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Freelance Soldiers
We are a UK based squad with 2 COD4 servers. Add us to your favorites today! and We look forward to meeting you!
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OutpostGamez - FPS Gaming News
The Outpostgamez is a site dedicated for the purpose of providing a place for the gaming community though gaming news, political gaming news, mod teams, clans and much more??..
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254 sexy assassins
SexyAssassins Hardcore (TDM)
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yakuZa! Der Clan der die Gegner frustrie
Call of Duty 4 - Clan, auch noch Call of Duty United Offensive, aight! wenn ihr uns ha?t, ham wir unser Ziel erreicht gaYs! Ehrlicher Skill, keine tweak cfg's und no hacks, yakuza f?r exQuisiten sKill, ?berzeugt euch..sonst..
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256 Death or Glory
We are a CoD4 clan newly formed to have good clean fun.Always recruiting new members to join our friends and talented mappers.
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257 The Insane Army
We are an online gaming community, come join us.
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258 Mexican Choppers Clan [MCC]
A mexican clan that plays in Halo 3 and COD4, registered in
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259 {ubb} United Band of Brothers
we are a great call of duty clan....covering the whole series......
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260 americanbritishgunners
we are a cod uo ctf clan up and coming worth a look
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261 Team =LTs=
Une nouvelle team vien d'ouvrir ses rangs et recrute des soldats motivés a la conquete des ligne ennemies . Vous souhaitez faire partie de nos rang , c'est simple il suffit de poster votre demande de recrutement dans le forum a la section adequat ou
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262 Willkommen auf der Intro Seite der BF- Fighter Community
Der CoD4 Clan von der BF_Fighter Community sucht dringend Member (18+ Jahre). Homepage und TeamSpeak² haben wir. Dich erwartet eine Webseite, mit Game Infos. Außerdem suchen wir NewsPoster.(Internet - News)
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263 Clan Hispania COD4
Spanish clan of Call of Duty 4.
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264 Fuerza Española Armada
Clan FEA de Call Of Duty con un gran historial a sus espaldas y un año de historia.
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265 [SWAT] Snipers Weapanns And Tactics
[SWAT] is a New fun Exciting Growing Clan We Play UT99,2k4,CoD4 ** NOW RECRUITING **
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266 www.SniperKingzInc
If u want to mess with the sniping ur head will b off and if u want to join u will b the 1 holding the gun if u want to join, 4 my xbox live account it is XxInfamousDxX
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267 Call of Duty uo
{*Geroi*} clan
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268 Allied Airborne Army
We are a group of gamers dedicated to providing a fun, mature and competitive gaming environment for Call Of Duty 2 and other WWII themed games.
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269 -U4EA-
-U4EA- Is an international 16+ multi-gaming clan with servers for COD4, UT3, BF series, W.E.T., DoDS, HL2, CSS and more. We are a group of freinds who enjoy playing online in a relaxed TeamSpeak, the way gaming is supposed to be.
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270 Diabolicservers
game servers
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271 ..::°YoDa ClAn CoD4°::..
The Yoda's COD4 World
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a site of Call oF duty 4...
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273 Klan[[ESP]]
Web del Clan CoD4
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274 {AoD} Multi Gaming Clan
{AoD}Multi gaming Clan And Dedicated Game Server Hosting Come And Join The Fun Or Check Out Our Dedicated Game Server Clan Packages starting at $20.00 a Month
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275 |1st Marine Division| HC Public Server
Come join |1st MD|'s HC Public Server!
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276 (IA) Imperial Army
(IA) Imperial Army - A CoD: UO Clan and website build by gamers for gamers. Where a clan by any other name is just a clan.
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277 NL|Force'. Clan || Recruiting ||
NL|Force'. Clan is recruiting dutch only! Open for clanwars! Join our Cod4 Server:
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278 BattleScores $5,000 COD Tournament
BattleScores $5,000 online Tournament - Our unique scoring system is designed for anyone to win - not just those with the best scores - GIVE US A TRY!
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279 Clan K2K cod4 España
Clan k2k con servers públicos de Call of Duty 4 en España. Visita nuestros foros de ayuda cod4. Últimas noticias sobre juegos online y tutoriales.
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280 =TUO= The Ultimates Organization
An elite gaming organization that prides itself on recruiting good, active players.
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281 DarkBreak Clan
A well organized clan with very good players. We play Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4.
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Call of Duty 4 Live Player Stats from ouR very own call of duty 4 game server |NAS| JUDGEMENTDAY !!! So Come on in register and check us out. Forums and Help also available upon request.
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283 |ALPHA| Call of Duty 4 Clan
We are looking for Mature COD4 gamers to help grow our clan. We are currently running one hardcore team deathmatch server with another non-hardcore server on the way. We have the primary philosophy of providing a positive gaming environment and to re
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284 |Army.Men|Gaming
a large gaming clan in coduo cod4 Check out our site and vote for us
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285 COD4SOURCE - The Source for Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer Strategy, Weapon Gun Guides, Tips and Tricks
COD4SOURCE - The Source for Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer Strategy, Weapon Gun Guides, Tips and Tricks
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286 35th Infantry Division
COD2 & COD4 Tactical Realism Clan. Been around over 3 years with a solid core group of friends ages ranging from 16 to 50. Come and check us out....
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287 SVReloaded
This is a clan run clan, Running COD sniper-rifles only-jump server , CODUO capture the flag and BAS, COD4 sniper ,all custom maps ips sniper /,bas uo/ rifles only/ cod4
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288 ubbservers
we are a growing clan of over 100 member with 19 servers currently.....most of us have known each other for many years and mainly play the call of duty series....we accept all ages and its not just the game but the friendship......
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289 Alpha Regiment
new call of duty 4 clan recruiting now willing to take all players
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290 Team Fantome Québec
Nous sommes une Team Québecoise dispersé sur plusieurs jeux, mais plus particulièrement sur Call Of Duty 4. Pour faire partie de la Team tout à fait gratuitement visiter notre site!
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291 Call of Duty 4 Banned Clan
International Call of Duty 4 Clan site with cracked servers
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292 {NW}ClaN ?? ?????!!!
?? ????? ????!!!
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293 CH-clan!!! 4ever!!!
WE are the best!
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294 LightFighter PS3 Clan
PS3 gaming clan into CoD4, Socom3, and soon Socom4. Stop by and visit us today. Register, and fill in clan application. Mature environment.
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295 SuicideSoldiersClan
We are a new Multi gaming clan and we give u the chance to grow with us !
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296 Call Of Duty 1.2 Clan: =C:D:W=
Good Clan... Good peaples.. all go here.. and go in Clan =C:D:W=
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297 |AnGeLs| clan
AnGeLs clan was created 15.10.2008 by some players from the broken up clan FSO. After a few days, when a few players joined the team, AnGeLs became good clan with big ambitions. Our clan are playing fairly, we've got good skilled players.
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298 Multigaming's Relax site
Relax Multigaming
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299 {HTF} Honor The Fallen
We are a Tactical Realism clan who plays the COD series of games; COD2,COD4 & COD5 WaW with custom modded servers. Come check out our website and join us on TeamSpeak.
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300 Squad of Glory
Multi Squad Español dedicado a COD4 y 5 Lineage2,Aion,Warhamer,WoW,Counter Strike y Guild Wars. Entra y conocenos y forma parte de este gran Squad.
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