Italian Server| |Exp90X| |Drop90X| |8Reset| |400Liv| |24hOnLine| |ProFessional-ServeR| |Frindly-StaFF| |All Maps| |All Sets| |Full-SeasoN2| |3Dcamera| |Long term Server| |Vocal Service| |Everyday EventS| |Free Registration| |JOIN NOW!!!|
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329 Zhypermu
sana maganda
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330 Mu History long term server
Mu History old style server 97d version exp/drop: 120/65 points :5/7 bless,soul,life in shop 1kk,2kk,45kk Wings lvl 1 drop in icarus. spot in davias castle .Max resets 30. Join us.
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331 Mu Clean S3 ep 1
Exp/drop: 400/85 Full s3 ep1 3rd quest,wings s3 mobs and events.
In:0 Out:96
332 CraiovaMu Come All!!!
Craiova-Mu vers: 97d+99i 24/24 exp:1000x,drop:100%,chaos goblin:100%,point/lvl:5/7,good s...
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333 Excelente server season III !!!!!!!!!!!!
Exp x50
drop 30%
Bless bug off
todos los eventos
todos los mapas
GM organizando eventos
nuevo muy nuevo
Arena 2 abierto (Stadium)
Proximamente Exile
Aniamate !!!!!!!XD
Para mas infor
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334 BramosMu SEASON 3
Season 3 Dedicated Server! 2000 Exp ! No Lags! Friendly People! Join now and feel the real Mu spirit!
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335 MuAcme
Mu acme MAxiMuM Rate Server - BB- On- points - 25 / 35 ! (pvp Style)
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336 .::SEASON3::. -=RSP MuOnline=-
MuOnline Server SEASON 3 | Full version work | No lag, Good Connect | 3D-Camera!!! | Exp 150% | Drop 80% | Work Events: Kanturu Event, Chaos Castle, CryWolf, Castle Siege, Senior Event, Blood Castle, Devil Square | Every Days QVESTS!!!
In:0 Out:93
337 Mu GaioN
Nome Mu GaioN
Criado Em:28/09/2007
Experiencia: 9999 Evento 15k xp
Horario:24 horas se nao cair internet ow energia
Drops normais: 50%
Drops Excellents Das Box: 100%
Bug Bles: ON
Chaos Machine Com Luck ow Sem Luc
In:0 Out:103
338 -=Welcome to BcMU=-
-=BcMu=- is a new server just restarted db|The version is 0.99b+1.01e Exp 180x|Drop 90%|ExDrop=High|points for MG/DL=10 and BK,ME and SM =7/5|Ponts/rr= 500|new sets|new weapons|good shops|Nice Admins and Nice Player Join Us :D:D:D
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339 Empire of Mu
Server Version : 1.02N + 2 Season . Exp : 6000x /Drop: 500x . Good resps BC DS Crywolf CC CS all work . No lags server work 24/7
In:0 Out:96
340 WuTanG-Mu
Season II Server | Exp 9999x | Drop 100% | All Bok`s , Jwl`s , Items , Wings In Shop | Bok Drop Items With Full Opt | Come And See Real Fun |
In:0 Out:93
341 KiLLeRz-MuOnline Server
MU online game server 1.02n+season 2 EXP:1000x,Points per reset:500,BB:OFF,Max Reset:90 ,very good spawns and much more...
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342 FortzaMU
This is the best server ..1.00L .. exp 5000 x Join it . goo go ... best server !!!
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343 Mu Chillout Season 3 !!!
Nice 1.04H server EXp: 1000% Drop 70%
All events work: Kalima, CryWolf, Castle Siege, Deeploren, Kantru! All jewels in shop! All types of new season 3 wings !
In:0 Out:97
LIONMU,SEASON2,Versia 1.02N exp500x, Drop 80%
In:0 Out:93
345 -=ICE=- -mu Server
Welcome To Season 3 MuOnline Server,UpTime-24/7,STATUS-UP,Exp:50x ; Drop 100x; EVENT;Kantru,CW,CC,CS,BC,DS. | WEBSITE- http:\\
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346 MuScorpion
Vers?o: Season2 Full + Season3
Experiencia: 1500x
Drops: 60%
In:0 Out:99
347 MU-paradox
Version 97D-99I
Experience 30x points 35/40
Drops 1000x
In:0 Out:101
348 Murati 99B e 1.02N
The best Mu-Online in 2 servers systen.
In:0 Out:96
349 Mu brigada
Russian server Good staff server for long time version 97d+99i drop exp end etc. information on the web !

In:0 Out:93
350 BrokenMu
BrokenMu 1.02d version ! MAXX drop rate MAXX ! Points per level 6 for BK SM ME and 8 for MG! 350 lvl reset ! Max level 400! Points after reset keep + 300 points BONUS.
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