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Server Conquer MaTrix-Co On Line
MaTrix-Co|Version|5095| This server In The World Have +13 +14 +15 +16 +17 +18 +19 +20|New TopPk|New TopChamplion|New Arena|New DisCity| New Map new poker Room|new Map Frozen Grotoo|Have Fun.Enjoy..!
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3rd rb , max lv 150(increases), low-mid exp rate, mid droprate, custom buildtrees, custom class(more info), custom item enchant, Advanced server coding, no big bugs like login freezes, STRICT admin policy
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[Leveling Server][Fully Working/Translated P5078-5095][No Freeze][24/7 Online][Daily Backups][Tokens System][Guild Wars][Dis City][Star Arena][Lottery][Custom PVP Support Items][Old CO Jumps][Automated UzN039s CP System][Friendly Staff][Custom Events
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Шаблоны Иконки Скрипты для uCoz - Всё для uCoz
Шаблоны Иконки Скрипты для uCoz - Всё для uCoz
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[Patch 5555][Monk 100 Ninja 100][Lv140 Max][Pure Skills ][New Lvl 121-140 Gears][Arena Qualifier][SoulSystem][Drop cps][Nobility Rank][Guild War][Class Pk, Super War,Monthly PkWar][Elite PkAwar][Flower System][Sub Class][Clan][Guild Arsenal]more even
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6 Brightness Of The Sun - Classic Server
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7 BiatConquer Online
[Version 5095][Sınce2018][Online 24/7][DuelZone][Change Name][New Garments][Flag Fight][ElitePk][Drop 50 Cps][Ninja Fully Working][Max +12][50+ Online Player][NEW SERVER][ Join Us Now]
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