How Social Media and Technology Are Changing the Gaming World


The gaming industry is now worth more than $99.6 billion. The industry is expanding every year, and social media is one of the factors that are helping that growth. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media platforms are playing an increasing role to shape the gaming industry. 

Social media has changed how we eat, dress, and do many other things, including playing games. Some people are doing other things for the sake of posting on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter. The same applies to video games. When you see someone playing a nice game on Facebook or Instagram, you are more likely to click on it and try to play. Recent studies are also showing that many people spend a significant amount of time on social media trying to play games. Some people start playing online video games just because they have seen the post of their friend playing it. 

How social media and technology are influencing video games

Social media is influencing video games in several ways. Here are some of the main ways in which video games are influenced by social media:

Creating awareness

Social media has made video games more accessible than ever before. Social media and mobile technology have also made it possible for games to play video games anywhere and at any time. It is now not a must for you to have a computer to play these games. You can play online video games from your smartphone and still get an amazing experience. 

Game developers are also using social media to communicate with their clients. If you are a game developer, you can give your game a boost by opening an Instagram account for it. After creating an account, visit ProjectInsta to get free followers. Once you have a good following, you can start posting your new game. You can share information about how to play the game and many other tips. Instagram users that love gaming are likely to start playing the game immediately after seeing your post. 

Before Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms, it was very hard for developers to reach gamers. You could be having a nice game, but no one will know about it if you fail to advertise it on TV. Today, developers can create an account for the games they develop and use social media to promote their reach.

Gaming tutorials

Not all games are easy to play. Some are fun but hard to play. Social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok have together made gaming tutorials easily accessible. When you are unable to play a game, you are likely to turn onto your computer or smartphone and start looking for tutorial videos. The easier it is to get tutorials for a given video game, the more people will be willing to keep playing it. Without these tutorials, people give up on trying to play a game that they can’t get to the next level. Social media has made it possible for gamers to share new information with their friends.


Social media has made it easy for businesses from all industries to market their products. Before the booming of social media, many businesses were relying on TV advertisements to be able to reach more people. Today, social media advertising is more effective than any other form of advertisement. That is because it allows you to reach many prospects despite the fact that it is the cheapest form of advertisement. 

Gaming companies are now taking advantage of social media to create awareness of their new products in the market. To be able to reach more people, these companies are now working with social media influencers on Facebook and Instagram. Remember, an online presence is a must for a product to attract more buyers. That is because today’s people are spending an average of four hours per day scrolling on their smartphones.

Multiplayer video games

Today, gamers have an option to play against a computer or a real-life person. Gamers now don’t have to gather in one room when they want to compete. They are now able to play against their friends remotely (close to real-life gatherings). That has made many people start posting playing requests on their social pages. These requests are to ask people who are interested to join the game and start playing remotely. All you need to play multiplayer video games with your friend in another state is an internet connection. 

Social media and developers

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have made it possible for gamers to communicate with developers. Gamers are now able to give immediate feedback to the developers. Game developers are also using social media to tell gamers about some of the issues they are likely to experience when playing and how to fix them. The open dialogue between developers and gamers that has been made possible by social media is among the reasons why we now have a better gaming experience than before.

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