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1 Project: Knight Empire
Project: Knight Empire Private Server, best Experience and Drop rate server, Custom Build Control Panel, PowerUp Store, FREE SCROLLS! 400 Online Users every day, 8000 Registered Users, growing community and professional developers - Join Now!
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2 Phantomx
Best Experience and Drop rate server, lvl 80, good GMS, Free scrols, server open 24/7 visit now !!
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3 VoltageKO
VoltageKO New Farm Server Just Opened No Lag Join Today!
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VLIZAITE i igraite By x3mSm x3mMu THE BEST !
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KO Dev
Private Server Development Forum. Professional Developers. All Sorts Of Files And Fixs. Come Join The Team Now!
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6 ShadowKO Private Serwer
Very nice farming serwer. Frendly GM. Medium rate. All info about serwer in forum
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7 Resurrection KO
This Is a new ko server we have a lot of fixes FT and BF + new bosses FF items working we have good GM's server is up 24/7
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8 Knight online cheats:hack,koxp,bug rental items etc.
Knight online cheats:hack,koxp,bug rental items etc.
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9 ResistanceKO
Farm server - custom pvp:uniqes:weapons:armor, good pk, huge active forums/community, friendly and fair GM's. come join!
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10 Fortress ko
Fortress Ko is a brand new server with All new usko zones , lots of events, great gm's, and fun! Come join us!
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11 Infinite World KnightOnline
We have lvl 70 cap. for now .:) this is a farm & pk server. We have decent upgrade and drop rates, soon we'll release DarkLand and Krowaz, it will drop new usko items. Lvl 80 will also coming soon!! Come try us out!
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12 NemesisKO 100% UP And Running All The Time
Nemesis KO Privet Server will guarantee you 100% satisfaction & fun .We have no overpowered donators, PKing is everything, you do not need to level, but you'll need to get your items at a medium rate. Join us today
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13 Forum On
Max 90 very nice turkish private server
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14 Uskom Forum
Uskom Forum Knight online Private Servers And Silkroad Online Private server
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15 DevilNetwork Knight Online
DevilNetwork Knight Online is a PK/Farm server. Join us today! Max level 80, all skill are work,JapanKO, USKO items, new zone, items, armors and mobs. LAG FREE. Donation system. Friendly GMs. Join us now!
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KO ARSENA ALL HERE,Join US ! 1453 Usko Database,New Quest,New Zones,New İtems,New Armors 2 Hard& To enjoyable Nice Farm,developers, protected,fully optimized server Nick And Level System(auto in fire drake skin) Server Opened Date 25 Aprıl 14:00 Com
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17 KO4U - Knight Online 4 U
A brand NEW Knight Online server dedicated just 4 U - KO4U! KO4U is a combination of Fun MYKO time & eXciting USKO experience. Max Lvl 72, all skills working, NEW junior bosses, NEW armors for beginners, ALL MYKO maps updated with USKO mobs & items
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18 Knights Kingdom
OPENING VERY SOON!! Do you miss myko? Here is your chance!! lvl 70 cap server myko style, farm/exp server, almost no bugs, great and active staff!!
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19 MasteredKO
PK/Farm Server! We Mastered it! Start with normal gear then farm for extreme armors and accessories! Monthly events & promos! Gran comunidad Latina as well as other nationalities! Great GMs & Admins always on! Come try MKO 2day!
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20 Quarantine KO ! Join us now !
[Quarantine KO][Panel:][Launched May 27th][Pure Knight-Empire][Level Cap: 73][Rates: 10x][
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21 [Bi-Yer.Com][Bi-Yer.Net] Pvp Forum Sitesi
[Bi-Yer.Com][Bi-Yer.Net] Dünyanın En İyi ve Güncel Haber Paylaşım Forum Sitesi 1299 1960 19xx 18xx indir download bedava full client db
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