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CS:GO Learn quickly or die quickly.

Who would have thought that getting killed would make you better? But that’s exactly how Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) teaches you to be better. You see unlike Call of Duty or many other games, in CS:GO you don’t re-spawn once you’re taken out. You see, dead is dead in this game. So you have to learn and you have to learn quickly. Not only that there is a certain special satisfaction in taking out a target when you know he’s not coming back. I even did feel a little bit guilty about that at one time!

In the latest version there have been a few changes. There are improved graphics, I noticed a reflection in the tiles on the wall at one stage and a simple thing like that can give you the edge over your opponents. It sounds a bit James Bond but it’s true. CS:GO also has incendiary devices in the form of Molotov cocktails so you now have the opportunity to BBQ your opponents as well as just shooting them. These fire bombs are also very useful if and when you want to redirect the enemy. By simply letting one off at the right time and in the right place a well organized team can drive either the terrorists or the counter terrorists into a well laid ambush.

In CS:GO there are just two sides the terrorists and the counter terrorists. The idea is that the terrorist side has to plant a bomb or rather two bombs and at two targets. Bomb site A and bomb site B. Obviously the counter terrorist team are doing everything in their power to try to prevent you. The one hit and you’re out rule means that everyone is being extra careful and you have to make every shot count. If you have been a Call of Duty player you will find that your old tactics just won’t cut it with CS:GO. This is a hardcore multiplayer game. CS:GO makes you get better every time you play and even thought you will get taken out early when you’re a beginner and spend a lot of time watching the game as a viewer, this is exactly what makes CS:GO so compelling to play. Once you get back in there you are determined to stay alive a little bit longer next time. With no chance to re-spawn there is a real feeling if it’s him or me and this gives the game a real edge. And it’s oh so worth it when you get a kill (did I just say that out loud? This is what this game has done to me!)

Old arenas have been enhanced to give more cover or less in some cases but the layout is basically the same as before. The updated user interface also makes it easier to change weapons and gear during games. It’s important to know that your character cannot sprint in CS:GO, however, your speed is determined by what you are carrying. So if you need to run faster you can quickly switch your weapon for a knife. The reduced weight will help you out and allow you to run a bit faster and then you can revert to your weapon of choice as soon as you want to.

CS:GO is tense, real and very very competitive. It also has a long list of very experienced and skilled players. And unless you’re one of them it’s not going to be very much fun at the start. But stick with it, learn the tactics, and keep coming back to it and soon you will see what pays off and what doesn’t work. Perseverance will win out. CS:GO is a thinking man’s game, when you learn it’s idiosyncrasy’s it is one of the most satisfying games out there.

In CS:GO you’ll defuse terrorist bombs or you’ll plant them, you might find yourself escorting hostages but one thing is certain. You will get killed a way more often than you expect. But when you do survive you cherish the moments when you know that you dodged a bullet. It’s all about learning what works and what does not work. You’ll quickly learn where not to go and the tough school game rules will teach you how to play better.


Getting to know the layout of the arena is of course critical. If you’re new to CS:GO you will need to familiarize yourself with the two bomb sites, site A and site B. Then assess the avenues of approach, noting good sniping and ambush spots along the way. Get to know the spawning sites for both terrorists and the counter terrorists. These are the basics and there is lots more but it’s fun to learn and that’s why people keep coming back to this game and have been doing so for years now. CS:GO has been out for nearly a decade now and it remains very popular. During those years it’s had a few upgraded versions and these have largely improved the game. In face I’ve never heard of anyone complaining about a new version. The graphics have improved immensely as you would expect but the main arena has remained largely unchanged. There are occasional changed such as the addition of doors on the archway on the approach to bomb site A and in other instances crates have been added to give more cover and in at least one instance crates were reduced.

Many people find that changing their CSGO Crosshair can help them, it improves there overall performance and headshot ratio, this is a personal tip from me and I had to add this into the article for all the new players.

What you play CS:GO on is entirely up to the individual. It may depend on several factors, your budget for example. Or it may be just what you feel most comfortable with. I have to say that my own preference has to be a gaming PC. Not that you cannot play it just as well on any other device if that’s where your experience lies. But for me I find it’s hard to beat a good PC for the best and the fastest results. Play around with different devices and see what others prefer before deciding. But whatever you do make sure to keep on playing, keep getting better and enjoy what is a great game.