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1 Age Of Empires Information
Game information, screenshots and more.
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2 neg-eSports Clan
Wir sind ein lustiger Counter-Strike 1.6 Haufen. Mehr braucht man nicht sagen ;)
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Superior Alliance
Superior Alliance is our clan name. We are a bunch of friends who are playing AoC on We previews played on We gold like all kinda skills in our clan (are not much into rating, we search members who are good ppl and got a good s
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Age Of Empires Lords
Want To Find US?? We Are On IGZones Playing See Our Website To Get The Link TO GO There!
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5 -Chaos Soldjas-
We are a friendly AoE3 clan, We are currently recruiting and would like like-minded players to apply :)
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6 AOE3Files
A site jam packed with downloads of latest patches, maps, mods, demo's, screenshots and even the latest AOE3 news! Such the soon to be released Warchiefs! Even get your site hosted free with FileFront! Why not pop down to our forums and discuss the l
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7 Weapons of Poseidon [WoP]
We are a AoC CS clan. It was founded on September 30, 2006 by Citan and Uprising. Come download maps, taunts, lots of stuff. Come Sign-up on out forums and post and play arcade games.
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8 Age Addicts
Descarga mapas, campa?as actualizaciones, ingresa en el ranking de los mejores jugadores, organiza partidas con gente de otros pa?ses, enterate de las ?ltimas novedades de la serie Age of Empires.
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9 Hey Clan
Hey is a 100+ members clan who play aoe1 ror aoe3 bf1242 bf2 bf1 cod2 rogue spear etc
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10 -D-U-: Defenders United
A huge, active clan that has an awesome site. Defenders United, "e;Where Defense is our Best Offense."e;
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11 Kings Knights
A very active clan, that has nice players
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12 Knights Of Wrath
Knights of Wrath Aoe 3 and WarChiefs Gaming clan
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13 - Games, Fun and not only - Games, Fun and not only
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14 Swat`z team clan
We are a team that work togheter in age of empires 3 and age of empires 3:the warchiefs, freind by friend,trust by trust,toghter we swatz can reach far because this is a clan where we all trust each other...
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15 United Jedi
Playing AoE and Guild Wars : our clan is over 5 years old, all members own the original AoE3 and The Warchiefs expansion. Our clan plays 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4, and inter-clan tournaments. Members levels range from Lance corporals up to captains (TWC) and
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16 swatz clan
Swatz AOE clan.
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17 Corruption inc
Age of empires 1 and 2 related items tournements, guides, ladders, reviews Nothing Corrupting =D
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18 - KA - Clan
We are the Kick Ass Clan!, dedicated to keeping AoE alive,check out our downloads, recorded games, Are you good enough to get in the KA Hall of Fame? sign our guestbook!
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19 CanosasClan
Downloads (Including AOE II full version for free), Links, Saved games, Music, Screenshots. Want to join? Just subscribe our guestbook and we will answer for tryout.
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20 aoX Clan
A family based clan that love the Age of Empires Conqueror's Edition.
We have custom taunts,maps,..arcade, battle,casino etc..come check us out
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21 King Arthur And Knights Clan
Everything related to AOE and Gamepark Zone! FREE Downloads: 999 Taunts, E-patch, Demos, Maps, Tips, Flash Arcade, Jokes, Chat, Videos, Games, etc!!!!

Mini Castle Blood master players creators of Excalibur/King Conquest/King Warz map series.
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22 ~Age of Saints~
A Mini CB Age of Empires II Conquerors Expansion clan. We believe in Honor, Talent, Morals, but most of all ~Wisdom~ Also all are welcome to our forum, not just clan members.
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23 AKC Clan
The AKC clan plays Age of Empires online on IGZones. Very active clan, anyone can join, play with honor and have fun. We have a private client, patches, and tons of fun goodies to play with. We also support other games such as travain, runescape, and
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24 The Lost Spartan 300
The Lost Spartan 300
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25 World Gaming Federation
Age of Empire series gaming clan. Tournaments, ladders, strategies, custom message boards and more.
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26 [=300=] The Lost Spartan Knights
A web page that honors the Age of Empires III Lost Spartan Knight Clan.
Its an active and nice clan, there are 3 very important things we consider in this clan:
Hope you Visit or Have a Look at Our
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27 V - Gaming
Latest gaming site on the net With 1000+ downloads ect...
Massive online forum...
And loads more...
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28 ICE Clan
We are a friendly clan that playes aoe cs on and we have a nice forum with games and such. ICE own and you know why? cause it keeps your beer cool.
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29 .::GameFanatic::.
Gaming Forums & More!
$$ Tournaments, TopLists, Arcade, Store, & More! Register @ Forums
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30 Age of Empires Union
Welcome to The Age of Empires Union, GameSpot's #1 Source for all News and Discussions dedicated to the Age Series and RTS's in General.
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31 The Zodiac Clan
A Age of Empires III proud Clan that offers more than any regular clan. Suprises,Tourneys and more.
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32 [EC] - Evil Commanders
A clan based on respect, loyalty, and honour.
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33 Gaming Forum Wars
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34 I3raves during Combat
A clan of Puerto Rican roots, but not limited to hispanic people. Originally composed of members from the same college in PR, the clan has growth in size as well as in skills. We now have members from Latin America, USA, and even from Asia.
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35 MOB Clan
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36 Auld Ager's Tavern
Auld Ager's Tavern is a website for all things AoK... you'll find game info, custom scenarios & campaigns, downloads, strats etc!
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37 Civilization Cup
Tournament and Community Site for AoE
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38 Chaos Evolution
Nette Admins und GMs, guten Support, einen Root mit gutem Ping und ohne Lags, stndig neue Updates und Fixes, wenig Bugs, Charakter Transfer, Passwort Changer, Teleporter, PvP Events, uvm..
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39 Service of the King
Age of Empires 3 Clan est in 1998 in previous Age titles on the MSN Gaming Zone. We are a Teamspeak using clan so a microphone is always required. If interested please get in touch!
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40 expens1ve
??? ???? ????? eXpenS1ve
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41 Kyles Games
This website has the coolest games ever made.
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42 The Legends
Website always Updated,Home,Members,Join Clan,Downloads,New,Age Of Empires Servers,Frum Clan The Legends,Contact,Guestbook
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43 AKC Clan
AKC is a clan believing in: strength within members; wisdom among leadership; honor within game play; respect for all members; and forgiveness of errors. AKC does not overlook the aspect of fun and relaxation and considers this to be the most importa
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44 Eternal Wars
Huge MMORPG Game with Astonishing Entertainment.Gain 5,000,000 levels, defeat monstrous creatures and beasts for gold and item drops, buy new weaponry and armor, chat and trade with other friendly online players, become God and Much more!
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AOEIII very hard clan :D
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46 Hazard Mu ::Season 3 Episode 2::
Exp: 20x | Drop: 30% | Long Term | Nice Community | Nice and Original Events | 24/7 Dedicated | Vip System | Season 3 Full episode 2 | Summoner 100% Working | Join Us
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47 EuroL2 PvP
Interlude PvP Server
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Server opened on September 9, Server-based Lineage 2:Gracia, Reyty: adena x5000, sp x5000, drop: x1, spoil x1, adena x10000, Enchant: 200max, 45 sefe, 95%. Support server carries out pilot Administration.
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49 Asgard Heroes
From the creators of the browser game2 Xeno, enroll in a journey to the stars and beyond. Are you man enough to lead your people to freedom or are you too afraid to even try with this online strategy game? Are you a HERO or a coward? Register now and
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50 Clan Band1tos^tm
Counter-Strike 1.6: Cs 1.6, , 1.6, 1.6, ,
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