How To Setup A RUST Server

how to setup a rust server

In this modern age of online gaming, server hosting has become a crucial step in ramping up your gaming presence. If you’re looking at having a lot of customization power and freedom for your RUST game, you might want to set up your very own Rust server. 

Below are the basic measures for the installation and setup, follow the steps and you will learn how to setup a rust server in no time. In order to follow this guide, you must be a bit tech-savvy, if you would prefer to rent a RUST server from a company you should check out the list of the best rust server hosting companies.

System requirements

Prior to any software installation, you have to first know the kind of system requirement it needs and whether your computer is able to meet it. The rust server generally needs the backing of:

  • The latest operating system
  • From 2 GB RAM to 7 GB RAM (depending on the number of entities you add). 

Install and update SteamCMD


For games, like rust which uses the SteamPipe content system, the SteamCMD is employed for install and update of the rust server. Before downloading SteamCMD, you need to first follow these steps.

  • Create a new folder for SteamCMD. Name it as c:\steamcmd (or any other you wish).
  • Create another separate folder for the server. Using it as an example, we’ll name this folder as c:\rustserver.
  • Download SteamCMD
  • Start extracting the contents of the zip file into the steamcmd folder. 

Finish it off by executing the steamcmd.exe program. 

Once you approve SteamCMD to run on your computer, it’ll automatically download, install, as well as update its latest version. After this, you’ll receive the Steam>prompt

Rust server installation

Two options are available when creating a rust server. You can either login directly to your steam account (though creating a new steam account is suggested for you to ensure extra security) or log in anonymously. Both require different commands.

To login to your account, enter this command through the steam>prompt

login <username>


force_install_dir “c:\rustserver\”

app_update 28550


To login anonymously, enter this command through the steam>prompt

login anonymous

force_install_dir “c:\rustserver\”

app_update 258550


Modify the branch 

To make a change to the staging branch of rust there are basically two options.

The first allows you to continuously receive recent updates for the game. For this branch, modify your command prompt to:

app_update 258550 – beta staging

The second allows you to receive any future or work-in-progress updates for your game. For this, modify your command prompt to:

app_update 258550 – beta prerelease

Run and configure the rust server

Rust commands

It’s very crucial for you to have your server up and running. So, in order for you to run the server, you need to first create a batch script file.  

A batch script is just a text file that contains a list of commands which are programming to run it sequentially. You’ll need a batch script for two reasons. To ensure your server is continuously up to date and to make sure it restarts right away when it crashes and doesn’t stay crashed. 

The easiest way for implementing this is to make use of a GOTO statement. This statement lets you gain access to parts in your batch script outside of sequence. With this, you can skip bits and pieces of your programming and jump around or “go-to” other parts. 

Now let’s begin on how to create this batch script. 

· Create a file in the (c:\rustserver) folder which you created earlier

· Name this new file RustServer.bat and right-click the file

· Choose to edit the file to start creating the batch script file

These batch scripts are not identical so you’ll need to modify and configure the lines of programming if you are to get the result you desire at the end. Below is an example of some commands that might be included in the batch script file. 

Echo off

This will stop the console window from displaying commands on the batch file as you execute them. 

: start

The “start” point to which the command will loop.

C:\steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +force_install_dir c:\rustserver\ +app_update 258550 +quit


C:\steamcmd.exe +login <username> +<password> +force_install_dir c:\rustserver\ +app_update 258550 +quit

This launches SteamCMD for checking server updates

The following lines contain programming which determines your game aspects like a number of players, world size, as well as other aspects and sets of information like server IP and port.

-batch mode

Opens Unity in non-graphical user interface (non-GUI) mode.

+server.ip <#>

Sets your server IP.

+server.port <#>

Sets the port your server will use.

+server.level “<Map Type>”

Sets the map type which your server will be using. Inputs include “Procedural Map”, “Barren” and more.

+server.seed <#>

The shape of procedural maps and barren maps are controlled by server seed. (used alongside +server.worldsize). 

+server.worldsize <#>

Used alongside +server.seed and controls map shape.

+server.maxplayers <#>

This controls player count and connection to your server.

+server.saveinterval <#>

Sets the number of seconds it takes for your server to save. (Replace the # with the number of seconds). 


This is the refresh rate of the server.

+server.identity “my_server_identity”

Useful in running a multiple of server instances. 

+server.hostname “Your Server Name”

Displays your server name.

+rcon.ip <#>


+rcon.port <#>

Write the port to listen for RCON. 

Connect to your server

Run the Rust client, press F1 then go to client console. Assuming you’ve used a port of 28015 by default, enter the given command to connect to the Rust server:

client.connect localhost:28015

If you’ve used another port, change it. 

Final remark

We hope this guide has helped you learn how to setup a RUST server, if you get stuck or require any help, head over to our contact page and shoot us an email. We will try to respond to you ASAP.

Coin Master Tips And Tricks

Coin Master tips and tricks

Coin master is recognized to be the virtual slot machine where the players are offered a set of spins. You need to utilize these spins with an eye to gaining treasure. You may get the chances to attack villages, chances for looting villages and earning more spins. You can play this game on Facebook, iOS, and Android. The game is structurally really simple. While playing the game, you should keep a check for the time duration of a few hours as you will earn five spins each hour. After a detailed study, we have come up with few tips and tricks which will help you in becoming the champion of the game

Do not store the income

The idea of saving holds good only in the real world. In the virtual world of the coin master game, there are risks of losing everything, if you try storing the income. This game lets the players rob the treasures and thus each player is at risk to lose the treasure. You should ensure to spend the Treasure as storing them may lead to losing the game.

Utilize the extra perks

Coin master offers few extra perks which play a vital role in keeping the excitement alive. At times, you may miss out on the perks. The daily bonus is considered to be the best perk as it is available in every twenty-four hours. This spin is useful to the players in getting up to 50k to 20 million coins. Though this activity is based on luck, you can reap several benefits to win this game.

Using the spins after every ten hours

coinmaster spins


While playing the game, you should make sure to make use of the spin after every ten hours. It is regarded as one of the significant tips to become a winner of the game. You need to keep patience and allow the spins to be collected. With the aid of the spins, they will not yield anything. You should refrain from yielding anything more than five to ten spins. As you have the set of fifty, you will be able to play the bets which will bring more opportunities. Thus, with fifty spins, you can attack and rob other villages.

Raid others

The formula for playing this game is really simple. You need to raid others for earning the coins. It will be useful to you in strengthening the village from the coins earned, the base. Raiding is regarded as the most straightforward option to earn free coins in the coin master. But, you should make sure to defend the village in a proper manner. You should also ensure to set up the good defenses. Attack a plethora of villages, get loots and items. Continue the process, till you are satisfied by the total count of coins, present in your treasure.

Make the best use of your Facebook account

You will be able to earn a few additional bonus coins by connecting the Facebook account. You will be able to earn more coins by inviting your Facebook friends to play the game. All you need to do is invite more friends. Believe it or not, but it is that simple.

Watching the promotional videos

Coin Master brings to you free coins and spins while watching the promotional videos. Watching a single video is equivalent to getting a single spin. However, the scenario may be a different one in the case of the coins. The promotional videos can turn out to be an asset when you do not have sufficient resources. They can be handy when you are close to completing a stage. All you need to do is click which will be useful in watching the ads.

Feeding the pet

Coin Master pets


You will get a player while playing the game. You need to keep in mind that it can act as a helper as well. During the raid, you will get four crosses whereas the treasure may potentially be. Where you can dig only three treasures, feeing the pet in a proper manner, may help you in digging up to four.

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Get your free Robux before you Play with your Friends

If you like virtual gaming then Roblox is a game you must check out. Roblox consists of the largest number of gamers online. As time passes by it is gaining more and more active users. Roblox mostly consists of teenagers and kids playing on an online platform. There are 15 million games produced online in the Roblox gaming website.

Who can play Roblox?

The game is designed to be friendly. So, family members and everyone can play together to enjoy the virtual world. In this game, a person can explore, the surrounding 3d environment. Play role play games, create new adventures and learn with family and friends.
Roblox is like a parallel universe that kids can enjoy and make their own.

Robux Hacks, Where can you find them?

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Now you can play Roblox all you want and gain the upper hand in playing with your friends online.

CS:GO Learn quickly or die quickly.

Who would have thought that getting killed would make you better? But that’s exactly how Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) teaches you to be better. You see unlike Call of Duty or many other games, in CS:GO you don’t re-spawn once you’re taken out. You see, dead is dead in this game. So you have to learn and you have to learn quickly. Not only that there is a certain special satisfaction in taking out a target when you know he’s not coming back. I even did feel a little bit guilty about that at one time!

In the latest version there have been a few changes. There are improved graphics, I noticed a reflection in the tiles on the wall at one stage and a simple thing like that can give you the edge over your opponents. It sounds a bit James Bond but it’s true. CS:GO also has incendiary devices in the form of Molotov cocktails so you now have the opportunity to BBQ your opponents as well as just shooting them. These fire bombs are also very useful if and when you want to redirect the enemy. By simply letting one off at the right time and in the right place a well organized team can drive either the terrorists or the counter terrorists into a well laid ambush.

In CS:GO there are just two sides the terrorists and the counter terrorists. The idea is that the terrorist side has to plant a bomb or rather two bombs and at two targets. Bomb site A and bomb site B. Obviously the counter terrorist team are doing everything in their power to try to prevent you. The one hit and you’re out rule means that everyone is being extra careful and you have to make every shot count. If you have been a Call of Duty player you will find that your old tactics just won’t cut it with CS:GO. This is a hardcore multiplayer game. CS:GO makes you get better every time you play and even thought you will get taken out early when you’re a beginner and spend a lot of time watching the game as a viewer, this is exactly what makes CS:GO so compelling to play. Once you get back in there you are determined to stay alive a little bit longer next time. With no chance to re-spawn there is a real feeling if it’s him or me and this gives the game a real edge. And it’s oh so worth it when you get a kill (did I just say that out loud? This is what this game has done to me!)

Old arenas have been enhanced to give more cover or less in some cases but the layout is basically the same as before. The updated user interface also makes it easier to change weapons and gear during games. It’s important to know that your character cannot sprint in CS:GO, however, your speed is determined by what you are carrying. So if you need to run faster you can quickly switch your weapon for a knife. The reduced weight will help you out and allow you to run a bit faster and then you can revert to your weapon of choice as soon as you want to.

CS:GO is tense, real and very very competitive. It also has a long list of very experienced and skilled players. And unless you’re one of them it’s not going to be very much fun at the start. But stick with it, learn the tactics, and keep coming back to it and soon you will see what pays off and what doesn’t work. Perseverance will win out. CS:GO is a thinking man’s game, when you learn it’s idiosyncrasy’s it is one of the most satisfying games out there.

In CS:GO you’ll defuse terrorist bombs or you’ll plant them, you might find yourself escorting hostages but one thing is certain. You will get killed a way more often than you expect. But when you do survive you cherish the moments when you know that you dodged a bullet. It’s all about learning what works and what does not work. You’ll quickly learn where not to go and the tough school game rules will teach you how to play better.


Getting to know the layout of the arena is of course critical. If you’re new to CS:GO you will need to familiarize yourself with the two bomb sites, site A and site B. Then assess the avenues of approach, noting good sniping and ambush spots along the way. Get to know the spawning sites for both terrorists and the counter terrorists. These are the basics and there is lots more but it’s fun to learn and that’s why people keep coming back to this game and have been doing so for years now. CS:GO has been out for nearly a decade now and it remains very popular. During those years it’s had a few upgraded versions and these have largely improved the game. In face I’ve never heard of anyone complaining about a new version. The graphics have improved immensely as you would expect but the main arena has remained largely unchanged. There are occasional changed such as the addition of doors on the archway on the approach to bomb site A and in other instances crates have been added to give more cover and in at least one instance crates were reduced.

Many people find that changing their CSGO Crosshair can help them, it improves there overall performance and headshot ratio, this is a personal tip from me and I had to add this into the article for all the new players.

What you play CS:GO on is entirely up to the individual. It may depend on several factors, your budget for example. Or it may be just what you feel most comfortable with. I have to say that my own preference has to be a gaming PC. Not that you cannot play it just as well on any other device if that’s where your experience lies. But for me I find it’s hard to beat a good PC for the best and the fastest results. Play around with different devices and see what others prefer before deciding. But whatever you do make sure to keep on playing, keep getting better and enjoy what is a great game.

Top 6 Maplestory Private Servers

Playing on high populated servers is what every gamer wants. Whenever an online gamer wants to join a new server, they will look for unique characteristics such as the best economy and probably the highest population possible.
I may not know much about gaming, but one thing I know is that a high population realm will have more people for you to interact with, more active contenders and definitely fast leveling. If you want to grow your gaming skill, party playing is a more sure thing that will help you up your level.
Here is a list of six best MapleStory private servers and probably the most populated. Have a look!

Maple Royals

Maple Royals is one of the largest private servers. With its old version of original MapleStory, you with experience a nostalgic feeling at first sight. Not only do they add unprecedented contents to increase your longing, but they are also constantly improving gameplay and fixing bugs.
Maple Royals have a friendly community who welcomes new players from all over the world with both hands. Join the community, and you will see an unprecedented expansion of hairstyles, faces, NX objects and quests to mention but a few.
Players don’t have to win plays to get NX. By just voting, you get to win NX objects.

Maple Saga

You will find every gamer describing it as simply the best private server they played on. Sure enough Maple sage is nothing short of the best. If you are tired of the tiresome x2 or x3 EXP grip, maple saga is your solace escape.
Although it is an old school private server, it brings so much fond memories of the past. It comes with a twisted version of rebalanced skills, monster carnivals PQ and HD quality images. You will love the numerous hair cuts, the adventurous quest, and daily events that will keep you all busy and nostalgic.
Join this private server and experience balanced rates, good economy and a vintage GM system.

Lucky story

Let’s say you are just lucky to have found this server. Right at its launching date, it started with competitive rates. The server boasts of a working PQ, Ninja castles, Ulu city, and a working Neo City.
With gamers from all over the world, Lucky story strives to maintain professionalism in every key aspect of their feature. They are always updating Nx objects, hairstyles, eyes and introducing new items.
Additionally, You will experience an increased HP gain, skill balancing, have a chance to customize your crafting and guild systems. Join Lucky story maple private server for an opportunity to fight monsters and perform quests with guidance and alliance.

Maple Destiny

Maple Destiny is a version of the former DestinyMS. It is re-created with an intent to remind you of the good memories and offer you a whole world of new experience while at the same time keeping the game interesting.
It offers a community that no other server can possibly offer with multi-connected players from all over the world to help with your adventure. The moderators are constantly improving your gaming experience with different ways such as the GMS boss, party quest, and training.


Croosade is a newly launched private server with experienced and highly educated moderators. It was launched in the year 2017 December with an intent to provide challenging but fair gameplay.
It is most suited to gamers with an eye to keeping up-to-date details. It brings you a wide range of daily events and a 24/7 online play. Most importantly, Croosade rewards daily in gamers, therefore, attracting many gamers from all over the world.
It also features a professional anti-heat system giving you the best experience to enjoy quests, parties, job, and skills.

Slimetales Server

Slimtales is a server from KMS Servers for MapleStory. It features all the attributes of the original Maplestory game with all the feature exactly as they were. Except for resemblance, slimtales brings a nostalgic feeling of good memories.
It connects players from all over the world with an able platform that provide players contact information. The multi-lingual friendly moderators will help you air any query regardless of your language.


Good servers are hard to find. I would also recommend using private servers for MapleStory as they are more fun and quite frank. They also lets you try classes you have never had before. However, private servers should be used with moderation.