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UBO: Elemental Fury
MMORPG based in a world of magick. Lead your mage armies against others and wield magickal furies that only the gods can give!
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352 - Free vampire based online game
A free online vampire based game. Lots of quests, achievements and real time features. 100% free.
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This is a brandnew server looking for staff, also it is subjected to change at anytime, like adding member items! there are custom items and this is a custom client!
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Criminal Force
This is a free online game in which you take the role of a criminal and commit street crime in return for virtual cash. Find out who's the best criminal or team up with others to create gangs. This is the best modern street crime game there is on the
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SchoolWars browser game
The virtual browser game featuring everyday life in school. Gather friends, get a job, start a gang and much more!
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356 Wild West Silver Trader
A free mmorpg with a focus on trade in a Wild West setting. You can trade 16 different resources. There are 20 different buildings.
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357 Gangster Nation
Gangster Nation is a classic gangster themed game - start out as a Civilian and work your way up through the levels. Perhaps join or start your own mafia family?! It\\\\\\\'s all up to you! We\\\\\\\'ve been running since 2005 and are a very stable,
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358 Criminals In Action
Criminals In Action has so many features that most game creators are AFRAID to implement. Many of these features have never been seen in these games. We built the game from a player’s perspective and not the perspective of a greedy admin. Because of
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359 Fallen Race
Fallen Race is a game where you play a human set in a futuristic world fighting to take earth back from an alien invasion. The list of things you will be able to do is endless, so register today and start playing.
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360 Professional MMOROG gold & Item store
MyGoldMore is a professional online game store, covering Aion kina,Dofus kamas,Maple Story mesos,Guild Wars Items,Tibia Gold,Metin2 Yang etc. Faster & Cheap!
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361 Frontline Massacre
Frontline Massacre is the most epic WWII MMORPG ever. Nazi Germany threatens world peace. Battle it out to defeat Nazi Germany for good!
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362 Fragegg - Social Gaming Network is a social gaming portal for the MMO community. Users can play MMO’s collect our own virtual currency and participate in the fragegg avatar game.
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363 Irondomain basketball manager
Irondomain is strategic and original online textual basketball manager game based on social networking, and it's free to play. Here you get to create your own club, build the team of your dreams, and compete against hundreds of thousands of real peop
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364 4-Server
This is the online game, a very interesting one that requires thinking, answer for their actions. Populer game.Join to our.
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365 Club Boss
Club-boss is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game where you're the boss of your own night club. Build your club to the top...and waste a few other players on the way. Great fun, big prizes!
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366 <=>Global Core Gamers<=>
We play all types of Online Multiplayer Games. We are recruiting over 21 only.
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367 Ladyscape
Ladyscape is the best 317 server out with custom items and real gs stands!!!!!! so come and join Ladyscape
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368 NoMercy-Mobsters
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369 Killotta MMOG
This game is open to the public for BETA. You are encouraged to join and help develop the game. You will lose most game stats, but retain all donations. (ALL Donations will be re-rewarded after Beta ends!!!!) In this game you will train stats throu
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370 Lord Empires
New and Free Online Mass Multiplayer Role Playing browser game, based in the middle ages with a focus on teamwork and politics.
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371 VM-Manager: VolleyBall Online Manager
VM-Manager is an online browser-based game in which you take control of a professional volleyball team.
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372 Galactic Imperator
When it comes to ruling the galaxy, the uglier the better!
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373 Broken Reality Online
Free Strategy-RPG War game, live combat, solo & team quests, thousands of weapons, field battles, fight monsters, create your own items, conquer enemy lands, dedicated server, no download required. NEW SERVER JUST STARTED! Become a Legend, Join NOW!
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375 BattleDawnFan
battleDawn Fans N.1 Fansite
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376 Mafia-Hitmen. The Webs best RPG
Mafia-hitmen is a browser based game which means there is nothing to download or install. You wanna be a real Mafia Don like Al Capone, John Gotti and have all the little mafiosos "Kiss Your Ring ... or Die", then you are at the right place!.
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377 Free Pirate Game
fancy a different kind of game well here at the pirate game we have just that sail the seas and plunder your way to the top .Build up your crew and raid others cash prizes every round .
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378 Pimps With Attitude
Do u wanna be the biggest PIMP in ur city? Do u want other PIMPs to respect u? Do u like to recuite for the best hoes and produce the best drugs? If u think u have what it takes to be a real pimp,signup now. its FREE and u dont have to download a
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379 The Fearless Mobsters
The Fearless Mobsters is a free turn-based massive multiplayer online strategy game for those who want to reign supreme amongst their fellow criminals by dominating the streets of their city and even the world. We offer Cash jackpots so players can w
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380 MMORPG news blog
Hot MMORPG news. If you interested in the world of mmorpgs, you are in the right place.
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381 Football Star
Ever dreamt of wearing your favourite team's uniform and show what you're really worth on a football pitch? Football Star is the game where you're the player! What are you waiting for? The referee is about to blow his whistle for the first time
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382 slifer games
les ofresemos mu online,psobb online,counter strike,ogame
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383 Erepublik - The New World
A Political, Military and Economical simulation game where you can represent your home country and fight for them as well! Become a congressmen, corporate genius, battle hero or even your countries President, the possibilities are endless!
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384 Opus Deorum - The Work Of Gods
Create a team to defeat the monsters roaming the Wilds of Celonia, compete in Arena matches, use magic, use dual weapons, use 2 handed weapons. Varied fight styles and unique fightsystem. Friendly staff and active helpful community. Join now!
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385 Loveless Games
\'Mid Autumn Garden\' one of the most anticipated indie games will be entering BETA on February 30, 2010. If you\'re interested in being part of history, visit our site!
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386 Footballidentity
Footballidentity is the first ever online football-world where Managers, Footballers and Journalists are all characters controlled by other users. A key to living the good life and having a growing career in Footballidentity is interaction and commun
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387 The Fearless Mobsters
The Fearless Mobsters is a free turn-based massive multiplayer online strategy game for those who want to reign supreme amongst their fellow criminals by dominating the streets of their city and even the world. We offer Cash jackpots so players can w
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388 Battle Dekaron - BattleNetworks
4000x Rates|| LvCap: 250|| 10x RB| New Classes| +145 Weapons|| Donation Gear|| Events every weekend| 15 Stats per lv|| Vost 4 Coins|| ~Looking for GM,DEV,MOD, HOST,~ Apply NOW~!
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389 italiaan_freakz
the only game with italiaan style
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390 ArenaDekaRon - AreanNetworks
*Exp: 2500x *Drop Rate: 700x *DIL Rate: 800x *Max Lv: 250 *Max Rb: 5 *9 Stats per level *Weekly events *+12 system *Action7 Armors, Weapons *Lv200+ Armor|Lv200+ Weapons *New Classes| **Rising Moon Expasion
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391 FZ-Flyff
V14 Flyff Private Server! Amazing Staff! Guild Sieges! Guilds! Master, Hero Ranks at 120! Awesome sets! Medium Rate Server!!!!
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392 TheGangsterLife
TheGangsterLife is home to some of the most powerful gangsters in the world! In this community of gangsters you can create a family, join other families, hijack rigs, rob banks, mug other gangsters and many many more fun and forceful things.
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pimpsnguns is a turn-based strategy game where you play the part of a pimp on a mission to control the city with your thugs,hoes and arsenal!
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394 MMO-Rankers
Here can you write about games, guides, and everything you want about MMORPG games
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395 BlazeX - 24/7 - 317 - PK & Skill
Client Downloads:\\r\\nOver 500 registered players!\\r\\nNo Lag (guarenteed)\\r\\n24/7\\r\\nFriendly, non-asshole Staff\\r\\nHeavaly Coded Delta Source\\r\\nALL Working
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396 DeathWoW
New instant 80 Server running 3.3.2 Custom T10 added and you will start with normal T10 from vendors at the start. We are constantly looking for things to add to the server to make it more enjoyable for you. We will be holding regular events.
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397 Declan Scape
One of the best... used to be called \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Grimster Scape\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nhad over 60000 registered users and 250+ online a \\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nday but after a hack = in a corruption then a cra
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398 Broken Reality On Line
WAR OF GODS Server2! prepare to engage your enemies in the New War! Small Timers & More Psynodes 3x FASTER.Experience all the BRO.Build your strategy through the three stages of the game.All the Quests,Cards & MOBs from Season VIII ON SATURDAY, FEB 2
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399 Mafia Hitmen
Enter the Mobster world and you will become the boss of a crime gang. As a mobster, you won\'t have any legal restraints to make money. Indeed, your options are infinite.
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400 Sick-scape 317 hoster on 8gb dedi
The best 317 sickiest server SICK SCAPE best server need staff!
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