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51 is dedicated to bringing you all of the latest MMO exploits. The site is updated daily, over 25,000 members, a full forum arcade, monthly give-a-ways, and much more.
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Lands of Hope
A massive browser based game featuring thousands of hours worth of content.
Over 50 different class choices, and race evolutions to be gained as you level up on your way to level 1000. Crafting, Gathering, Pets, Buildings, Sieging and much much m
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Eastern Mob
Are you a mobster? Play this browser-based multiplayer game and find out. Be the best! Beat them all!
Become the ULTIMATE Eastern Mobster!!
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54 Warhammer Online
Warhammer Online fan site
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The Eclipse game engine creates online 2-dimensional games using 8 bit, 16 bit, or 32 bit tiles. This gives games created with the engine a "retro" look that is common on the Nintendo and super Nintendo systems. The engine has a compiled op
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56 Danger-MU OnLine Again
Ver:1.02N|Exp:1500x|Drop:80%|Eveturi noi|Shop-uri COOL|Spot-uri COOL
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57 Ace Mafia
Think you have what it takes to control countries?
Think you have what it takes to become a top class gangster?
Then sign up to Ace Mafia and find out.
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58 Infection
Played through a forum. It's free. An Infection has turned people into zombies, make your own choices (free choice not multiple choice answers) and try to survive, build a party and kill as many zombies as possible. Will ou survive?
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59 The first social site for online gaming
CharacterPlanet is a social network for online gamers with a primary focus on YOU, the gamer. Members can upload pictures, videos, and blogs for both their real life and mmorpg character(s).
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60 Blood on Binary
Blood on Binary is a games development team producing a selection of varied games and other projects spanning many a medium. Formed in early 2003, we have persevered to where we are today through determination and an ever-growing following of fans. C
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61 VR2Online -The Viruz Battle
Play anywhere with other thounsands of people without download any file!
You will be a newbie programmer who want to join the Largest Cyberspace War with your own Viruz.
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62 State of Rogues
Looking for beta players - Join 1 of the 4 empires. Construct on buildings with others to improve your daily income for 6 resources. Quest to gain gold and exp. Command soldiers in battle. Conquer the world defeating NPC and other players in massive
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63 Lands & Lords
Lands & Lords is a free, browser-based, multi-player online game (MPOG) in a medieval setting. As the ruler of your country, you try to extend your inititially small lands into a huge empire. By means of diplomacy, strategy, research, trade, and a li
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64 GrandStageMafia
This is a brand new mafia game with new and upcoming features. Great staff team and very helpful members. This game will keep you busy and once you start you just dont want to stop!
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65 DarkSwords
DarkSwords is a popular free text-based fantasy/medevial MMORPG that is fun to play. The game is constantly changing so it always stays fun and interesting. Sign up! Create a Group! Kill a Dragon! Join a Clan! Start a War! Above all, Have Fun!
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66 Chaos Fight :: MMORPG
Chaos Fights is a mmorpg base on kings of chaos with many new features
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67 Mobsters-Life: Money Is Power Online Game free web based multiplayer Online Game based on the real mobster life.

You want to be a real Mobster like John Gotti and have all the little mafiosos at your feet? You want to have fun? Yo
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68 new moblife 07
grate online game join now and rule the game
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69 Key To Heaven
MMOPRG in late development. Join now!
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70 Battles and Blades
A fun new addictive turn-based game. Build up your army, attack other player's armies or Bot armies. Choose from many different races. Many weapons, armors and more!
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71 MafiaDeath
Your role as a Mobster is to work your way to the top, either with a others in a gang, or by yourself. Attack and mug people to better your stats and gain more money, gamble, deal in weapons and armour, and much more!
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72 Hot Knight Games
Download & Play free online Multi Player game. Play huge collection of free online hot games, action, arcade, puzzle, racing, card games & more...
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73 Businessmanwars is a free web based multiplayer Online Game based on the real mafia life.
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74 The Tempest Project
A FREE MMO that combines HUGE worlds, massive dungeons, and fun events to create the best online medieval experience on the net! Join us today!
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75 Themafiaman
A new updated mafia game with good features and look well enjoy the game and have money in pocket lol
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76 WoW Infite
World Of Warcraft 2.1.3 server
Rates 1x 10x 1x - this is a fun server! Not a funserver ^_^
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77 The Long War - Free text based mmorpg
TLW is a new text based mmorpg (mud) - Buy weapons, train your army, miners, upgrade your mine and fight to be "god"
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78 Lords:The Great Journey
Welcome to Lord: The Great Journey. You have all traveled a long way from your original settlements; however, your journey is not over. Through the course of the next few months you will be trading, making alliances, and duking it out to become the b
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79 Atulos Online
Atu'los Online is a Free Medieval MMORPG.
You can choose from many different characters, including Mage, Knight, Dwarf and Guardian.
The story unfolds as a confrontation with the Sorcerer Atu'los draws ever closer.
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80 Mafioso-World: Money is Power
Want to be the next gangster? Think you can handle some of the toughest Gangsters from around the world..? If you think so then get inside and start up your own family?

Think you can control the cities..? Think you can win
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81 The Wrestling Game
Free online RPG wrestling based. Thousand of players are waiting to challenge you. Join now for free the first mmo wrestling browser based game.
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82 World-of-Dungeons
Heroes, Dungeons, Treasures!

Assume the role of a hero and play a barbarian, mage, archer, or one of many classes and races. Explore the perils and treasures deep down in the dungeons. Grow strong and powerful, acquire the perfect equipment fo
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83 Warriors of Torrin
A fun browser based fantasy game with a fun online community.
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84 Criminal Insanity
Welcome to the house of the condemned, where all the sick and mentally ill live. Enter with caution because you might never leave the same!
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85 Mafia Corruption
You have the ability to be a leader and create your own gang to drive to the top or can equally join gangs to help build an unstoppable empire. Collect cash, drugs and purchase weapons along the way of attacking your enemies to help build up respect.
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86 FREE online RPG adventure game
This is a new still in beta fully animated RPG game. Free to play no obligation required. 100's of weapons quest towns armors. Come now and help kill all the monsters.
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87 Online Mafia Multiplayer Game
This is a free web based Massive Multiplayer Online Game, based on the Real Mafia Life so called "La Cosa Nostra".
You want to have fun?
You want to make money?
Then, you are at the right place!
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88 Kruel Intentions Knight OnLine
This is a Knights OnLine dedicate Server that is packed with awsome lvling to lvl 90, anvil rates that will blow your mind, awsome wepons and armor, War Zone with a War Schedual, Bifrost and CZ Clan PvP Arenas and a Boss Arena, Helpfull GM's come che
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Come join the latest and greatest MMORPG top list! Free banners for all accounts, no paid crap, Everyone is a premium user with us!
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90 Official Gangsters
Massive online multiplayer gangster based game !!! can you reach to the top ? ! Go on test us ! register now !
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91 The Mafia
The mafia is a new text base amfia game
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92 The Mafia Hit
Join the hottest and the soon to be the GREATEST mafia website of them all. Guaranteed! NO DOWNLOADS NEEDED JUST SIGN UP AND PLAY. Caution: This site can cause addiction to playing the game everyday. THIS SITE IS ELITE of all mafia game sites!!!
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93 Crystal Dawn Online
Fight monsters, PK, guild battle, join guilds, make guilds, trade, quests, and much more
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94 pimpingangsters
great game its new just opened last month we trying to get bigger so we can expand so come and sign up u will love it
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95 Path to Pelantas
Enter the arena now! Your heroes are ready to do your bidding. The Path to Pelantas is a journey into a world which is truly glorious. A world of steel and courage
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96 Cheap Fast EverQuest 1&2 Platinum
5 minutes Delivery! Live Chat ! Open 24/7 ! Lowest Prices on the net! - - Cheapest and Fastest EverQuest Platinum EQ Plat PP Gold Money EQ2
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97 Z Day
Z Day is an Online 3D Zombie Survival game. You are placed into a city overrun by the infected aka zombies. Team up with friends, or -try- surviving alone! Online play only.
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98 Yaoshous Awakening
Custom Rates, Maps, Events and items! Friendly GM's, new community. Come and check best pserver - Perfect World.
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99 UnderGroundMafia
Online textbased game with crimes,gta etc..
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A free orpg in need or staff...not finished but you can still play it.
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