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1 Band Of The Red Hand
We are a small, but fun, Kurzick alligned guild that is heavily involved in all aspects of PvE and PvP. We use Ventrilo on a dedicated server in and out of battle to coordinate our attacks and strategies. We differ from the usual recruiting methods o
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The Guild Wars Tavern
A Guild Wars fansite
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Guildwars guides, Screenshots, Picture by picture guides, Tip on how to play, Builds, Professions and more.
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P?gina Oficial do Guild Wars em Portugal
P?gina do Guild Wars Portugal, onde poder?s informar-te sobre o jogo online Guild Wars: Prophecies, Factions e Nightfall e em portugu?s
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5 GuildWars.Cz/Sk
Nejvetsi a nejlepsi stranka o Guildwars na uzemi ceske a slovenske republiky
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6 Guild Wars Vault @MMOsite
Guild Wars database, forum, news, all you want!
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7 United Jedi
Playing Guild Wars and AoE3 : our clan is over 5 years old and has Hall with NPCs,Cape, own Vent Server, own Kurzicks alliance (5 allies), lots of inside events !
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8 Morse Eques
"Death Riders" Guild. Forum. New. Helpful Members. Visit Forum for Recruitment Details
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9 Hard Boyz|Gaming & Community
Wir sind eine Mischung aus Multigaming Clan und Community. Bei uns findet Ihr immer die aktuellen News ?ber Games, Hard- und Software.
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10 game players Hq
a gaming portal and teamspeak oublic server
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11 RGuilds
A fan Site with a virtual hostess
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12 Dranons of The Autumn Light [EFX]
A 3 part pc online statgy, role-playing, GuildWars PC game onine free. Have to buy the 3 part game which is Prophecies, Dactions & Bight fall..
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13 Elite Empire
We are the Proud the Strong The Elite!
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14 AUG Elite
AUG is a community that has been around for many years. We play many different games , competitive and have fun.
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15 United Guilds of the Empire
A relaxed, fun-loving alliance.
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16 .:UnitedChaosTeam:.
Wir sind eine kleine online Community und GuildWars Gilde,die Spass am Onlinegamen hat. Wer also Lust auf's onlinegamen hat, der ist bei uns an der richtigen Adresse :)
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17 I Emperial Angels I
Wir sind eine ~ 25 Mann Guild Wars Gilde, die viel Spaß am spielen hat und jeder Zeit Hp sowie TS² aktive Member sucht
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18 The Black Nemesis
Willkommen bei TBN. Einer Kleinen aber feinen GuildWars Gilde die schon seit einen Weilchen die Gw-Welt unsicher macht und deren Bewohner in den Wahnsinn treibt. Weitere Informationen zu uns findet ihr in unseren Gilden Faq. Wer will kann auch mal
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19 Star Wars: The Dark Brotherhood
A brand new Star Wars text based RPG set 100 years after the death of Darth Vader.
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Rates: 120x/180gp Começa com todas as classes. Horario: 24h Equipamentos: Irei citar alguns equipamentos que irá começar. Pacote da Aurora, Asas angelicais, acessorios do caos e varios outros. Venha jogar no GC-Evolution não fique fora de
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21 Guild Wars 2 guides
Guild Wars 2 news, media, guides and more
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22 Minions of Asgard Guild
MAGuild on Guild Wars 2! Join us now and prepare for GW2. We welcome mature members with friendly attitudes. We keep up to date with Guild Wars 2 news. The site is currently underconstruction.
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