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JUNO Tactical Realism Call of Duty?
If you enjoy a cooperative, and fun environment while gaming, look no further. We are always looking for mature adults interested in tactical realism game play and effective communication. Stop by and see if JUNO is right for you.
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MOW - Masters of Weaponry
An International clan, formed over 3 years ago. 20+ Members playing COD1 and COD2. Members from Canada, UK, America, Scotland and Ireland.
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*KLP*LV Clan
Latvian Clan. We have a CoD2 two servers with AWE mod:*KLP*LV-IP:;*KLP*LV2-IP: We are recruiting (for the information e-mail me We speak in English, Russian and Latvian languages
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K+K | Kimme + Korn - German Multigaming
Ein deutscher Multigaming-Clan, dem in erster Linie der Spa? am Spielen wichtig ist. Derzeit sind wir auf Mitgliedersuche um evtl. auch in eSports-Ligen teilzunehmen. Wir bieten Spa?, Gameserver & mehr f?r alle Leute zwischen 18 und 50! :)
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*Just For Fun*
Gaming Clan
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106 Ev!L - eSports
Wir sind ein neuer, junger und spielfreudiger Clan. Besucht uns, schreibt ins G?stebuch, fordert uns heraus oder f?llt bei gefallen das Join us Formular aus! Mehr Infos:
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107 Ducado Clan Server's
Ducado Clan espa?ol del COD UO 1.4 , Buenos servidores, Miembros amables y justos - Ducado is a Spanish clan, Of COD UO, Anti-Cheat, good servant, Mod AWE and More...
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108 21st Panzer Division
The 21st Panzer, is a Tactical Realism Unit for the game Call of Duty 2. Our goal is to recreate historic events through the eyes of a German soldier. To do this we use realistic German names, the ranks used by Wehrmacht, and the tactics used by the
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109 Jump|Freak`s
Wir sind ein neuer Call of Duty 2 Jump Clan der noch Member ab 18 Jahren sucht!Jump erfahung ist mitzubringen!!Ansonsten einfach Fun haben:D
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110 Generation-X
Suchen Member ab 18 Jahren.
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111 DH Clan
DH Clan | TDM - The DH Clan is an active CoD community - Downloads, Links, Forums, Server
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112 2dbmultigaming
2db clan bf2 cod2 mohaa swat4
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113 MordStreich
MordStreich je clan zab?vaj?c? se hran?m cod2 a hran? různ?ch lihg atd.
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114 Divine clan
The Divine clan is a call of duty UO cla and is seeking for good cod uo players!
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115 Call Of Duty 2 "SquareClan"
A new clan who searching a new member to clan .Lithuanian clan but inviting and from other countrys
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116 Czech Call of Duty fansite
Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 3, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: United Offensive, Call of Duty: Big Red One, Call of Duty: Roads To Victory
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117 *KLP*LV
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118 ..:: News Base ::..
The Hardware-, Software- and Game-Base for you!
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119 TGA - The Global Army
Seriously the best server out of 'em all, Ventrilo, Forums, Sprint, Secondary Weapons! Trying to provide the best service across the Globe!
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120 RDX-Alliance
RDX-Alliance, why?

Hmmm, there is no secret ingredient or magical attraction, other than we simply all (members and non-members) enjoy spending a bit of our leisure time in a friendly, humorous, controlled gaming environment.

We hope
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121 SVReloaded
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122 Section de l'Ombre
Clan de base Call of duty 2
Clan fran?ais cr?e en d?cembre 2003.
L?un des plus anciennes clan francophone de cod2.

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123 Die verlassenen Gamer
Wir sind ein deutschsprachiger Call of Duty Clan mit vielen Membern, aber trotzdem freuen wir uns immer ?ber Neuzug?nge. Schaut mal vorbei, wir w?rden uns freuen :)
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124 ~|B.o.B|~Fun-Clan
Wir sind ein Call of Duty2 Fun-Clan. Haben jede Menge Spass am zocken. Suche nat?rlich auch noch Member ab 18. Wir sind auch in der ESL vertreten. Wir besitzen mehrere Root-Server. Schaut Vorbei. Viel Spass bei uns auf der Homepage und auf unseren Se
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125 CoD Clasic & United Ofensive Romania
Server CoD Clasic & United Ofensive Romania.
No Lag, No Bugs, No Idiot Admin
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126 {FFC} - Free Fun Community -
Wir suchen noch nette Leute zum Zocken....FunFun Fun
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127 Elite Tactical Squad Tactical Realism
We are a Tactical Realism Clan that plays COD2
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128 Team Apocalypse

Nach vielen verschiedenen Wechseln durch unterschiedliche Clans haben wir uns wieder unter das Banner des TA geschart.

Wir spielen in der der EsL Cod Uo, Cod 2 und just for funn C&C3, BF2.
Nun wollen wir wieder die alte Spielf
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129 the fighting hell fish [FHF]
the fighting'est squad in the fighting'est army
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130 [AFK-EU] Clan Gaming Website
[AFK-EU] Clan Website, Full of Fun, Downloads, a great forum offering laughs and cod 2 support. Come see us!
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131 Band of Brothers Clan - Official WebSite
We Are a FunBase Clan and are currently have a European and North American corps. We are recruiting players of all ages all over the world and have servers in Europe and America.

Enjoy your stay!
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132 oGaming
One-gaming.. A just for fun Call of duty 2 clan
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133 FKDS.RU games project
russian games project, call of duty 2, call of duty 4, maps, mods, progs,
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134 Legion of Dark Angels
Call of Duty 2 & Americas Army Clan Currently recruiting.... Check us out
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135 --=BGC=-- Call of Duty2
We are a friendly multiplayer clan - having fun is our top priority. Nevertheless - needless to say - we want to win wars as well. We have been playing Call of Duty2 for several years and have finally founded our own clan. We're searching for active
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136 ~~eSc~~ Extreme Shooter Community
Wir sind ein Multigamingclan der sich, wie der Name schon sagt, auf Shooter beschr?nkt.
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137 45th Commando Group
Wir sind ein Funclan und immer auf der suche nach spannenden WARS oder funnys. Wir suchen noch Member ab 18.
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138 (61st) Infantry
61st is one of the three clans branched off from Zeppelin clan. We are a very highly skilled and active Clan.
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139 The Firing Box
Call of Duty 4 community: news, files, forums, and servers!
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140 Saints and Soldiers
funny geiler haufen
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141 Saints and Soldiers
wir lieben nur cod2
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142 call of duty 2 clan website
Cod2 maps, mods, server info, downloads,no cheat, punkbuster info,streaming servers
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143 The Lost Souls
We are a Call of Duty clan running friendly COD and COD UO servers both stock and custom - check out the modern weapons server!
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144 The Ultimates Organization
The Ultimates Organization is a professionally established gaming organization within Call of Duty 4 and Battlefield 2142.
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145 The Ultimates Organization
The Ultimates Organization is a professionally established gaming organization within Call of Duty 4 and Battlefield 2142.
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146 eXceL
We are a pretty good rifles only clan for Call of duty 1 and we are also in NAGL and TWL gaming leagues.
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147 xcl clan forum
forum for clan members of xcl
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148 A2T/ Powaa
Bonjour, nous ?voluons uniquement sur server Cracked. On RECRUTE! Tan que le fun et le fair-play sont l?, on joue en SD, TDM, TDM RO, et on a une nouvelle section HQ qui manque de joueurs, alors venez vite!! 3 Server Cracked port 21010
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149 FireHawks Clan
We are a group of friendly gamers who enjoy playing for the love of online gaming and whilst we do play competitively, it is mainly for fun and we never take things too far. Check out our site for more information.
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150 Call of Duty 5
Cool Call of Duty Stuff
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