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301 - Tipps und Tricks zum Onlinemodus von Call of Duty 4!
Hier wird dir nicht gezeigt wie du den Einzelspieler meisterst, nicht wie du mit erbrmlichen Cheats gewinnst und auch nicht welche Schwachstellen der KI du ausnutzen knntest - hier geht es einzig und allein um die Knigsdisziplin des Gamings - den
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303 =AIM= Elite Clan
A fun cool clan that u can join if u put a app! Have Fun And Play Fair.We have a server and Ts but u have to be a member of AIM to join TS
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Check out our COD4 promod public server
COD4 - Sigmas 1337 Promod Pub Server ip is Come play and get your frag on!!! Connect -
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[SIB]Surrounded In Blood Clan Website
[SIB]Surrounded In Blood Clan Website - Call of Duty Servers
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306 Gameglitch
Gameglitch the edge of Gaming.. Glitches, hacks, exploits of the gaming world, PS3, XBOX 360 , WII and PC.. we cater for all your needs..
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call of duty 2 rulezzz
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308 3.Fallschirmjgerdivision: Call of Duty Clan
Wir sind ein Call of Duty Clan seit 2003....
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309 -]MOFO[- [M]uther [O] [F]ucker [O]
-]MOFO[- is a New fun Exciting Growing Clan We Play CoD4 & UT99 & Cs ** NOW RECRUITING **
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310 Enemy Clan HQ
Nm3 is a newly established xbox 360 clan and community currently looking for recruits for COD4 hardcore search and destroy.
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311 =TDS= The DARK Side
Have a look and see for yourself :)
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312 Germen Dutch Community
Hello there Join our awesome community and hop on one of our COD4 or L4D servers.
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server Call of Duty 2 v1.01.Loc.Dr.Tr.Severin,Romania
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314 Serial Killers Alliance
We are a group of people who love to have run and we always enjoy new faces. we run a range of severs.
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315 What The Crap Clan
COD5 Only clan. WTC is a soon to be great clan from the experts to the best players of XBOX live. We need members! Join us today and you can help us own the COD nation!
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316 EEF Clan
EEF Call of Duty 4 Clan (European Elite Forces)
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317 Official FKA (Frsterkampfauslese) ClanSite
Welcome to professional gaming. FKA was created in the summer of 2005, prior to the official release of FEAR by Sierra/Monolith. It was meant to be a community oriented clan, choosing the best gamers to establish a foundation to represent gaming
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318 ZLH
call of duty waw clan
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319 FBI Gaming
Welcome To The FBI International Multi-Gaming Community The FBI Gaming Community Are Made Up Of Committed Enlisted Novice, Intermediate & Professional Gamers Serving Together To Help Create A Global Fun Gaming Society. You Are About To Embark On A
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320 TLP - The Last Pures Gaming
Call of Duty 4 gamng clan on pro level.
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321 ]CF[ codFragger #1 |HARDCORE
codFragger Community was recently born, we have a 24/7 COD4 server, come visit us and play a little. :)
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Nyoxis is the newest console gaming community on the web, offering an environment for gamers to meet and discuss their favorite games, tips for those games, and even sell their accounts.
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323 [CRACKED] ComputerProjects CoD2 Game Server
24/7 [CRACKED] ComputerProjects CoD2 Game Server
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324 Arcade Bee
Play Free Online Games
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325 {OCS} Out-Cast Snipers
We are a clan dedicated to sniping, and REALISTIC game play..REAL TRUE sniping as much as you can get it to be in the Charlie Oscar Delta Series and the Unreal Engine! We have several servers both hosted publicly, and some hosted privately.
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326 For The Glory
Welcome to [FTG] For The Glory Headquarters [FTG] Plays a combination of these games. Clan Introduction Welcome to For The Glory's HQ. For The Glory is an old and experienced clan that has been around for almost 6
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327 war of games
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328 KOA Clan
Awesome Call of duty 1 Clan
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330 Multiplayer Cheat & Exploitbase
Counter Strike cheats, mmorpg exploits Call of Duty Hacks, private cheats and many more
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331 - ,cs , CS Source, Cheats CS SOURCE, CS, CS, WH CS -..!
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332 Air Clan server with b3 system For more info.\\r\\n\\r\\n1. Hardcore TDM\\r\\n2. Sniper only
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333 Do you want to buy Diablo 3?
Hey guys, Do you want to buy Diablo 3 online? Diablo III is an new game that is going to be released this year! Click here to learn about [url=]diablo 3 release date[/url]
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334 BioHazard
CoD4 Dedicated Server Located in Germany We are 24/7 Online so come and join us. . .
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335 Do you want to watch the green hornet?
Hey guys, Do you want to watch the green hornet online? It is not released yet but you can watch it already! Click here to [url=]watch the green hornet online free[/url]
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336 Do you want to buy the kinect for the xbox?
Hey guys, Would you like to buy kinect? It is not released yet but you can pre-order the kinect sensor for the xbox already! Click here to [url=]buy xbox kinect online[/url]
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337 Would you like to buy the brand new kinect sensor for the xbox 360?
Hi guys, Would you like to buy the kinect sensor? It is not released yet but you can pre-order the kinect for the xbox already! Click here to [url=]buy kinect[/url]
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338 QuickScopeKingzz
We are a 5 star quickscoping clan sign up for free today and we will take your gaming to the next level.
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339 E115 Black Ops Clan
Looking for a new clan? Join E115, we are the quick scoping and zombie killing epic stop reading this and join us now!
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