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=RGU=ExtremeRealism v2.1
Our own realism server running the Extreme mod.
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Awesome clan with members from all over the world. Multiple dedicated servers and great community. Only the best need apply.
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Call of Duty
Portal about game Call of Duty...
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154 Remps Gaming Community
We are a fun community full of active gamers.
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Wir sind ein CoD UO Clan, der eig. immer f?r einen War/Funny zu haben ist.
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156 Outpostraders 4 FPS Gamers
We are a massively multiplayer gaming community and clan with resources for the best games available on PC. Come check us out we are a very friendly community which enjoy having fun. Games we will cover, Frontlines Fuel of Warfare, Call of Duty4, Cry
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157 =S-V= Snipers-Venom
Team deathmatch Sniper server.All are welcome young or old,custom and clan made maps played.A clan which has been running for over 3 years.Plenty of banter and most of all FUN.
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158 .:[UCA]:. United Clan Assassin
CoD, Cod:UO, COD2, CS:S all weapons clan TWL competitions, and more greatness!
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159 ::C2D:: Online
We are a Small group of players, in a wide range of games.

We strive to be the best
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Notre TEAM vous accueille dans une bonne ambiance. Nos 3 serveurs UO-GFM disponibles. Forum et TS pour vous servir.
Venez nous rendre visite.
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161 Delta Squad Call Of Duty 4 Clan
a new clan devoted to call of duty 4. A server will be available on day of release. based in UK we are looking for all levels of members. age must be over 18 Currently running 2 COD2 servers with the awesome Extreme+ Mod
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162 The Blood Squad =\BsA/=
New and Upcoming UK CoD4 Clan.
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163 NoordNLCracked
We are a Dutch Call of Duty funclan called {NNL}. Please visit our website and feel free to join us at our servers.
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164 SASGAMING Call of Duty clan recruiting
SG.COM have been a gaming community since 2001 moving through various games along the way.We are a friendly strong community with many talented members, we offer graphics services (Logo's-Banners-Signatures-Avatars) and much more.Please take time out
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165 =[PAPS]=Modern Weapons Tactical Crouch
We offer stealth gamin style for CODUO,Hunt the Enemy from a crouched Position,While using Modern Weapons,Knife Mod and the AWE Mod,Custom Maps are in Rotation
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166 sasgaming forums and servers
call of duty
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167 da Legends Multigamingclan Mainpage
Wir sind ein Multigamingclan den es seid Anfang 2007 gibt.
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168 Welcome!To the Pro's clan site
The |Pro| clan ownzzz!!!
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169 -TuF- The Un-Forgiven
-TuF- The Un-Forgiven. Fun clan looking for new players. Grab a cold drink, load up your guns, and come play! We have players all around the world and welcome anybody who's into serious fun and a good challenging game! Stop by any time and join us!
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Die deutsche Call of Duty 4 Community
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171 Frantik.~
We are group of people who enjoy playing COD2 to the fullest. Frantik.~ is mostly competitive, but fun clan as well. We play S&D most of the time, but we do play DM, TDM, and CTF once in a while. Our server IP is So stop by ?
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172 [reside]
[reside] team @ Counter-Strike and CoD
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173 ClanMeet Gaming Community
ClanMeet is a Gaming Community aiming to bring clans together. We organize Tournaments and other events for players to play in, We own 2 call of duty 2 servers
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174 3/77 SteelTigers
A Call of Duty United Offensive clan that was established in 2004 by a U.S. Army Veteran. We are true United Offensive diehards with plenty of experience and skill. CTF,TDM,BAS,DM,SD
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175 7th Cavalry Regiment
We are a tactical realism clan. 5 years and running! Cod4 is our Bread and Butter.
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176 -=WPC=-Wolfspack-Clan
Wir suchen Euere Unterst?tzung auf dem Schlachtfeld, ebenso im Bereich der Squadf?hrung - haben offene Posten f?r Leader, Co-Leader , Warorga , Newsposter etc.. In unserem HQ findet ihr immer die neusten News, Infos, Downloads u.v.m.
Besucht uns a
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177 Hay Wire
Great site, Great servers, Great teammates ... What more could you ask for?
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178 -'TbC| Teabag Crew
The -'TbC| has now been around for 2 years, and we are a CoD 4 gaming clan. We are looking for new members that are over the age of 18 years old, if interested then join. Come visit for a good time.
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179 @-clan BESSER IST DAS!
Willkommen @-clan,

wir sind ein lustiger Haufen von Zockern, die nach dem Misserfolg von MOHA, auf COD 4 gewechselt haben. Der Name @-clan wurde von uns ausgew?hlt da wir 1. den Name nicht Spielabh?ngig und 2. einen Auff?lligen und dennoch sim
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180 Combat League
We are a Counter-Strike Community. We started this community in January 2005 with the hopes of creating a place for Counter-Strike fans of all skill levels. Our goal is to have a community for our members that is family friendly, positive, and respec
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181 =Bad Mohaa Company
Wir sind ein "FunClan" der 2002 gegr?ndet wurde.
Bei uns steht der Spa? am Spiel im Vordergrund... was nicht hei?t, das wir nicht gewinnen wollen
Humor , Fairplay und Teamgeist zeichnen unseren Clan aus!
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182 Brotherhood of Death
We are a BHD/BF2/COD4/BF2142 squad, with a 50 player TDM sniper server,BF2142 40 player ranked server, 64 player BF2142 ranked server and a CoD4 32 player TDM Ranked server, check out our top 50
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183 BattleVille
COD4, GRAW2, S.T.A.L.K.E.R Servers and Squads, Web Forums
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184 Cardboard
Want clan members
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185 britishpitbulls
we are a new clan to call of duty with 2 servers and good admin staff
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186 TotalGamerz
COD4 clan recruiting members,Looking for a clan thats serious about having fun?....Join us
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187 Team Shock'
Team tres cool tres Fair play avant tout pas de PYJ
Venez nous defier
recrutement ON

merci de votre visite
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188 Brothers of War -={BoW}=-
Team fun, l? pour s?clater et pour rencontrer des team
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189 Call Of Duty2 latvian server
Call Of Duty2 latvian server
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190 (TNT) Blowout 6 year old Clan CoD2/CoD4
Looking for a great bunch of people to game with apply today or jump on Teamspeak and meet the bunch, we are a adult clan. We Are RECRUITING mature members. Looking for a home for a long time stop on by.
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191 Thundering Third
A Call of Duty 4 Tactical Realism unit based off the 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines, known for their heroic victory in Fallujah.
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192 Juggalo Troops squad
Nec Jactantia, Nec Metu "No words, no fear!" Juggalo Troops is a Delta Force Black Hawk Down and COD4 "modern warfare" squad. We were founded in 2005 and have our roots in Cyprus, Europe. We have grown out to a large squad with ov
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193 My Clan Database
Truly Unique!
We host Leagues and Tournaments for any game, CoD4 will be our first along with CSS. Winners will receive prizes, so your not just playing for nothing!.
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194 P-R-O-F-E-SS-I-O-N-A-L-S
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195 =/JLS/=
Melhor clan portugues!!!!!!!!!!
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196 NoBS| No BullShit Call of Duty CRACKED
One of the BEST known Call of Duty Clans.
We currently run 1 CoD2 server and 4 CoD4 Servers, CSS and much more other games ...
All our CoD servers are CRACKED !
Join the forums for more information !
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197 =ST6= Now Recruiting for COD4
SealTeam6 Adult clan is looking for members.

=ST6= is a multi-gaming clan.
We have been around since the MoHAA days.
We are all adults (18+) and love to play.
Our members come from all over the US.
Our server is in Dallas TX for a
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198 ({_Company Easy_}) Clan
Russian CoD2 clan.
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199 =ST6= Seal Team 6
SealTeam6 Adult clan is looking for members.

=ST6= is a multi-gaming clan.
We have been around since the MoHAA days.
We are all adults (18+) and love to play.
Our members come from all over the US.
Our server is in Dallas TX for a
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200 TangoDown Gaming
Mature Adult MultiGaming Clan with 10 Years Experience in Team Based Tactical Gaming. 21+ Please Apply @ or send e-mail to
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