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Canada Kicks Ass Clan
All Canadian war gaming clan! Canada in Action and Kicking Ass!
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The |PARA| Regiment
As real as it gets on COD2,COD4 & COD5 WaW. Custom modded dedicated Euro servers, dedicated War Servers, Full Player Stats, Forums, TeamSpeak, Fast growing clan with World-Wide members and community. There really is no other alternative.
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Xtreme Chaos Gaming Community
We are a small Gaming Community specialising in Call of Duty 2.Please feel free to come along and register, see what we have to offer and maybe join the squad as an active player.WWW.XTREMECHAOS.CO.UK
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The Stunt Association
The Stunt Association is a community/clan based operation, we work by haveing squads for each game, just like having small clans within the main clan, this greatly imporves organisation, TSA is one of the first to use this method.
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DGN - Call of Duty 3
A Dutch Call of Duty 3 website with video's, screenshots and more!
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6 **AC** Alpha Company
A Fun clan playing Call of Duty & United Offensive, activley recruiting.
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7 Call of Duty HQ
Call of Duty HQ has been cited as the premier news outlet for Call of Duty. With exclusives with Infinity Ward, Activision, and constant up-to-date news on the latest progress of future titles, CoDHQ is the best resource for the latest-and-greatest C
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8 Battle For Europe - Call of Duty
BattleforEurope is the original, biggest and best tournament of its type. Join an axis or allied regiment and fight for control of europe where the control of strategic points is decided by massive 12 hour battles. Earn promotions, medals and experie
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9 [2ndA] 2nd Armored Division Clan
[2ndA] is a clan dedicated gamers who strive to the goal of becoming better players but more importantly having a fun getting there!
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10 Dutch Call of Duty 2 info website
Dutch Call of Duty 2 info website
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11 is a unique community, based on the possibility of jumping on Call of Duty. The website hosts an array of jumps for CoD, CoD:UO, CoD2 and CoD4. You can also download jump maps.
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12 EG Clan
Here you find the best players ever.
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13 ::: CoD2 ::: Renegade Outlaw Clan
Downloads | Maps | Screenshots | Wallpapers | Mods | Editing Tools | Tips and Tricks | [ROC] International CoD2 Clan and much more.
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14 The Star Wars Modding Team
The Star Wars Modding Team Are Modding For Coduo To Get A Great Star Wars Mod
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15 Frag Universe Call of Duty
Supporting Call of Duty series to it's max!
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16 European Snipers
A Site dedicated to bringing all the Sniper Players / Clans together
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17 =]El!te[= Multigamingclan
Wir sind der =]El!te[= Multigamingclan und haben sehr viel Spass am Spiel. Ihr sucht einen Clan ? der noch zuverl?ssige Member braucht ,dann seid ihr bei uns genau richtig. Beim =]El!te[= Clan
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18 BiGClan -Call of Duty/UO/4 Fun Clan
Wir wollen Fun Fun Fun, besucht uns auf unser Gameserver =BiG=Clan|COD4 TDM =BiG=Clan|All Gametype Wir suchen noch Member
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19 Brothers|in|Fight Clan
A german CoD? Clan!
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20 European Gamer Community
Eine Gamer Community mit immer Neusten News und vielen Downloads - Games wie Call of Duty I - II - Day of Defeat - Battlefield 2 und vieles mehr, wir haben auch viele Fun Games Schaut mal rein.
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21 Nordfront|HH|
Der Nordfront Clan ist bem?ht neue Krieger f?r sich zu gewinnen.Immer auf der Suche nach guten Kriegern und welche die Spa? am spielen haben.
Bei Interesse kommt einfach zu uns vorbei und meldet euch bei uns, ob TS oder ICQ.
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22 *>mostWanted<*
Wir sind ein internationaler CoD2-Clan. Und suchen immer gut gelaunte Member die Spass am gemeinschaftlichen daddeln haben.
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23 EU-Gamer Clan
Wir sind ein gem?tlicher Haufen zwischen 17 u. 50 Jahren!!
Derzeit haben wir ?ber 30 Member, besucht uns doch mal!!
EU-Gamer Fun Clan!!
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24 COD2 - AdmiralMOD
A little Mod... with a few new functions :)
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25 Die vandalen Cod UO Cod 2 Fun Clan
Wir sind ein Cod UO Cod FunClan und haben massig Spass am spielen - Funnys & Neue Member sind immer Wilkommen
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26 The Home of the Geriatric Men
Call of Duty Fun Clan
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27 Canadian 3rd Infantry
The oldest ALL CANADIAN Call of Duty clan still under its original ownership.
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28 RialCom WoW x100 PvP
World of Warcraft x100 Rates Server
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29 Tasty-Fragism
Online Gaming Community
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30 Ground Tactics - 2 Bullets into the Lung
A German Call of Duty United Offensive / 2 & 3 Clan, WE SEARCH MEMBER!
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31 Team -|2DD|-
We love it ! !
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32 Royal 22e Regiment
Nous somme En Clan Quebecois Nous Jouont A Call Of Duty Et Call Of Duty Uo
Nous Recruton A Partir De 14Ans Alros VEnez Nombreux
Nous Avon un SeverS Louer 22 Place Avec Un Web Site http://www. r22er. 123. fr/
Et Team Speak 16 Place Pour Le Mo
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33 Air Jumpers
Air Jumpers Clan webpage! server:yes mod:codjumper 1.8
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34 The {FEAR} Clan and Mod
The {FEAR} MOD for Call of Duty: UO and Call of Duty 2 servers along with CounterStrike Source servers. More games and servers will be coming soon!
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35 Call of Duty 4
Call of Duty 4 News, Info, Downloads and Forums.
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36 <((V))> Veterans Resurrected <((V))>
We are an Older gaming club That are always looking for people to enjoy COD ,UO,COD2,F.E.A.R.&Bf2. Plus Enjoy our Own V103 Radio Station!! Check It Out!
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37 (T)he-(L)ast-(S)olution
Wir sind ein Call of Duty II Clan, der viel Spa? am Ballern hat. Wer Lust hat mit uns zu k?mpfen und min. 16 Jahre alt ist, kann sich gerne bei uns melden!
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38 Russian Sniper Clan
Russian Sniper Clan is on all call of dutys,
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39 :: Welcome to ::
:: Welcome to Call of Duty 2 KILLINE This srver 24/7 New Mod Admeral Best Version Server version 1.3 By GodFather
go play may server thx
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40 [-MSO-] Clan
We are all about having fun. We have the best Sniper server and Modern Weapons Server period.Everyone is welcome. Sniper IP: Modern Weapons IP:
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41 Zeppelin Clan
a Call of duty united offsive clan. Were a good clan that has been around along time and only seems to get more and more power
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42 TeamX Clan-Call of duty 2
Cod2 gaming clan with 2 servers and ts (great servers)
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43 The Bad Company COD 2 Clan
A friendly, adult aged, anti-cheat Call of duty 2 Clan - ALWAYS recruiting 18+ members!!!
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44 Summer of Death
-)SoD(- clan has been around for 3 years and has recruited over 100 members and at the moment has 45+ active members. We have had a 28 slot server and 16 slot server on UO for over 2 years. Our servers have been very busy and active with players.
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45 {CLANMEET} The Clan Meeting Place
ClanMeet is a clan meeting place, here clans can get together, organise scrimms, clanbattles and join mini tournaments, this site was set up to make it more enjoyable for clans as they get more action with other clans. We have a ladder system that yo
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46 Special Force Unites [sFu]
team cod uo and cod 2
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47 >>[CoPs]<<
Hungary Call Of Duty Fun Clan
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48 Killergismo?s Gamerbude
Spiel und Spass f?r jeden ....
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49 COD2 Clan Listings!
Visit our COD2 Clan listing and add your Clan to the Directory.
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50 Breaking Point : A COD2 WW2 Tour Of Duty
Breaking Point is a massive WW2 Tour of Duty Tournament. You join Axis or Allies and fight to capture all 3 theaters. Relive history with the Allies or rewrite history with the Axis! See ya there!
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