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If you are looking for a light, fast paced and highly interactive strategy game in feudal times which won't consume neither your time nor bandwidth try this one.
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Rocking Soccer
Rocking Soccer is a soccer simulator browser game. As a manager you have to name your club. Make sure you complete beginners guide. After every beginners guide completed step, you will be rewarded with money. Build your own stadium and training compl
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Space Odyssey
A vast FREE MMORPG, PvP, explore the universe, build Stations, drive Motherships, gain ranks, level, research technology! Lots of battles, graphics, pounding action, and LOTS of updates! Join today and HAVE FUN!
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The Mobster Game
TheMobsterGame - MORPG is a free MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) game based on a mob gangster type lifestyle. The game is fully browser based therefore no spyware filled software to install like some other gam
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KillerZ Mafia is what the mafia is all about Control, Power, Killing, Enforcing and Showing Who has the balls to run the streets! Do you have a big enough set of balls to Run the streets in KillerZMafiA Come join us and see!
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6 Daimonin MMORPG
SUPREME FREE MMORPG - Full Community Driven - Script & Map Editor, Free Source - Create your Own World! Join the Dev Team! | Friendly Staff | PvP, Clans, Instances, Quests, Events, much more | Stable Dedicated Server | Many New Features | Join Now!
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7 Cura Manager
Cura Manager is a 2004 started, addictive soccer management game. It is completely free and accessible through web browser. Cura Manager is easy to learn but hard to master kind of game.
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8 Gangland Mafia The Game With Attitude
great mafia game with loads of exclusive new features added.We run mini,supporter,normal and level rounds and more additional features are on the way,come and play the mafia game that stands out from the crowd
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9 Operation-B
Operation-B is a free multiplayer strategic browser game. Where tactical insight is more important than pure strength and outnumbering the enemy.
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10 Legends of Elveron - Free Online Strategy Game
Legends of Elveron is a free online game which you play directly in your web browser. Choose between 12 different fantasy races. Each race offers different opportunities to rise to the top.
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11 GangstaBigHouse
Former mafia boss or pimp? Now you're an inmate in the big house! Be your own prison gang boss, collect from your hustlers, and attack other convicts. We've been expecting you. ...Don't drop the soap! Jackpot. Free mmorpg
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12 Mobsternations - 500$ Starting JP
Welcome to Mobsternations were the Dons fight for survival and for total domination of Mobsternation.
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13 Dragon Wars Online
Dragon Wars Online is a free text browser game which allows you to control a number of dragons, humans, wyverns and more to gain the ultimate victory, death to anyone else that lives. DragonWarsOnline is reset every 2 months to allow everyone a fair
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14 True Wise Guys
True Wise Guys is a completely Free MMORPG Mafia game where you take the role of a gangster living in 1970's New York. Work your way through the ranks to become the greatest mobster in history. Many unique features!
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15 Vaperida
Become a Hunter, Vampire or Werewolf in the medieval city of Vaperida. Join a clan and bring war to your enemies, will you rise to the top or become lunch only time will tell. Come on in to Vaperida and join the battle today!
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16 Street Crime
Street Crime is a massive free online gangster mmorpg game. Having been completely revamped and just released its likely to blow your socks off! Join the fun now!
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17 DarkReject
DarkReject offers a free online gaming experience for all to test their skills against the best of the best. Fight enemies, complete quests, expand your character and Clan - an online MMORPG/PBBG that offers everything you could require.
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18 Planetarium Manager
Planetarium Manager is a free online football management game. You're a football manager in control of your own team, competing in a fantasy league against other human managers or computer-controlled teams(bots). The objective of the game is differe
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19 crime valley
It\'s a new generation of gaming, it is updated faster than any other game special features flash casino\'s movies while ranking unlimited original special options Too much,too mention..... Take a look for yourself and find out
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20 Vast Universe
Dare to explore the vastness of space as you seek out new worlds to colonize for your ever expanding empire. Build mighty fleets of space ships of your own design to defend your colonies and defeat your enemies. Engage in trade, diplomacy, and batt
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21 Fire Fight: Server 2
Free to play mafia-style browser based MMORPG. * New server started February 1st 2011! * TONS of unique and original features are found on Fire Fight.. FF is made by a gamer, for gamers. Join a gang or start one of your own to work together with othe
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22 FutureRP - Futuristic MMORPG
Set in a distant future, you create and customise your own character, fight, explore, wage wars! Find rare and destructive weaponry; trade your surplus with other players, join guilds for protection!
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23 Queville
Hunt food, smith weapons, and prepare for battle! Can you stop the Evil Que from taking over the entire game? Browser based multi-player fantasy role-playing game that requires no downloads or plug-ins! Free to play forever!
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24 Zombie Days
Can you survive the Zombie Apocalypse? Turn based browser strategy game set in a huge city with thousands of buildings to explore and hundreds of items to find. In this city it\'s kill or be killed!
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25 battle the mafia\\\\\\
free mmorpg join today and enter the mafia world....Mafia based game
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26 Metin2 Terra - Best Spanish Server
The best Metin2 Spanish Server. 100% DROP / 100% YANG / 100% EXP. LVL MAX 255.New uniques systems, new armors, weapons and maps! Play with the bests! We speak english.
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27 KOLONIATA (The Colony)
KOLONIATA (The Colony) is a multiplayer browser strategic game running in real time. The basic idea of the game is along with the other players to explore and colonize un unknown planet and thus revealing the secret of the missing aliens.
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Athena mir
MMORPG x8 base rate private server,custom maps and mobs, weekend events and holiday events now on.




29 Arcane Kingdom
We would just like to take a moment to tell you about Arcane Kingdom - a brand new text based RPG played through your Web Browser. Monster battles, quests and item crafting are just the tip of Arcane Kingdoms iceberg, but dig a little deeper and
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30 Mafia Empires
MafiaEmpires ( is a 3D browser MMORPG set in a dark, musky underworld where only the best make it to the top. Everyone starts equal, but do you think you have it takes to create your own mafia empire?
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31 Sivanir: War of the Elements
In a unstable world held together by 6 elemental stones of power, many heros must arise to protect them from the evil...
You may choose your path, Fight for the side of light, Or Dark. You are empowered by the elements, Whether you choose to find
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32 * World War IV *
This is a Free Multiplayer Online Game with no downloads. You choose from many different strategies and you can work together with others, or alone. With an active admin and no annoying pop ups, this game is fun to play without any hassles.
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33 bikerwars
rule the clubbing world with your bikers club
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34 allmafia-boss
be a gangster and rule the underworld
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35 futureworldwars
rule the war grounds
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36 Knights Divine
Knights Divine is a new, popular MMORPG with 2 month rounds and frequent updates. The administrative team is very active and willing to listen to any player suggestions.
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37 Mafia Lords
The Home Of Capone. Join now to surface the next scarface. Create
fear, Build families upon it, Create extension cartels, Become A Mafia Lord.
Win Cash Prizes. Free Online Gaming.
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38 SnailRace - Fuel Up Your Shell
SnailRace is a tiny massive (strange uh?) multiplayer game, that you can play in your spare time at school or office.
This game is about racing with snails.
You log in, you check your snail, train it, equip it and get it running. Maybe you eve
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39 Dark Swords Online
Dark Swords is a role-playing game of new generation. The action takes place in a unique world which doesn?t have analogues. Dark Swords combines the traditional role-playing system with innovative approach to the game process implementation, charact
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40 Kill other pimps!!!To be the one ruling!
Welcome To kill Pimps there every Pimp is aiming to become most powerfull pimp in the world!Real cash prizes are given for round winners!!!So join have fun and earn cash as real pimp!!!
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41 Gangsta-Wars
A Awsome Gangsta game for everyone try it out and u will get stuck 4 it
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You have always dreammed to climb classifies it of tennis until arriving to the top? You have always wished to play to Wimbledon? You are in the just place! Take your player to the maximum with an just training and sagge tactical. But you are careful
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43 WestSide Mafia
Online text based Mafia Game, try it youll love it, the staff are freindly and the game is being updated all the time!
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44 Online Arcade Games is an entertainment website that provides thousands of arcade games plus weekly updates of games, videos and pictures.
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45 Effect-mu
Server Settings:
Exp: 1500

Version: 0.97D + 0.99 items

Maps: Standart
Drops: 85%

Bless bug: off

Shop items: good armors +11+16+luck, most scrolls and orbs, etc ;)
Reset at level 350, as a reward you'll recieve
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46 Gate To Heavens Community
Main source is GTH online but you can also discuss about any games you want here. Besides you can chat, join event and have graphic battles here too! Come join us today!
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47 play more online free flash games
Welcome to our arcade with loads of games to play. We have many categories all full with loads of games. Remember to tell all your friends about the site! Total Upload games: 1338
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48 Renaissance Dynasties
Realistic intensive Role Play in 16th Century Europe. Friendly community, dedicated Player Base. Player created and run- check us out!
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49 Lords:The Awakening
Build, Battle, Conquer!
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50 Welcome To Official Danger-MU Site
Ver:1.02n|Exp:1500x|Drop:80%|Nice Shops|Nice Spots|Nice AdminS|
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