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[A*C] Another Clan
A CS:S community/clan, that is growing larger by the moment. We currently have three server and hope to get more. We scrim everyday. Our server IP is Come join our forum and have fun with others!
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102 Musis-cs portalas
Cs portalas
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X-Games.Ten.Lt, Counter-Strike, MuOnline
X-Games.Ten.Lt, Counter-Strike, MuOnline, Street Legal Racing Redline ?aidimu puslapis u?eik, pamokos ir t.t Have Fun.
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saunus saitas u?sukite yra cs pamoku :) this is the good site come and see
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Viskas apie Counter - Strike .::GooD::.
Viskas apie Counter - Strike .::Good - Cs::.
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Counter-Strike siuntiniai, pamokos, serveriai, skriptai, pagalba, forumas.
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107 wsc team cstrike team
wsc team Counter strike team
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CS-CLUB.RU The Oficial Club of Counter-Strike. All what u need u find in this sait(maps,bots,models,sprites and other)Server from saite :)
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109 Clan Strike - Challenge your opponent
Tutorials, skins, sprays, plugins, maps, cfg scripts and other cs and warcraft stuff. Join now register and challenge your cs opponent.
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110 CS Clan ExPeRtS Web
Site about CS Clan ExPerTs and more
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111 Play House
Um ?timo site com os melhore pre?o de jogos sony.

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112 Die Hard CS 1.6 and SOURCE Teams
Hi we are a brand new clan made in June 2007 and we are looking for members. We will be joining tournments and leauges as soon as we get enough members. JOIN NOW!!!!
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113 ?Interpol? Clan
After two years, we're dedicated to being a fun, international gaming community! Recruiting - 3 servers based in the UK & USA - TWL & Clanbase
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114 Course Clan website
This is Course Clan website where you can join in our team play CW's talk with our members play at our server and more...
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115 MaFia CS 1.6 web
Cool web for CS 1.6 server named MaFia
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116 WwW.Strike-Zona.Xz.LT
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117 Counter - Strike Combat
Lietuviskas Counter Strike Forumas.
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118 Life4Game CS Portal
Life4Game Portal - All about Counter Strike! -
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119 Csromanian
Counter-Strike Resources: Gun skins download,maps,spray logo,servers,game servers,game,games,bots,hacks,config,console commands.
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120 Tango Delta Gaming
North American based gaming organization. We invite serious players to come and have fun on our CSS server and register on our site to get to know our community!
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121 team mGaz:guys
Welcome to team mGaz:guys!!!
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122 Cs-Zone Uzregistruok !!!
Lietuviskas Cs-Portalas Uzeikite ir nepamirskite uzregistruoti :)
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123 Counter-Strike
Counter-Strike | Pamokos,Scriptingas,Skins,Admin pach.
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124 Counter-Strike FaTe
cs, clan, counter, counter-strike, strike, fate, clanas, klanas, cheats, ban, kick, cstrike, 1.6, site, pamokos, cs pamokos, cs failai, failai
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125 CS videos, downloads and more !!!!
Counter-Strike, Gather Botai, Counter-Strike Mapai, Counter-Strike Skinai, Counter-Strike Modeliai, Mapo Kurimas, Counter-Strike Skriptai, Siusti Counter-Strike, Siuti Gather Bota, Siusti Counter-Strike mapus, Download Counter-Strike, Download Gather
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126 \ Advanced / website
site about Advanced cs clan :)
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127 Counter strike portal By LT
Geras cs portalas
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128 Counter strike page by O.M.G.
About cs by O>M>G>
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129 Elite Bong Smokers Gaming Community
ebs Gaming Community is a growing uk community. Offering up to date news for pc gaming. We also have a Counter Strike : Source Clan with two 100 tick servers, an Armed Assault Clan & an RF:Online Guild. Check us out skill is not required we are just
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130 #Firs-T Counter-Strike !!!
#Firs-t Counter-Strike Pasaulis.
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131 eGa-Cs
Cs 1.6 , Css , Pagalba , Pamokos , Siuntiniai.
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132 Viskas apie CS
Plugins, CS lessons, cs tricks and other good stuff,server lists where you can add your server for free, everything is free!
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133 Counter-strike portal
all for counter-strike 1.6 and counter-strike source: maps, bots, mods, server, fails, models and more...
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134 Knights of VAlor
Hey connect to ours Cs Server
IP : ore
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135 Counter-Strike World
Karstos diskusijos apie Counter-Strike...
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136 PorTal->Clan`o Tinklapis
Visa informacija apie PorTal->Clan.
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137 ???? -={.:BoncH:.}=-
???? -={.:BoncH:.}=-
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138 RedLine Clan Web !! Come In All Friends
The RedLine Clan Web Plzz Registr And Vote Aboute As !!!
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139 All COUNTER-STRIKE Servers, Sounds, Mods
CS Monitoring, all CS 1.6 Servers you can find it! Sounds, Mods, Anti-cheat, logos for CS and etc
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Saitas apie cs.. Naujas,bet vis daugeja pamoku ir siuntiniu..
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141 Obsession 1.6 Clan
Ran by 2 CS fans Quesada and Sgany with 2 years experience each, they thought it would be a good time to assemble a team that by September 2008 will enter CAL-Main.

Obsession is currently recruiting any ability in CS 1.6 be it new or average.<
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Plugins , Mods , AND MORE...
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143 Counter-Strike
Tinklalapis apie CS ;)
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Pluginai , Modai ,Admin pck it t.t
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Great cs theme web with cool team. In this web you can found lessons, GFX lessons , how to creat server and more....
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146 -[Cheats & Hacks for Counter-Strike]-
BIG Cheats and Hacks for Counter-Strike 1.6 and Source! It's FREE! Wallhack, xSpeedHackpro, Multihack, Dr0ws Skinhack, BaDBoY v5, cdhack, Fighter Fx 7.2... Pictures for description cheats! Languages: russian and english!
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147 *Team-Rush-Killz*
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148 CS-Life
Usukyt viskas apie cs pamokos, siuntimai,
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149 CS Fanu Puslapis
Puslapis apie cs!!! LT
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150 ..:: ::..
..:: ::.. - Your Counter-Strike World ...
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