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SWAT-Clan Website, nice People looking for more Members, also in other Games
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officjal site clan +kwa
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CSTurkey.Net Counter - Strike
Counter-Strike Cheats Maps Skins Dedicated Servers Mods HLDS
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cel mai tare clan si cel mai smecher server
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nesveikai serveris
puikus servas ir zaidejai. Jai nori i klana tai cia tikrai tau
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156 Counter-Strike PlayZone
Counter-Strike fanų puslapis čia rasite nauienu,Straipsniu siuntiniu, pamku ir visa kita
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157 Cworld four you!
Super counter strike portal
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158 -=WPC=-Wolfspack-Clan Multigamingpage
WOlfspack-Clan Funsite for Multigaming.
Come in and find out.
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159 CS Tube
D?nyanın En B?y?k Counter Strike Movie İzleme Sitesi
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160 GhT Counter-strike Plase
Counter-strike Skirptai,pamokos,naujienos ir daug daugiau ;) uzeik
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161 ProGamers Games
Here are servers of counter-strike , mu online , wow and call of duty
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162 :.: :.:
Cia rasite visko ko jum reikia tiesiog uzsukite ;)
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163 Cs Clan SpeTs
Cs klanas SpeTs Usiregitrok pas mus ir leiks laika liksmai!!!
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164 T!T@num komandos svetainė
Tai CS komandos Titanum svetaine,kurioje rasite cs failus,foruma,chata,pamokas ir daugiau!!
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165 Super server de cs .. #respawn mod
se dau admine moka logic
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166 .::Counter-Strike Zone::. portal
Viskas kas susije su Counter-Strike ir cia rasite daug naudingu dalyku susijusiu su siuo zaidimu !!!
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167 Counter - Strike zaidimo forumas
Counter-Strike zaidmo forumas. Siuntiniai , Pamokos...
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168 Counter-Strike 1.6 Cheats
cs1.6 cheats[aim,wall,speed,ogc,multihack],online games,free download programs,and more fun...

cs1.6,cs1.6 coduri,cs1.6 coade,cs1.6 skinuri,wall,aim,ogc,speed,speedhack,wallhack,aimhack,multihack,avatare,programe,avatare noi,poze,poze din ulti
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169 Viskas Apie CS
Eat This.... :) sovinius ryk ta prasme :D
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CS Clan!!! CHITs, Downloads, Forum, FAQ, Help for forum!!! Go Go Go!!!
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172 wF ? Tm Clanas Cs 1.6
wF ? Tm
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173 Profesional Game League + War3FT
connect ! War3FT server online 24/24 with no lag , no code !! come and join us ;)
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| Counter-strike 1.6 | Pamokos | Mapai | Pluginai | Skins | Spray logo | Guidas | nuotraukos | forumas | Diziausias skinu pasirinkimas.Cesas valdo uzsukit :))
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175 mZc Clan
Ce rasite cs pamoku ir dar siuntiniu cs ir bus keleta dainu
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176 CS Sushko
A counter-strike english/russian website.
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178 Reloaded Clan
This is the clanpage of a clan
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179 CS 1.6
All for CS 1.6
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180 <3 Web SIte
<3 Web SIte
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181 PoWer 3X clan
Site PoWer 3X clan [RUS]
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182 Blackiron - CS:S Community
Blackiron is a community clan that uses its well-used forum as a focus for clan-related and general chat. Our idea is to provide a stress-free environment for fans of the game, and we are very selective about who we allow to join.

We currentl
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183 Show your Counter Strike 1.6 server
TOP 10 Chyts, Servers mods, CS skins, free cd-keys...
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184 Limited-Five // CS 1.6 TEAM
CS 1.6 team, from Krasnogorsk(Near Msk)
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185 windoes
Windoes - viskas ko reikia jusu zaidimui

admin packai, modai, pluginai, pamokos, skinai ir t.t.
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186 Manderinas CS server LT
Great community, nice no-lagg server, great downloads, a lot of lessons.
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187 CS-Srbija
Counter-Strike site represent CS in Serbia, maps, clans, skins, gui ...
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188 cswar-cs site{rus}
:)new and Coll(:
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189 cl!ckMouse team
cl!ckMouse team Сайт про команды
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190 Almighty Conter-Strike 1.6 Server
Come & Play, Latvian Conter-Strike 1.6 Server, Enjoy
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191 Need-CS - Nauja cs karta!
Super counter strike portal!!!
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192 es esu cs fans
cs rulzzz
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193 Cs-Altec
Counter-Strike 1.6 gaming Portal
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194 .: WwW.sTriKeS.nKK.LT :.
aLL aBouT CouNTeR - sTriKeS
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195 cs siuntimai ir pamokos
counter - strike siuntimu ir pamoku pasaulis
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196 x-zona
x zona website
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197 Counter-Strike 1.6 FORUM
tutorials plugins,servers,addons,,,,,,,,,,,
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World's largest CS:S Gaming Community partnered/sponsored by GaloreGameServers We are home to 15 public servers that rock the Top servers all night long!
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199 |Cs-World|Only for Cs Players|
Counter-strike website about everything you here fing mods servers maps and everything else.Are you READY?
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200 NeT Skill Clan
Klan NeT Skill. Zapraszamy:) Serwer: pw: ns Pozdrawiam:* POLAND
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