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201 |VM| -VirtualMercs-
|VM| is a Call of Duty clan that has been deeply involved in the COD community. We run a variety of COD4 servers. All with various game modes. We also compete in TWL /CAL and are currently recruiting for competitive play.
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-=WPC=- Wolfpack Clan
Wir sind nun mit COD 4 neu eingestiegen. Haben eigenen Rootserver, HP ohne Werbung, TS und ne Menge Fun. Suchen st?ndig Member ab 18 !
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CCC-CLAN is a international COD4 and CSS clan running 6 public and 2 private servers, all nationality,s are welcome
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Planet Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare
Planet Call of Duty 4 is a site designed by gamers for gamers. It has to links the the weapons, perks, challenges, ranks, and maps. We also have screenshots, videos, forums, clans, and cheats.
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Okies United
Okies United is a PC Gaming Community. We are based out of Oklahoma. We started playing Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, America's Army, CounterStrike: Source, ArmA, and all of the Call Of Duty's.
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206 T.R.U.
T.R.U. Soldiers
The Real Unbeatables.
Visit our Website!
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207 SlimTeam CoD's clan! Mapping & Modding
Call of Duty 2 Clan
Call of Duty 4 Clan
Game server hosting
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208 Vohzas | Clan
Vorm Hausdrachen Zuflucht suchende Alte S?cke

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209 Klan
Wir sind die besten!
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210 Sturmtruppe-Sachsen
Wir sind ein COD Fun Clan
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211 7cav
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212 U.S.Ghost Hunters
This is our clan website. It is under construction.
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213 Hardcore Gaming League
Hardcore Gaming League - Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Ladders Season 1 Starting First week of Jan 2008. Get your team signed up today!
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214 GiGn Team
Bienvenue a la GiGn Team ! Notre clan COD4 recrute les meilleurs joueurs.Nous sommes une team fair Play. Bonne visite chez nous et Bon fr4g !
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215 Strategic Airborne Soldiers
We are more than a clan, we are a FAMILY! We are recruiting at
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New Squad To Cod4 We coming From Delta Force series To This Great Game Call Of Duty4.. Visit our site today!!!
We Are Recruting Now!!..we not many members but we will grow with this game
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217 oBsessiveCOMPULSiVE
Laid back gamers w00t.
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218 Tactical-Allied-Command
The CoD 4 Custom Map HQ. Map Downloads. Custom maps wanted!
Currently recruiting!
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219 The New Generation
The New Generation
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220 Total Noob Tactics
We are a mature group of COD4 players. We are competitive, but it's still all in fun. Come check out our server for a never laggy gaming experience with public ventrilo
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221 F.B.I Clan Fr COD & COD UO
Venez je vous invite a vous y inscrire 100% Gratuit 100% Fun 100% Accueillant 100% Sympatique
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222 Elite Mercenaries
Gaming Clan
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223 Aim4Fun
Wir sind ein reiner Multiplayer Funclan

Bei uns hei?t die Devise...

Aim4Fun !!!

Besucht uns mal auf unserer HP oder auf unseren Servern !

| | Cod 4

| | Cod UO
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224 JEW Clan
Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3 Clan
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225 SFG: Special Forces Group
Special Forces Group, or SFG is an online first/third-person shooter/war games clan. SFG features about nearly 2 dozen enlisted members throughout the US and Canada. SFG was formed in early 2004 on the Medal of Honor: Rising Sun online WWII war game
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New clan capture the flag and base assult with modern weapons top rank server website and teamspeak its worth a look
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227 Anti-Social-Clan
We are a fun loving but competitive Clan playing Battlefield 2142
& Call Of Duty 4
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228 Tactical Gamer Company
COD 4 Fun Clan
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229 Clan -{DwR}- Death without remorse
We are a CoD series clan with over 50 members look at our site
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230 Starfleet Intelligence Call of Duty 4
[SFI], StarFleet Intelligence, was founded in November 2001, as an Elite Force clan. [SFI] is a thriving, active clan for over 6 years now. We currently play Elite Force, Elite Force 2, Jedi Academy, NOLF2, Counterstrike Source, Call of Duty 2, Call
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231 Stormtroopers of Death
we are an COD4 and CSS Community
we are mixed -> Dutch, Belgian, German
vist our site
Currently recruiting mature players
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232 Call of Duty 4 Forums
Your source for ALL Call of Duty 4 Resources and Discussion
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233 aob.crew Call of Duty Clan und Community
wir sind ein call of duty clan seit 2004 und spielen aktiv in der esl. wir suchen immer member ab 18 Jahren. Auch Fungamer und Player f?r andere Games. Game, Ventrilo und Teamspeak Server sind vorhanden.
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234 Dutch Fight Platoon
We are a Dutch Call of Duty 4 funclan called [DFP]. Please visit our website and feel free to join our website and game-servers.
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236 trippledarkness
call of duty 4 ps3 recrewting and warhawk ps3 recrewting...
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237 69-Squad
We are a friendly squad dedicated to call of duty we now only play cod4 but are looking to meet new clans who are similar to us.
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238 -=WPC=-Wolfspack-Clan
Wir suchen Euere Unterst?tzung auf dem Schlachtfeld, ebenso im Bereich der Squadf?hrung - haben offene Posten f?r Leader, Co-Leader , Warorga , Newsposter etc.. In unserem HQ findet ihr immer die neusten News, Infos, Downloads u.v.m.
Besucht uns a
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WE are a small but growing Commnuity started about a month ago and Always looking for more people we currently support the following games Cod4 with server At CSS no current server and a WoW Private Server visit our fourms for info
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240 Soldiers Of Eminence
A honorable coed COD4 squad, fair play, good people, and lots of fun. We run clean servers and welcome any challenges from respectful squads. established 2001.
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241 [VS-UK] Home of the brave Recruiting
[VS-UK] is looking for new members for call of duty 4

our servers

Call of Duty 4 Server 1 ip:
Call of Duty 4 Server 2 ip:
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242 :: Cod Level Editing
Level Editing Help for Call of Duty 4, and previous titles. Beta Level testing help, New Levels. Plus more....
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243 (DSvB)German CoD 4 Clan
+++Ben?tigen noch ein paar Member+++TS und Server vorhanden+++Freuen uns auf eure Besuche+++
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A friendly Clan, currently running Custom sniper TDM & R&G servers on COD2 & TDM Sniper and Tactical servers on COD4. Clan motto? Play fair, Play hard and have fun! All are welcome!!
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245 Combate Elite Officers (CEO)
We are all about Gaming!!
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246 United Infantry Clan
Wir sind ein 70 Member starker Multigaming Clan der seit 2006 besteht..zurzeit sind folgende Spiele bei uns vertreten CoD4,HDR-Online,Bf2,Bf2142,CsS,
Suchen immer gerne nette Leute die unseren Clan verst?rken wolln.sind ein lustiger Haufen..
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247 {S,S}Snipers
A well disiplaned sinper team dedicated to one thing and one thing only!
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248 W33d Xbox Live Clan
New Xbox Live Clan Free to join come along and join a real clan
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249 Scottish Border Reivers
Multi National And Gaming Clan
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250 Spezial Kommando Nord
online gaming since 2001 - Call of Duty 4 and more
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