Month: July 2019

Coin Master Tips And Tricks

Coin Master tips and tricks

Coin master is recognized to be the virtual slot machine where the players are offered a set of spins. You need to utilize these spins with an eye to gaining treasure. You may get the chances to attack villages, chances for looting villages and earning more spins. You can play this game on Facebook, iOS, and Android. The game is structurally really simple. While playing the game, you should keep a check for the time duration of a few hours as you will earn five spins each hour. After a detailed study, we have come up with few tips and tricks which will help you in becoming the champion of the game

Do not store the income

The idea of saving holds good only in the real world. In the virtual world of the coin master game, there are risks of losing everything, if you try storing the income. This game lets the players rob the treasures and thus each player is at risk to lose the treasure. You should ensure to spend the Treasure as storing them may lead to losing the game.

Utilize the extra perks

Coin master offers few extra perks which play a vital role in keeping the excitement alive. At times, you may miss out on the perks. The daily bonus is considered to be the best perk as it is available in every twenty-four hours. This spin is useful to the players in getting up to 50k to 20 million coins. Though this activity is based on luck, you can reap several benefits to win this game.

Using the spins after every ten hours

coinmaster spins


While playing the game, you should make sure to make use of the spin after every ten hours. It is regarded as one of the significant tips to become a winner of the game. You need to keep patience and allow the spins to be collected. With the aid of the spins, they will not yield anything. You should refrain from yielding anything more than five to ten spins. As you have the set of fifty, you will be able to play the bets which will bring more opportunities. Thus, with fifty spins, you can attack and rob other villages.

Raid others

The formula for playing this game is really simple. You need to raid others for earning the coins. It will be useful to you in strengthening the village from the coins earned, the base. Raiding is regarded as the most straightforward option to earn free coins in the coin master. But, you should make sure to defend the village in a proper manner. You should also ensure to set up the good defenses. Attack a plethora of villages, get loots and items. Continue the process, till you are satisfied by the total count of coins, present in your treasure.

Make the best use of your Facebook account

You will be able to earn a few additional bonus coins by connecting the Facebook account. You will be able to earn more coins by inviting your Facebook friends to play the game. All you need to do is invite more friends. Believe it or not, but it is that simple.

Watching the promotional videos

Coin Master brings to you free coins and spins while watching the promotional videos. Watching a single video is equivalent to getting a single spin. However, the scenario may be a different one in the case of the coins. The promotional videos can turn out to be an asset when you do not have sufficient resources. They can be handy when you are close to completing a stage. All you need to do is click which will be useful in watching the ads.

Feeding the pet

Coin Master pets


You will get a player while playing the game. You need to keep in mind that it can act as a helper as well. During the raid, you will get four crosses whereas the treasure may potentially be. Where you can dig only three treasures, feeing the pet in a proper manner, may help you in digging up to four.

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