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Clan AttackZone Call Of Duty
Clan AttackZone Call Of Duty 1 Cusom Maps IP Team Deadmatch {A-Z} Is Recruiting Very CoOL Server !!!
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Clan - Der - Verdammten
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German Elite Soldiers
COD UO Clan-Page
Wir suchen noch Members
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Division 4 Multi Gaming
Wir sind ein Call of Duty? and Counterstrike Source Clan und sind immer auf der suche nach Member/in,oder nach netten Fights also schaut mal rein ...

We are a call OF Duty ? and Counterstrike SOURCE clan and are always on look for Member/in, o
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Site with maps to Call of Duty (MultiPlayer), Strona z mapami do gry Call of Duty (MultiPlayer).
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56 -=OSOK}-Snipers
We are a dedicated gaming clan for CODUO & COD2. We are primarily a Sniper clan, but on occasion we enjoy a little run and gun action. Come play with us, who knows... you might get recruited!
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57 ALL OUT WAR Modern Weapons
ALL OUT WAR COD1 Custom Maps and 17 modded weapons IP Team Deathmatch {SFM}Clan Is Recruiting Sign up at Friendly Fun server...Check it out!!!
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58 =DFC=DevilsFighter
Wir sind ein CoD/UO FunClan der 2005 gegr?ndet wurde.
Bei uns steht der Spa? am Spiel im Vordergrund...besucht uns doch mal!
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59 Welcome to the Call of Duty Jumper site
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60 [DeBu] DeadlyBullets Fun (C)LAN...
Wir sind ein Fun-Clan und spielen die CoD-Serie + eSport, Kommunikation und Fun ist unser Motto.
* CoD:UO HQ IP: *
* CoD2 HQ IP: *
* CoD4 IP: *
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61 [SS] Silent Snipers
We are a CODUO clan Mainly for snipin' but also do all weapons. We are currently recruiting! check us out and join us!
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62 Sabre Assault corps
We are a call of duty clan based on having fun and team play.
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63 [WEGA]-Clan
Wir sind ein ?sterreichischer CoDUO/CoD2 FUN-Clan! W?rden uns auf DEINEN Besuch auf unserer Hp bzw auf unseren Servern recht freuen! Neue Mitglieder ?ber 18 Jahren sind uns immer recht herzlich WILLKOMMEN!
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64 Bratwa-Team
Herzlich Willkommen auf der Webseite vom Bratwa Clan, hier wird Call of Duty 2 gespielt. Ihr k?nnt euch hier f?r Wars eintragen und uns beitreten.
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65 Clan stYlz
Clan stYlz
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66 la team -=C.o.D=-
la team recrute
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67 Renegade Outlaw Clan | Forums |
|ROC| Forums - Downloads | Maps Tutorials | Screenshots | Wallpapers | Mods | Editing Tools | Tips and Tricks |ROC| International CoD2 Clan and much more.
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68 BFW clan
CoD clan, check out the website.
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69 | Who's Your Host ?|
Who's your Host? Not Happy? Need a Better? offers top of the line Servers and Service. Along with 1 on 1 support. allows phone Support as well as Step by Step support on any issues you have. We offer TCAdmin and Webspac
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70 German Players Clan
News, Infos, Web 2.0 f?r Gamer, RSS, Podcast und vieles mehr. Wir freuen uns euch bei uns zu sehen!
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71 {FFC} - Free Fun Clan -
Fun Fun Fun
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72 Boyish Players Gang
Multigaming clan COD2, NHL 07, CS:S, Top COD2 Server (special PAM MOD for publick)
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73 Team .:MTP:. Call Of Duty 2
team cod2 ayant peur de personne et luttant contre le cheat
video insolite cheater
stats joueurs
screenshot de cheater
serveur rifle only tdm 32 places
91. 121. 11. 80:28960
serveur tt armes tdm 32 places
91. 121. 11. 80:27031
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74 American Generals Clan
||GEN||American Generals Clan - COD2 - Website
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75 REDSQUAD: A Tactical Gaming Community
If you enjoy a cooperative, family-fun environment while gaming, look no further. We are always looking for mature adults interested in tactical realism game play and effective communication. Stop by and see if RSQ is right for you.
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76 {O.B.G}Playground Have Fun
No clan but another band of brothers.
We are Oldies but Goodies and play to HAVE FUN
IP: 1.0
IP 1.3 COD2 Hosted bij with gamestats !!
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77 TeamSix
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78 slo eXtreme
Slo-eXtreme gaming
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79 CoD2 Clan
Wir sind ein CoD2 Clan der 2004 gegr?ndet wurde. Wir haben mehrere Gameserver und Teamspeak. Auf unserer Site findet ihr ein interessantes Forum das sich rund um CoD dreht.
Wir sind auf der suche nach Membern ab 18 Jahre!!! Join us!
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Part of the MoB gaming family largest gaming organization in the world.
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81 Terra Firma Gaming Community
:: 1st Infantry Regiment DOG COMPANY :: 1st Infantry Regiment CHARLIE COMPANY :: DoD:Source & CoD2 :: ::
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82 Ontario Sniper Legion
A great Family-server where everyone will find a new home to stay.
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83 ~Mut1ny | Clan
Rifles Only , Call Of Duty clan , who is sponsored by the best hosting company on the web, who offer amazing quality servers at the best possible prices
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84 Bienvenue Clan Quebec {QC} Red-Killer
Bonjour Nous Somment Qu?bec {QCRK} Red-Killer Un Clan Qu?b?cois Sur Call Of Duty Et Bient?t Sur Call of Duty United Offensive Notres Serveur Actuel Sur Call of Duty Est A Cette IP : Avec Le Port 28960 Notres Serveur A Comme Rotation De
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85 =[STC]= SturmTrupp Company
COD2 FunClan
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86 Anomaly Gaming
Anomaly Gaming is a cross platform multi - gaming organization currently consisting of competitive divisions in CS, CSS, COD, COD2, DotA, and Halo2. We will soon be expanding into BF2, CZ, AA and more!
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87 R&S Gaming - Multi Gaming Community
We are all about having fun. We have the best Rifle Only server period. Everyone is welcome!!!!!
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88 DiVision 4 gaming
DiVision 4 Gaming Clan

We play CsS,Medal of Honor Spearhead and Call of Duty seris

Visit us
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89 u.warriors
New clan recruiting 16 and over
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90 Down Force Gaming Community
Get connected to all kind of Games, Play on Our LAN Partys, and offcourse allot of fun!
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91 Multigaming Fun Clan aus Nrw!
Multigaming Fun Clan aus Nrw!
Eigene Server (Game/TS)
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92 -=SdT=- Sch?tzen des Todes
wir sind ein cod2 und day of defeat source multigaming funclan und suchen noch memeber haben eine riesen auswahl an server zur verf?gung und w?rden uns freuen wenn ihr euch bewerbt
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93 Uncommon Valor
Uncommon Valor started simply as a COD clan. With more and more games evolving the clan and its players, [uV} turned into a Gaming Community. We are a great group that knows how to have a good time.
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94 Fallschirmj?gerRegiment 2
Call of Duty Funclan
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95 Wartburg Massaker
CoD1 1.0 und CoD2 1.3 Clan
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96 Exiled Unit
Founded in 2006. Exiled Unit is a First Person Shooter Multi-Gaming Clan that mostly plays Call Of Duty Black Ops2, Modern Warfare 3, and many other PC Games. Crushing Spineless Lackeys and Purging the World of the Mutant Plague!!!
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97 "The Company"
Online gaming community currently specializing in Call of Duty 2 and Battlefield 2142. Come see what we are all about...we are always looking for new energetic members. Weekly Scrimmages! "Fight Hard, Play Fair, and Have Fun"
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98 {SKA} Alliance
We are a great gaming community dedicated to call of duty 2 and 4. we have run and gun with many mods running in our servers...... come play and have some fun.
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Spanish site dedicated to CODUO & COD2. Also hosts COPA MOMO and public COD2 servers. Customs maps & Mods.
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100 Bulletproof-Underwear
We are a Duth/Belgian Cod? site since 2003 with over 20 active members
and run Maps only 24/7 server TDM/sd
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