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201 DeviL-SmiLerS Clan
DeviL-SmiLerS Clan From Cs 1.6
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CsGame Community
Tutorials, resource, live stats on cSG Server, server list with real time stats, forum, friendly admins, download cs mod, plugin end much more.
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*[R.D.N]*-pro> Clan Portal
*[R.D.N]*-pro> Clan Portal
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205 Death4free
Labai geras Cs klanas
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206 crazy Alcoholical Gentlemen
cAG Multigaming clan since 2007.
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207 |-TC-| Total-Carnage
Total Carnage A cs 1.6 Gaming clan
med/high skilled!
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208 gg3lklan site
Counter strike site.
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209 YDB clan site LITHUANIA
Saitas paie counter - strike bei musu saunu klana :)
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210 Prostyle counter-strike clan
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211 Game.Nkk.Lt Forum Cs
Counter-Strike Forume
Siuskis,Modus,Plugin,sukurtus packus,diskutuok apie viska,GFX darbelius dek,pamokas,kovok su kuom GFX,Dalyvauk konkursuose,Buk Aktyvus
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212 CwL
Counter-Strike World 4 You!!!
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213 Strona klanu iStrike C-S 1.6 STEAM
Strona klanu iStrike C-S 1.6 STEAM
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Geras cs saitas ateik ;)
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Rap, Hip-Hop & RnB Site, With Games Like Counter-Strike 1.6 & Source. We Do Some Cheating in Cs Source. And We Give Good Hacks For Free!!! And You Can Buy Hacks,Servers & Websites & Allot More, JOIN NOW!!!!
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216 FlyStePs Cs 1.6 War3TF RO + resp
PriVaT Cs 1.6 SERVER ! War 3 Mod + Respawn| No-Lag | No-Cheats | Good Admins | Good Maps 2 Play | Cool Sounds |And More Are There... |Join NoW You Can GeT A Admin !!!
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217 Every Day Gamers
Welcome to Every Day Gamers community website. Every Day Gamers is a Counter Strike Source Community that consists of very dedicated counter strike source players.
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218 CS Zone
cs zone site.
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219 ..:: sG{tM} ::..
Saitas apie counter-strike clana
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220 VermiN Klano Puslapis
VermiN Klnao Puslapis Forumas Siuntiniai Info
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221 all for counter-strike 1.6 + ...
.. chat, downloads, xxx, video, cheats,photo...
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222 Clan sF
Multilingual site with resources, maps, tutorials, cs 1.6 server, friendly admins, latest news from the gaming world, friendly forum, , faqs, infos, bots, anticheats, wallpapers, and lotsa other
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223 Mano cs tinklapis
Counter-Strike tinklapis kuriame rasite pamoku failu ir visko kito.
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224 -=Rus.BanD=- Games Portal
Know more about Counter-Strike.Release your wishes.Visit our site.
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225 CS Labas and FunnY
You can found more info about counter-strike ! good luck searching info in web !
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226 Мир Cs
Cs world
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227 WwW.Acme.nkk.LT
Counter-strike 1.6 Pagalba, pamokos, admin packai, siuntimai, turnyrai ir t.t.
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228 <> - Viskas ko reikia!
<> - Viskas Ko Reikia Tavo Counter Strike 1.6 Zaidimui!
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Прикольный сайт
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230 mRc Clan
mRc Clan
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231 COUNTER-STRIKE OnlyJob portal
COUNTER-STRIKE portal.Downloads,video,forum, friendly,admins,download,cs,mod, pluginpamokos,cs pamokos, cs failai, failai ir tt
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232 counter cstrike 1.6 lan server
everyone ir welcome! Join
connect now!
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233 ..cSniper..
Failai, Pamokos, Turnyrai, Forumas ir visa kita
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234 Hamachi server CS 1.6
Hamachi site,net:Counter152 heslo,sifre:CS
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CounterStrike with Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne Extended mod game servers (russian and english lang, XP save by name, name registration, extra items, steam/nonsteam etc, etc...)
Russian: Игровые с
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236 cs addons for free
cs addons for free
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237 clan-head-hunters
clan de counter strike source
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238 DropForged clan site
Counter-Strike Warcraft3 The Frozen Throne mod server and GUN-GAME server
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A Video Gaming Community with Game Reviews Tournaments Ladders and many more! Join Now! EVERYONE IS WELCOME
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240 cs- Zte
viskas apie cs
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241 Clan S.O.B.R
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242 OneShotTm Cs clan
Labs servers war3+rope nav lagu un 4iteriem neieteiktu nakt jo ar voteban speletaji jus var nobanot taka 4iteriem nav izredzes spelet.
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243 ..::CsMix.NkK.LT-Viskas Tavo Zaidimui::.
..::CsMix.NkK.LT-Viskas Tavo Zaidimui::.
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244 eGames viskas apie Cs 1.6
Viskas apie Counter-Strike 1.6
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245 cs-swad clan server
Labais servaks
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246 Counter-Strike Russia
The brst Russian portal about Counter-Strike!
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247 Counter-Strike Zoner
On this site it is possible to find practically ALL for all series of games Counter-Strike! Maps, models, sprites, programs, patches, trade marks, configs, movies, bots, scripts, anticheats, secrets, WADs, monitoring of servers and more others!
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248 FYSL-RUSSIA CS1.6 clan official web site
FYSL-RUSSIA CS1.6 clan official web site with clan wars, forums, soft and all necessary things for C-S, H-L and DoD.
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249 Nori Uzo uz dyka 16w16 no lag Ateik cia:
[PT].Clan GTH - Skills - Hackers and ofers
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250 TsG Clan
Cs 1.6 Clan TsG :)
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